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Can you still get the Citibank Rewards Mastercard?

The landing page on the Citibank website has been taken down, but applications are still possible.

As many of you already know, Citibank runs a year round 10X promotion with its Rewards card that gives the equivalent of 4 mpd on purchases made at department stores or shops which sell shoes, bags or clothes, online or offline, in Singapore or overseas.

You can find the list of eligible MCCs here (although there are also “unofficial” MCCs that qualify for 10X despite not appearing on this list).


The bonus 10X is capped at 120,000 Citi Thank You points per card membership year, or the equivalent of S$12,000 of spending. Beyond that, you earn only 1X points, or 0.4 mpd.

What some people may not know is that the Citibank Rewards Visa and the Citibank Rewards Mastercard have separate caps. That’s to say if you own both the Visa and Mastercard version, your effective cap is S$24,000 per card membership year.

The Citibank Rewards Mastercard has been demarketed by the Citibank in the sense that you can’t find its landing page anymore. However, it’s still possible to apply for one using this linkJust click on the Citibank Rewards card and you’ll see a choice of the Visa or Mastercard versions. 

If you’re a new Citibank customer, you get $120 cashback if you spend $200 a month for 6 consecutive months. I get a $50 referral credit too.


Remember that Citibank Thank You points do not pool. Therefore I’d only advise you hold both the Visa and Mastercard versions if you’ve maxed out one card already. Otherwise you’ll end up an idiot like me in this situation:

Final point: it’s worth noting that there are some differences between what gets 10X on the Citibank Rewards Visa and the Citibank Rewards Mastercard. You can refer to the crowdsourced Google Doc to see what’s what.

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Would u recommend the visa or master? The master seems to edge the visa a little due to grab and ikea. Lol.


Hmm, grab and ikea also accepts the visa version. Could you explain why master is preferred for grab and ikea?

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