Rounding up the various promotions for AMEX KrisFlyer credit card holders

Earn some bonus KrisFlyer miles with your AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand cards

The American Express KrisFlyer suite of cards isn’t exactly my personal favourite general spend card. For starters, their earn rates aren’t the best in the market and your KrisFlyer miles will be faced with the 3 year expiry countdown as they are credited to your KrisFlyer account monthly.

What I do like about the AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand suite of cards, are the frequent promotions they hold where are bonus KrisFlyer miles on offer to promote spending on their AMEX KrisFlyer co-brands. Here are some of my picks from the AMEX KrisFlyer offers website.

Earn additional 6 KrisFlyer miles per dollar with My VoyageGuard Travel Insurance

AMEX is currently running a promotion where you’ll be able to get an additional 6 miles per dollar spent on travel insurance bought from My VoyageGuard. You’ll have until 15 June 2018 to purchase the travel insurance plans. In addition, you’ll get 35% off Single Trip plans with your AMEX KrisFlyer cards. No registration is required to take part in this promotion.

Here’s how many miles you’ll be receiving if you do take advantage of this promotion:

This is an incredible deal and an even better one than the one which AMEX offered during the Miles Masterclass. Also, check out Aaron’s breakdown of travel insurance plans here if you’re looking for one for an upcoming trip.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any online travel insurers which accept Apple Pay so this is the best deal you’re going to get for purchasing travel insurance. But be sure to do your homework first before purchasing your travel insurance plans.

Earn additional 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar at select merchants

AMEX isn’t the most widely accepted credit card in Singapore but that situation is changing rapidly. To promote AMEX card expenditure, AMEX is currently offering an additional 2 miles per dollar at selected merchants which are now accepting AMEX. You can view the full list of merchants here. This promotion requires registration and is limited to the first 8,000 cardholders.

There’s a particular merchant on that list which I find rather interesting and that is They are something like the “gofundme” for charities where you can choose which charity you wish to donate to. The Singapore Red Cross and Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) are just some of the various charities on

Most cards in Singapore generally exclude donations to charity for awarding bonus miles. DBS Woman’s World, UOB Preferred Platinum Visa and even general spend cards like the UOB PRVI Miles and the DBS Altitude all exclude donations as miles awarding transactions. Not with the AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand cards though. So if you’ve been regularly donating to charity and want to earn some miles in the process, it’s a good time to dig out that AMEX KrisFlyer credit card to do some good deeds.

This list for the bonus 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar changes every few months so do keep a lookout for them on the AMEX website.

500 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your first Grab booking

Now that Uber has ceased to exist in Singapore and if you don’t like how Ryde works, Grab would be the next best alternative if you’re looking at the private hires. I’ve written about this promotion before back in December 2017 but this is still ongoing until 30 June 2018. 

Enjoy 500 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your first Grab booking

Even if you have taken Grab previously and have never charged a single Grab ride on your AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand card, you will earn a one-time bonus of 500 KrisFlyer miles. With the earn rate for AMEX KrisFlyer cards beginning at 3.1mpd for the AMEX KrisFlyer credit card, the AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand cards is actually a decent card for all your Grab expenditure up to S$200 per month if you’re saving your DBS Woman’s World card and Citibank Rewards card for other spending purposes. Do note that the KrisFlyer miles will be awarded in cumulative blocks of S$10 calculated at the end of every calendar month.

In addition, now that Uber is gone from the South East Asian market, AMEX is still offering an additional bonus 2 miles for Uber transactions in the AMEX KrisFlyer co-brands in non-SEA countries where available. GrabFood transactions should also earn the additional 2mpd under the AMEX KrisFlyer-Grab promotion.

No registration is required for this promotion and there’s no end date for this increased earn rate.

(Targeted) Bonus 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar in FCY spend

The AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand suite of cards earns 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar in June 2018 and December 2018 on foreign currency spend overseas. In the month of June 2018, AMEX is offering an additional 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar for all your foreign currency expenditure. There is a cap of S$1,000 for this promotion meaning the maximum number of miles you will be receiving is an additional 2,000 KrisFlyer miles for a grand total of 4,000 KrisFlyer miles for your first S$1,000 spend in foreign currency. After which, you’ll be earning the usual 2 KrisFlyer miles per dollar for the rest of June.

This promotion is valid for the first 6,000 cardholders and registration is required for this promotion. Do bear in mind this is a targeted promotion and you may or may not be successfully enrolled for it.

[H/T : Leo from The Milelion Telegram group]

Added : Up to 21% off at SPC with AMEX cards

Now this isn’t exactly bonus miles related but if you hold any American Express credit card, you can register at this link to be eligible for an additional 7.1% off at all SPC kiosks. Registration is required for this promotion and is limited to the first 20,000 cardholders. This promotion runs from 15 May 2018 to 15 November 2018.

The 7.1% discount will actually be in the form of a statement credit back to your credit card so you will not see it immediately when performing payment.

Thanks to Louis for this! (he insisted)

Concluding Thoughts

While the general spend earn rate is somewhat sub-par and all your KrisFlyer miles earned via the AMEX KrisFlyer co-brand cards will expire within three years of it being credited to your account, with the plethora of promotions AMEX is currently running I’m somewhat more inclined to see if I can put my AMEX KrisFlyer card to some use. Personally, the 3 year rolling expiry of KrisFlyer miles earned via this route isn’t really bothersome to me as if you have not earned enough miles in 3 years for a decent redemption flight then perhaps the miles game isn’t for you.

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Matthew Chong
Matthew Chong
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Adrian Bai

From the voyageguard website, the 6KF points per dollar is awarded to Basic AMEX Krisflyer card. Does it apply to both the Ascend and Blue KF Amex cards?


Basic simply means “main” card account.


Tried to register for the extra 2 miles at selected merchants using Blue KF card but gotten a message that this card is not eligible for this promotion. Anyone managed to register for this with the Blue KF? Thank you.

Blue KF

Same problem here with blue card



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