Warning: discrepancy in the T&Cs of the UOB Asia Miles 20% transfer bonus

You might want to read this if you've transferred UOB UNI$ to Asia Miles under the 20% bonus promotion.

Update: UOB has clarified that there is no cap on the 20% bonus. Transfer away!

Back on 10 May, Matthew wrote about UOB’s 20% transfer bonus for UNI$ to Asia Miles conversions. This promotion is currently ongoing and will run till 9 June.

I wasn’t intending to take advantage of this promotion originally, but after the recent Asia Miles devaluation I realised there was a potential opportunity to preserve the value of my miles by transferring UNI$ over.

That’s because I calculated the magnitude of the devaluation to be about 15-20% to me, based on my preference for redeeming Business Class awards (the magnitude of the devaluation will be different for each individual depending on his/her redemption patterns; in fact if you redeem economy class only you’re looking at a revaluation thanks to the reduction in cost of one-way awards). Therefore, if I transferred my UNI$ to Asia Miles with a 20% bonus, I’d be roughly preserving their value.

I transferred the equivalent of 210,000 miles on 26 May and by 30 May the miles had shown up in my account.

Now the bonus wasn’t reflecting but as per the abbreviated T&C found at the bottom of the promotion’s landing page, bonus miles will only be credited by 30 June 2018. Fine, I thought, I’m ok to wait.

But on the Telegram Group someone pointed out a discrepancy that is going to make this a very nervous wait for me. Here’s a link to the full T&C as hosted by the UOB site. That’s shown on the left below. And here’s a link to the full T&C as hosted by Cathay Pacific. That’s shown on the right below.

LHS: UOB T&C, RHS: Cathay Pacific T&C

You’ll notice the T&C are word for word the same, with one key exception- point 2. The UOB T&C mention nothing about a cap on the bonus 20% miles, whereas the Cathay T&C state that the maximum bonus is 20,000 per Asia Miles member!

If Cathay is right, that means I’d have maxed out the bonus with a 100,000 mile transfer and the remaining 110,000 miles I transfer get no bonus at all. Obviously, that’s not cool since this was mentioned nowhere on the UOB T&C. But on another level, I wonder what’s going on here- it’s hard to write this off as a typo when the rest of the text is word for word the same, which implies one is a copy/paste job of the other. That means someone consciously deleted the cap from the UOB T&C, or consciously added the cap to the Cathay T&C.

Like I said, no bonus has posted yet but if my posted bonus is capped I’m definitely going to raise a stink with UOB. I don’t think it’s fair for consumers who transferred their UNI$ on the basis of the T&C they read from the UOB site to get shortchanged. If you’re in my situation, I’d strongly advise you to save a copy of the current T&C that appear on the UOB site and take whatever screenshots you need to back up a dispute if/when it happens. Here’s a Dropbox link to the original set of UOB T&C in case the one on the site gets changed.

Again, I don’t want to prejudge the situation because for all I know the bonus will come through without a cap in the next few days/weeks, but it pays to be prepared. Here’s hoping UOB does “right by us” in this particular scenario.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I have not even receive the miles I transferred. Contacted Asiamiles, they told me to wait… contacted UOB, they said they have done whatever they need to do.
I transferred 100k, so I will be still fall into the max 20k bracket I assumed.


Aaron.. Would you also help me raise a stink with OCBC if they cheat me out from my 216,000 OCBC$..? Phoned them on Monday, was told they’d get back to me Wed, today’s Fri, I’ve just checked online and they’ve still only credited me 24,000 OCBC$.. ?

Aaron Wong

don’t understand. Explain?


Overseas shoppping and mobile payments entitled 10X OCBC$ (4mpd).. max 120,000 OCBC$ per blue or pink card.. I maxed out both cards for what I would’ve thought would be a total of 240,000 OCBC$.. but statement came last weekend and it only had 24,000 OCBC$ (1mpd)


Have you read the T&Cs on when the remaining 9x OCBC$ will be credited, before asking a complete stranger to help you call OCBC to make a stink?


Gosh.. @P.. take a chill pill.. and while you’re at it, get a life!


Don’t expect others to be chill on you if you can’t even take the responsibility to read the T&Cs and expect to be spoonfed. You can get that in the pre-schools. Kind of ironic that you seem to be raising a stink yourself.


You both need to stop being keyboard warriors and get a life.. A. I didn’t expect Aaron to do anything.. I was kidding.. B. Forums are a place for sharing.. and learning.. not everyone will know everything.. and it’s through sharing and learning that everyone benefits.. or else, everyone will just have to “do their own thing” and “sort out their own shit” C. I wasn’t expecting to be spoonfed.. I, also like anyone else, can’t possibly go through every single T & C.. all the time.. sometimes ppl miss things.. pple aren’t infallible.. hence sharing and learning.. D. When… Read more »


“I, also like anyone else, can’t possibly go through every single T & C.. all the time..” Do you have this lackadaisical attitude with your own personal affairs? Don’t go through every single T&C in your insurance policy, your home loan etc. And perhaps cry murder when you realize something went wrong and is actually provided for in the T&C? Not everyone has such an attitude, so don’t make hasty generalizations and say “anyone else”. It is patently clear that people like you ARE indeed expecting to be spoonfed, i.e. for someone else to do all this reading for you.… Read more »


You seriously need to get a life

Aaron Wong

Civilised discourse, everyone, civilised discourse. Ken: try and follow up with Ocbc, if no luck in a few weeks pm me


Thanks, Aaron.. I did say, OCBC did call me this afternoon and all’s well.. as always, many thanks for your inputs and insights.. ??


Says “Ken”, who, on the evidence of his replies, appears to be camped on Milelion and responding with such alacrity.


Oh! I forgot to add… I did say, in my original post, “IF” they cheat me.. I didn’t say they cheated me.. the original post, is abt conflicting T’s & C’s.. mine wasn’t the same, but it WAS with regards to T’s & C’s.. with Amex, I get my 10X Rewards points EVEN BEFORE my bill is paid.. the bonus points are reflected (AND can be used/redeemed immediately, which is of course I now know is different from OCBC).. so the both of you can now go crawl back to under the rock you both crawled out from.


UOB doing a ‘right by us’…… yeah… right


Sighs, I also transfer a significant amount…


UOB has always given me a feeling of a sneaky bank, sorry to say that

Miles Hedgehog

Why wait? Call them now to confirm and have things on record?

Aaron Wong

Sent them a fb message


Hi guys, noob query but is there a need to register for the additional 20% promo? I clicked the promo landing page links but it seems to be for the other 2 cathay promos (new AM subscribers and first 1000 etc.) Just wanted to check before I pulled the trigger. Thanks!

Miles Hedgehog

From the TnCs above, nope. You can just transfer, but maybe 100,000 miles for now. I believe it’s possible to make multiple transfers too within the promo period



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