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AMEX Platinum Charge card doubles MGM referral bonus to 40K points

Refer a friend to the AMEX Platinum Charge card, and you can both earn 40K MR points upon approval.

If you’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger on the AMEX Platinum Charge card, here’s some good news: AMEX has doubled the number of points on offer under the MGM (member-get-member) scheme.

Here’s how the old and new MGM offers compare:

Old MGM OfferNew MGM Offer
Referrer20K MR points40K MR points
Referee20K MR points after spending $50 in 3 months40K MR points after spending $5K in 3 months

This upsized offer applies to referrals where the referee is approved before 30 Jun 2019. 

Sign up for the 40K MR points Platinum Charge offer here

Am I still eligible for the regular sign up bonus?


If you’ve been following the AMEX Platinum Charge card, you’ll know that it comes with a sign up offer of 75K bonus MR points when you spend $20K within the first 3 months of approval.

Applications through the MGM scheme will still be eligible for this sign up offer. 

Even better, the $5K you spend will “double count” towards both offers. In other words, should I spend $20K within the first 3 months, I will get:

  • 40K bonus MR points from the MGM offer
  • 75K bonus MR points from the sign up bonus offer
  • 25K base MR points from regular spending

Remember that AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders can convert MR points to miles at a preferential rate of 400 MR= 250 miles (it’s 450 MR= 250 miles for other AMEX MR members). This means you’re looking at a total haul of 87.5K miles for spending $20K, quite decent all things considered.

What if I applied under the old scheme?

AMEX has been offering The Platinum Charge card through the MGM scheme since January this year. But here’s some good news the AMEX team has told me: if you successfully referred someone to The Platinum Charge card, you’ll be retroactively awarded the additional 20K MR points. Expect these points to show up in your account in 8-10 weeks.


Similarly, if you were successfully referred by someone else to The Platinum Charge card, AMEX will award the additional 20K MR points provided you hit the $5K spend within 3 months of your approval. You should receive these points by the end of July.

This only applies for members who applied through the online MGM scheme- those who applied through agents are not eligible.

I’m very pleased that AMEX has chosen to do this. It’s mighty big of them, in my opinion.


Do familiarize yourselves with the T&C of the MGM program here. There aren’t any red flags as such, but you should note that if your referee subsequently cancels his/her approved card within 6 months, you both lose your gifts.

Sign up for the 40K MR points Platinum Charge offer here


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Hi Aaron, I have applied for the plat card via your link on 13/03. Look forward to enjoying its benefits soon. Great job on all the various reviews. Fantastic read for me 🙂 btw my current card is the citi prestige and i have been totally “wowed” by its recent ridiculous enhancement on the airport limo service. Rgds DY


Hey Aaron, so if i sign up and spend S$20K in the 1st 3 months at one of their EXTRA merchants like hour glass buying a rolex and some jeans and shirts at GSTAR and Fred Perry, my miles earned would be a whopping:

40K + 75K + 250K

365000 points = 228,125 miles = 11.4 MPD?

Sounds like a plan..

How does the S$16000 cap on EXTRA merchants work? Is it per purchase per store, per month, or?


Will paying income tax via CardUp using the Amex Platinum charge card count towards the 20K spending to qualify for the 75K signup bonus MR points?