Milelion May Bulletin

Rounding up some updates for May.

Hello everyone!

Here are some updates on The Milelion for May.

More Milelion Mini-Modules coming your way

Two sessions of Power Award Searching have now concluded! Both were really hands on and fun, and it was great to meet so many of you in person. The original plan was just to run two sessions, but if there is sufficient demand for another session I’ll be more than happy to run it again.

If you’re keen to attend an additional session of Power Award Searching, please indicate your interest through this link.

In June I’ll be looking to run an introductory module on credit card rewards. This will be a 101-type module that will be useful for people just getting started in the miles and points game. I’m sure many of you know friends, colleagues or relatives who might benefit from this, so be sure to look out for it when it goes live.

Milelion Archive fixed

It was reported earlier this week that the Mileion Archive, your go-to place for all things Milelioney, wasn’t working. We’ve looked into this and the page is now working once more. Get a download of all the posts you may have missed here.

Book the Cook Wiki needs your submissions

Thanks to the contributions of The Milelion Community, the Book the Cook Wiki is continuing to grow every day. Continue sending us your photos through the Contact Us option on the site, or to aaron at

Problems with Citibank Prestige applications

In light of the recent Citibank-Apple Pay promo, quite a few people are rushing to get Citibank cards. Those of you who have tried to apply for a Citi Prestige card through the links on the site may be running into the following issue.

If you click the option for existing Citi Credit Card customers on this screen…

You’ll get a prompt for an OTP that is sent to your registered handphone number

However, entering this OTP leads to an error message…

…and attempting to continue creates a prompt for another OTP, creating an infinite loop.

I’ve been told by Citibank that this error happens when your income on file with the bank is less than the $120,000 annual income required for the Citi Prestige. The best workaround is to click new Citi credit card customer during the screen below and just apply as a new customer. During the application process you’ll be asked to submit new proof of income.

New ads on site

You’ve probably noticed some new ad placements on the site. A few weeks ago, I switched over to Google Auto Ads, a new program that handles all ad selection and placement on the site automatically. It uses AI to place ads where they will perform well and provide a good user experience. The idea is that over time, the algorithm will learn where people like and dislike ads, and in doing so come to an optimal mix of ads versus content.

I realise no one likes ads, but they’re the easiest way of maintaining the upkeep of the site. As readership grows, so do our server and maintenance costs. By whitelisting this site on your Ad Blocker, you’re helping us continue to deliver great content for free.

If you spot any misbehaving ads on the site, you can report them to me through the Contact Us option.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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You are hosting static pages probably on hosting sites that just cost usd$5-$10 a month. Perhaps being upfront and honest will be good.

Aaron Wong

And upfront and honestly, I can tell you that you’re mistaken 🙂


$5-10 not even enough to pay for cloud flared for a week


The fact that comments are open demonstrates the site is dynamic.
You sir, have honestly been hoisted by your own petard.



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