Fuzzie app offering 8% off Grab rides and free $5 Grab voucher opportunity

No purchase necessary to get $5 instant voucher + 8% cashback

Fuzzie is an app that awards you cashback when you purchase gift cards for more than 100 merchants.

I was always vaguely aware of it but never took a serious look until a reader on the Telegram Group gave me a heads up that there’s a free money opportunity that just needs a couple of seconds of your time.

It’s pretty simple:

(1) Download the Fuzzie app and register an account.

(2) Tap on “ME” at the bottom right, then tap on “Fuzzie Code”. Enter the referral code aaronwxm and you get a $5 instant credit (I earn $5 too, but only if you spend a total of $25 on the app)

(3) Tap on Shop at the bottom left and tap the search icon on the top left. Enter “Grab”

(4) You’ll be directed to the Grab e-gift card page. Tap the $5 option and purchase it with your newly acquired $5 of credit

(5) The fun part is, you actually earn cashback on purchases made with Fuzzie credit, so I got an extra 40 cents.

The promotion mechanics are interesting to me because most of these cashback platforms (eg Shopback) require you to make a first purchase in order to unlock whatever free cashback is given during sign up. Fuzzie doesn’t have this (for now) so I’d sign up sooner rather than later if I were you.

For future reference, it does appear that all purchases of Grab e-cards get 8% cashback, so you could conceivably view this as an 8% rebate on all Grab rides. Cashback earned on Fuzzie can be used on the app or cashed out to a bank account. I haven’t tested it yet, but this looks like a likely candidate for 4 mpd with the DBS WWMC and probably the Citibank Rewards.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I think you can sign up for $5 without entering your code right? Hmm.. A little misleading here.


Gladly supporting Aaron(though he doesnt really need it). Just did a referral!


Have used Fuzzie since the early days. Using the Grab e-gift card code in Grab doesn’t allow one to stack those ongoing promo discounts by Grab (eg. GET3/GET4) so one has to weigh which is the better option: using the Grab promo code and say DBS Women’s card which allow one to get miles; or just this e-gift card which translate to only 8%)


[IF] DBS WWMC works on Fuzzie, then you’re looking at 8% and 8%


“Oops the $5 Grab gift card has just sold out”

Looks like all their items have a finite limited number.

Time to de-register the fuzzie account 🙂
Thank God i used a burner email address….

Jon Lee

buying Fuzzie vouchers with WWMC will probably be good for restaurants that are not with Mileslife, not with Chope, not with Fave, not offering grabpay, do not have Paywave or Paywave limit set at $100, cashier don’t allow you doing MST magic.
Do such restaurants still exist….


For restaurants that only have Paywave, it is still better to use Fuzzie, right? By using Fuzzie, there is probably 10 to 15% cashback. On top of that, one can also stack with WWMC for 4mpd. Isn’t this better?

David Sun

Does the transaction on Fuzzie qualify for 4mpd on UOB PPV?

Wee Sin

It’s confirmed that the DBS Women’s Card will get 4 miles/dollar when purchasing vouchers using Fuzzie right?