Get an AMEX KrisFlyer card and win in the AMEX x Milelion Million Mile Giveaway

Get an AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend or KrisFlyer Credit Card by 20 May and win one of ten prizes of 100,000 miles

Update: this contest has been extended until 2359 on 20 May

Thinking of applying for an AMEX KrisFlyer cobrand card? Look no further, because The Milelion is partnering with American Express to give away one million KrisFlyer miles, in the form of ten prizes of 100,000 KrisFlyer miles each.

How it works

  1. Apply for either an AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card or an AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend through The Milelion’s link
  2. Upon completion, fill out this form with your application reference number and contact details
  3. If your application is approved before 20 May 2019 and you make a transaction of at least $1 by 31 May 2019, you’re eligible to win one of 10 prizes of 100,000 KrisFlyer miles!
Approved AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card applications earn 2 entries
Approved AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend applications earn 3 entries

Get started by applying for an AMEX KrisFlyer card here

When you click the link above, you’ll be directed to a landing page for the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend. However, you can still use this link to apply for the AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card. Simply follow the instructions below:

The full T&C of the draw can be found here, but I thought I’d highlight a few specific points:

  • You are not eligible for the draw if you currently hold a KrisFlyer Ascend or cancelled yours within the past 6 months
  • However, if you currently hold a KrisFlyer Credit Card, you can still participate in the draw by using the link to upgrade to a KrisFlyer Ascend

Get up to 12,500 KrisFlyer miles upon first spend, plus the regular sign up bonuses

Successful applicants who apply through any of the links in this article will receive an MGM gift of:

  • 7,500 KrisFlyer miles for the KrisFlyer Ascend
  • 5,000 KrisFlyer miles for the KrisFlyer Credit Card

so long as they spend a minimum of S$50 within the first 3 months of card approval. If this is your first-ever KrisFlyer AMEX cobrand card, you’ll also get a bonus of 5,000 KrisFlyer miles on your first spend.

Cardholders who apply through MGM will also be eligible for the regular sign up bonuses offered by both cards. In other words, your total miles haul could look something like this:

KrisFlyer Ascend
KrisFlyer Credit Card
Spending Bonus- First 3 months* Spend S$10K, Get 15,000 miles Spend S$5K, Get 7,500 miles
Spending Bonus- Months 4-6* Spend S$10K, Get 15,000 miles Spend S$5K, Get 7,500 miles
Base miles on total spend 24,000 miles (S$20K @ 1.2 mpd) 11,000 miles (S$10K @ 1.1 mpd)
MGM Gift 7,500 miles 5,000 miles
New to card bonus (if applicable) 5,000 miles 5,000 miles
Total Miles 66,500 miles 36,000 miles

*Do note that the sign up bonus spending requirement has been revised upwards from last month- previously the required spending for the KrisFlyer Ascend and KrisFlyer Credit Card was $6K and $3K respectively. 

If you’re applying for the KrisFlyer Ascend, do remember that cardholders who spend at least $12K (of which at least $3K must be on by 1 June 2019 will get an instant upgrade to KrisFlyer Elite Gold status for a year.

It was just announced today that AMEX KrisFlyer cobrand cardholders now earn a bonus 2 mpd on transactions at the merchants shown below, capped at $200 each month. This means you’ll earn 3.2 and 3.1 mpd respectively with the KrisFlyer Ascend and KrisFlyer Credit Card.

What can you do with 100,000 KrisFlyer miles?

Round-trip Business Class to Bali for two people

Singapore Airlines 2018 Regional Business Class on the B787-10

I’m normally not a fan of redeeming Business Class on short haul routes, but if it’s a special occasion, you might want to snag a seat on SQ’s newest Regional Business Class product on the B787-10. Look out for SQ942/946 on the outbound leg and SQ943/947 on the inbound from 1 May onwards.

I did this on the recent Mileymoon, and although the flight is short, it’s still a heck of a way to start a special journey.

Round-trip Business Class to Japan/South Korea

Singapore Airlines 2013 Business Class on the B777-300ER (B77W)

For 94K miles, you can redeem a round-trip Business Class trip to any of SQ’s destinations in Japan or South Korea. If you fly to Tokyo on SQ12, for example, you’ll get to enjoy SQ’s excellent 2013 Business Class seat for more than 7 hours.

Seoul used to be a bit of a minefield in terms of Business Class products, because historically there was only a single B77W flight with the 2013 Business Class and the rest were A330s with the much less impressive 2009 Regional Business Class. However, from May onwards all flights to ICN will have full-flat Business Class seats thanks to the introduction of more B787-10s.

(Almost) round-trip Suites to Shanghai and Beijing

Singapore Airlines new A380 Suites

For 106K miles, you could redeem a round-trip Suites ticket to Shanghai on SQ’s newest A380 (look for SQ830/833). Ben at OMAAT identifies this as one of the easiest routes to get Suites Saver space for the new product.

Screenshot from OMAAT

You could also try the older (but still great) Suites product on any of the A380 flights to Beijing.


There are, of course, many other routes and products you could try with 100,000 KrisFlyer miles (especially if you’re ok with a one-way redemption), but I hope that gets the juices flowing.

If you already have an AMEX KrisFlyer card, now’s the time to let your friends and family know about their chance to win 100,000 miles each! A final reminder- be sure to fill out the form after you’ve applied for your chance to win.

Get started by applying for an AMEX KrisFlyer card here

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The link doesnt work


Amex referer. anyway it works now


Did they increase the 3 months spending requirement from $3k to $5k recently (today?), or is it me? 🙂


What is MGM?

Happy Camper

Member Get Member


Will Amex PPS eligible for this promotion?


I have a KF Blue card and I clicked the link to upgrade to Ascend.

1. I’m eligible for the lucky draw right?
2. The link in Amex still shows $15k spend on SIA for accelerated qualification for elite gold status. Am I missing something?



Thanks Aaron, the sign up link here still shows $15k for accelerated KF elite gold, i’m a little confused now.


Hi, I had an amex krisflyer card before and canceled 6 months ago, may I know if I can still get the MGM 5,000 miles and the other bonus miles on spending? Am I right to say that I will only lose out on the 5,000 miles for new to card applicants?


Clickbait title. It should say “*and stand a chance to win one of ten prizes of 100,000 miles”. Your title implies that as long as I sign up I get the miles, guaranteed.


Yeah, if you’re 6 years old and/or spent most of your life living under a rock, you would expect a guaranteed 1 million miles for a credit card signup 🙂

Happy Camper



I suggest you re-read my comment. Nowhere did I mention I expected a guaranteed 1 million miles. You sound like an idiot posting what you posted. If you still couldn’t understand my comment, please go back to school.


Is the annual fee waived for first year?


Only for the blue card. Ascend is non-waivable.


Thanks. This is useful information.

I hope Aaron knows this would’ve been helpful if in article. Makes it look more like clickbait if don’t mention key cons of these deals. Hope this doesn’t become a recurring thing.


Hi Aaron, does this mean subsequent years are waivable? I’m quite put off by the annual fee and have yet to determine if it’s worth it to pay for the card. Shall go search for your website for a review of the card..


Easy 250,000 miles for milelion. #gettingpaidforyourefforts


How long does AMEX normally take to process card application? No news from them since Mon.


why the link site looks shabby with low res pictures?


I can’t find the application # but I’ve received my card. How to fill out your form?