Standard Chartered switches 20% rideshare cashback to Grab

SCB offering 20% off Grab rides from 1-30 April 2018, subject to minimum S$900 credit card spend and capped at S$50 each month.

Uber’s departure from the Singapore market has left its partners scrambling to find a replacement. So far we’ve seen Liveup introduce a Grab discount, and I imagine in time we’ll see others replacing their Uber benefits with some Grab equivalent.

Standard Chartered offered 20% cashback on Uber rides capped at S$50 per month so long as you spent a minimum of S$900 each month on their credit cards. This promotion was scheduled to run till 30 September 2018 (ah the hubris!) but obviously recent events meant a new partner was needed.

Standard Chartered has managed to secure Grab as a partner, and from 1 April to 30 April, SCB credit cardholders will earn 20% cashback on Grab rides, subject to the same conditions as the previous Uber partnership (i.e min S$900 monthly spend, rebate capped at S$50 each month). What’s interesting to me is that this partnership is currently only scheduled to last till the end of April. I assume they’ll review it again at that time to decide whether or not they want to continue.

The existing Uber rebate ended on 15 April. Your total rebate is capped at S$50 per month regardless of whether you earned that rebate through Uber or Grab. In other words, if for whatever reason I already earned S$50 of cashback on Uber between 1-15 April, I will not earn any further cashback on Grab for the rest of April. You can read the full T&C here.

App TransactionsTime period Cashback can be earned
Uber1 – 15 April 2018
Grab1 – 30 April 2018

Final point about this promotion- spending on Uber/Grab counts towards the attainment of the S$900 threshold for the month.


The other loose end as far as Standard Chartered is concerned is what they’re doing about the Visa Infinite card. The SCB Visa Infinite used to offer Uber credits in lieu of an airport limo transfer, but it seems those credits have vanished and not been replaced by an equivalent amount with Grab. I can only hope they’re working to come up with something, because if not then that’s a major blow to the card when compared with the rest of the $120K credit cards.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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SCB Visa infonite no more airport limos? ?


Do you guys know about Score?

fter taking four rides in a calendar month, you will get to enjoy 20% off remaining rides for the rest of the month (capped at SGD 4 per ride and up to 30 redemptions per month). Capping the discount at SGD 4 means that any ride above the price of SGD 20 will not be eligible for any form of discount. Therefore, if your rides are typically under SGD 20, you are pretty much covered.



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