UOB PRVI Miles card now offering 3 mpd on Grab transactions

Earn 3 mpd on Grab with your UOB PRVI Miles credit card, capped at S$200 per calendar month.

Back in November 2018, UOB signed a partnership with Grab where they announced that there will be enhanced benefits for UOB cardholders in the future.

At first, the promotions that were launched were targeted at UOB’s cashback suite of cards (i.e UOB One, UOB YOLO and UOB Debit) and the UOB PRVI Miles card didn’t receive any love.


From now until 31 July 2019, all UOB PRVI Miles credit card members will earn 3 miles per S$1 spent on all Grab transactions. This applies to all UOB PRVI Miles credit card variants.

Earn 3 mpd on Grab transactions, capped at S$200 monthly

In this new enhancement from UOB (Citi please), all UOB PRVI Miles cardholders will be able to earn 3 miles per dollar spent on all Grab transactions.

Edit (4/7/2019) : All variants of UOB PRVI Miles card now earn 3 mpd on Grab transactions

UOB awards points per every S$5 block and you will be earning UNI$7.5 per S$5 spent on Grab transactions. This is how the miles will be awarded:

a) local spend for every S$5 spent: prevailing earn rate of UNI$3.5 and promotion earn rate of UNI$4; or
b) overseas spend for every S$5 spent: prevailing earn rate of UNI$6 and promotion earn rate of UNI$1.5

In the terms and conditions, it is mentioned that the total promotional earn rate is capped at UNI$160, which translates to a cap of S$200 on Grab spending that will net you 3 mpdNote that if your Grab fares are charged in a foreign currency, you will still only earn 3 mpd on the Grab transactions.

Before you ask in the comments section, spending on supplementary cards counts towards the same S$200 cap per principal card account. If for some reason you hold onto the UOB PRVI Miles Visa and the PRVI Mastercard, and AMEX variants concurrently, these are subject to their own individual S$200 caps.

What other options do I have to spend on Grab?

Before UOB came up with this promotion, the next best official alternative was the American Express KrisFlyer co-brand cards which saw cardholders earning up to 3.3 mpd on Grab transactions capped at S$200 per calendar month as well.

Source: American Express Singapore

It’s worth noting that the Citi Rewards credit cards continue to earn 4 mpd for Grab transactions, but the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard can be hit and miss.


In the latest revision to the BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard terms and conditions, they have also excluded GrabPay top-ups from earning any reward points.

Concluding Thoughts

Being able to earn 3 mpd on Grab transactions with the UOB PRVI Miles credit card is a good enhancement in my opinion. Even though this seems to be a limited time promotion from UOB, we can always hope that it gets extended come end July 2019.

Matthew Chong
Addicted to luxury travel while trying not to go broke, Matthew is always on the prowl for the best deals in the travel industry. When he's not busy studying, he can be found trawling the internet and reading up on credit cards, airlines and hotels. He also wouldn't mind taking you out on a date.

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So with this enhancement, top up and ad-hoc both will be 3mpd I guess.
ad-hoc probably better with WWMC @ 4mpd.


Will I get 3mpd if I top up with prvimiles?


U can try with $10


I’m sorry noob question but where can I check how much uni$ was awarded after a transaction?


your ibanking

Vernon Quek

same question! can anyone verify its 3mpd when topping up into your grabpay wallet?


confirmed on milelion telegram chatgrp that top-ups generate 3mpd


i tested and top up with prvi does give u 3mpd


Aren’t we getting 4mpd with CITI RC or am I mistaken


Hi! I am new to the miles game and learning heaps from your website! Kudos to you all!

Just wanted to check about what you mentioned: ‘Citi Rewards credit cards continue to earn 4 mpd for Grab transactions’ I currently hold a Citi rewards credit card and I can’t seem to find anything on the Citibank website about 4 mpd for Grab? Is this valid and is this also applicable to other transportation app like ryde?



just try it yourself and check your account a few days later. if it works, great. if not, then it does not work.


This is the whole point of having a forum/comments section. Karen is asking if anyone else has personal experience doing it, so she can … avoid doing what you just suggested. If someone else has done it, why is there a need to do it again?


Because this is the way things are around here.. I have asked before and gotten non-answers like the above. Probably because the ones who do get 4mpd don’t want to give a definite answer, then have the ones who don’t get 4mpd complain to CSO (in turn highlighting to the bank of such incidents, and ‘fixing’ the issue).
I do get 4mpd with Grab using Citi Rewards, but please, don’t approach the bank and say ‘XYZ said he does, so you need to do the same for me’


Please don’t call the CSO.; p


Time to make the switch! Yea finally can earn miles on my grab! Hehe! U can check the uni$ you earned in ur statement.

johnny sims

nice to have, there is advert showing 3.3miles per dollar for amex. haha. I have uob but I m not switching as amex still edged out on this. and of course there is Citi rewards card – 4miles.


Wouldn’t the UOB PPV be better since it offers 4 mpd? I called UOB and the CSO said it was applicable to PPV as online transactions


u cant, grab is not one of them.

* Online Purchases refers to online retail credit card transactions (whether made locally or overseas) via shopping website for the purchase of goods or services (for apparels, bags, shoes, accessories, discount and drug stores, electronics, supermarkets, dining, food delivery, entertainment and ticketing) made available by any merchant.



oops , saw the PPV question answer above. Do you happen to know if UOB ONE will also provide rebates for grab top up?


If you’re asking about rebates, you’re on the wrong website bruh.


If i exit the cap of $200 per calendar month, will the remaining amount i spent on grab still be eligible for 1.1mpd?


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