#FTR: May 7-13 in The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups

Catch up on what's happening across The Milelion's social channels.

Welcome to For The Record, or #ftr, a place to catch up all that’s been shared across The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups where people talk about miles and points, 24/7. Here’s my attempt to summarize the things I found interesting in the past week. 

There’s so much chatter going on that this list will be far from comprehensive, so if you want all the details be sure to join the Telegram and Facebook groups. If you have something important to share, be sure to label it with #ftr in the Telegram or Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the community! 

  • SP Utilities has no paywave facility, only MST is possible at the moment (CC), however Paywave is “coming soon” (.)
  • 10X on Cardup with Citibank Rewards is dead (numerous)
  • Recent check-in with DBS reveals Singtel bills (paid via the singtel website), Starhub bills, Uber Eats, Grabpay, SQ, Air Asia, Malindo, Redmart, Netflix, GV, Deliveroo, Fuzee, Honestbee and Cathay continue to earn 10X on the WWMC (Guy Chapman)
  • Apple Pay enabled kiosks have been spotted at the following Singtel outlets: Bugis, Jurong Point, Com Centre, Causeway Point, Waterway Point, Tampines Mall, Parkway Parade, Lucky Plaza. M1 Kiosks seen at IMM, Bugis (NB)
  • M1 Kiosk payments earn 8 mpd through the Citibank Rewards-Apple Pay promotion (Yao)
  • SGH, Self Fix and Watson’s all successfully earned 8 mpd through the Citibank Rewards-Apple Pay promotion, but Mother Care only earned 4 mpd, presumably because it’s an existing 10X merchant (Ric Y)
  • Rimowa stores are not considered bag shops by OCBC for purposes of Titanium Rewards spending (Jonathan Lim)
  • The latest version of the ride-sharing app Ryde allows credit top ups through Apple Pay (Shasha/Squib M)
  • Citibank Premiermiles continues to give 1.2 mpd for ezlink top-ups at GTM (Flappy)
  • Starhub does not allow Apple Pay for bill payment, but phones, accessories and activation fees can be paid at the counter via Apple Pay (Guy Chapman)
  • If you want to have a meal at The Line in the Shangri-la hotel, it appears that Apple Pay is accepted (C S)
  • Deliveroo accepts Apple Pay (DD HH)
  • Royal Caribbean cruise transactions earn 10X with the WWMC, but only after an appeal (Jiakbuibui)
  • Starhub customers can now redeem Starhub rewards points for OCBC$ at a rate of 100 Starhub Points: 350 OCBC$ (Clark Kent)
  • Don’t bother traveling down to Singapore Power to pay with Paywave or other mobile payments, only MST via Samsung Pay is possible (Clark Kent)
  • Paying through Apple Pay on the Singapore Airlines mobile app will earn 8 mpd (Loyyster)
  • Raffles Medical Clinics accept Paywave (jiakbuibui)

As far as possible I always try to cite the source for proper credit, but feel free to PM me if I’ve goofed up. Please note that this is all community-sourced data and YMMV. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Thank goodness for this


Apple pay at Caltex Johor Pay at Pump


purchases on klook gives 8mpd but attracts a 1% currency surcharge.


Citi Rewards VISA 10x still works on points.com


cardup and citi rewards – since when?


Is the content of Telegram and Facebook groups identical? How much trash – I mean – useless information is there?

I do not want to waste my time – I once was invited and joined some kind of ‘secret’ HWZ group by credit card ‘edler’s’ group and 90% of chat there was about women’s arms and bodies. What a bunch of crown-up clowns…


There’s no free lunch! If you want the latest updates and tips asap, you have to spend time trawling forums like this. The other option is to wait for some of the tips to become public, which obviously wont be guaranteed.


I do appreciate Aaron’s efforts to make summary here.

Telegram/FB/Whatsapp groups would be more usable if there is a format of publishing updates. Like

Subject: 8mpg with citi
Card: Citi Rewards Mastercard
Platform: Apple Pay (paywave terminal)
Details: YYY (name outlet/business/etc) awards/does not award point for NNN transaction.


That’s what telegram channels are for, and not telegram groups. The 90% “trash” that you speak so disparaging of are essential for creating a sense of community. It is because there is this sense of community that people are willing to share deals. If it is mandated that telegram posts must only be in the format that you proposed, I can guarantee that the useful info will dry up and the chat die off in a short period of time. As it is, with this summary, I already feel less inclined to share in the telegram group because some loopholes… Read more »


Awesome summary! Thanks very much!!


Very useful! Sometimes it’s 800+ msges when I reopen Telegram – it’s hard to read through all. Thanks


800? Seems people have a LOT of free time on their hands…


who are they?


Can we confirm that the Citibank rewards – Cardup trick is dead?


Ok, i confirm that it’s dead. Do anyone know what cards/method I can use to pay my MCST quarterly bill to maximise mile earn rate?



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