Merry Christmas from The Milelion Team

And congrats to the winners of our Milecast Shopback giveaway.

Here’s wishing each and every Milelion reader a very blessed Christmas! Your readership and support over the past year has been the best gift, and here’s looking forward to an amazing, devaluation free 2018.


We’ll be announcing the date for the January Milelion’s Monthly Miles Meetup shortly. I will be away on the RTW Trip 2018, but we’ll get a couple of people from the guestwriter team to host. I’m sure you’ll find them knowledgeable and totally not socially awkward.

I’m also pleased to announce the three winners of the Milecast Shopback giveaway who have won for themselves $50 bonus cashback each- congrats to Daphne, Mark and the enigmatically named tippy top. I’ll be in touch with each of you so you can claim your prize.


Have a great day with your friends and family, and check out Fred’s review of the new A380 suites while you’re at it.

Merry Christmas!

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