Up for this Challenge? 450 Grab rides for two Business Class tickets to Tokyo

As far as challenges go, this one's a doozy: take 450 Grab rides by 31 December 2019 for a pair of Business Class tickets to Tokyo.

Back in July 2019, Grab added an interesting mechanic to the GrabRewards platform called Challenges, which awards users with points or vouchers for accomplishing certain tasks.

Grab Challenges can be found by scrolling down  the home screen to the relevant section.

A new Challenge called “Ride to Tokyo” has recently gone live (missed opportunity for “Tokyo Drift” here) and as far as Challenges come, it’s certainly more intriguing than the relatively meh “Chompian”.

Ride to Tokyo

The mechanics are quite simple: the first 3 Grab users to complete 450 Grab rides by 31 Dec 2019 with GrabPay or GrabPay credits will each win a pair of Business Class tickets to Tokyo. All Grab rides in Singapore are eligible for this Challenge, except for GrabWheels, GrabHitch, GrabCoach and GrabShuttle.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of rides. There are about 115 days left in the year, which means you’d need to take more than 3 rides per day to be in with a shout.

#mildly interesting, but Grab says that 450 rides is the equivalent distance between Singapore and Tokyo. GCMap puts this at 3,324 miles, which means the average Grab trip in Singapore is 11.9 km

Do note that a maximum of 8 rides per day will count towards this Challenge- frankly, I’m not sure why the limitation, so long as these are bona fide rides and not attempts to game the system. I realise it’ll take a lot of effort to hit this cap, but it does feel like it penalizes someone who just happens to have a lot of Grab trips to make in a particular day.

The 8 rides per day cap, coupled with the Challenge’s start date of 4 September, means the earliest a winner could emerge is 30 October 2019.

I appreciate the fact that there’s a live tracker showing how many rewards there are left, which makes it better than more opaque promotions where you’re in the dark as to whether there are still any prizes available.

The T&C don’t specify what carrier the Business Class flights are on, but Grab has confirmed with me it’s Singapore Airlines. A round-trip ticket to Tokyo costs S$2,505, so you’re looking at a prize worth ~S$5,000.

The cheapest Grab ride I’m aware of costs S$6, so the winner would have spent at least  S$2,700 over 450 rides. It’s certainly not worth churning rides, but if you’ve got genuine trips to make, why not?

Here’s the full set of Challenge rules for your reference:

  • This challenge allows the first three (3) Grab users who complete to win a pair of return Business Class flight tickets to Tokyo.
  • A reward token will be issued to the first 3 Grab users who complete the Challenge, before all necessary checks to ensure transactions are not fraudulent in nature. Should any fraudulent activity be detected, the next fastest winner will be chosen.
  • Each Challenge cannot be shared.
  • Each Challenge is specially designed for every user and may receive different Challenges, limited to the user who has access to the Challenge in their app.
  • Challenge is only valid from 4 September 2019 to 31 December 2019.
  • Challenge is only valid when you are in Singapore. Any Grab transaction made outside Singapore will not contribute towards this Challenge.
  • All Grab rides are eligible for this Challenge, except for GrabWheels, GrabHitch, GrabCoach and GrabShuttle.
  • A maximum of 8 rides per day will count towards the Challenge.
  • Only rides taken on GrabPay or GrabPay Credits payment methods will count towards the Challenge.
  • This Challenge cannot be replayed once it is completed or the period has ended.
  • Grab users who have completed the Challenge will be contacted by Grab within 5 working days after Challenge has been won. The names of the winners will be announced no more than 10 working days after the Challenge has been won. By participating in this Challenge, please note that you are consenting to Grab announcing your name and/or releasing a photograph of you as the prize-winner in our winner’s announcement. Your prize may be forfeited to the next winner if you are unable to comply with this condition.
  • The winners will need to collect their prize from Grab offices no more than 2 weeks after they are informed of their win.
  • In the event where the prizes are not won or claimed, Grab will donate the equivalent value of the prizes to a charity of Grab’s choice.
  • Employees of Grab are not eligible to win this Challenge.
  • This reward is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash/credit in kind
  • Grab reserves the right to amend the Terms & conditions of these rewards and to change the reward to a similar offering without prior notice


This clearly isn’t going to be a Challenge for everyone, but I’m sure it’ll make for more interesting “craziest thing you’ve done for miles” stories. Should you choose to take up this Challenge, remember that you’ll need to register before you begin.

I really look forward to seeing who wins this…

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Be careful, Grab has a history of not paying their higher rewards (~S$100) in other countries. I don’t see why they would pay this one.


Someone just got the first of the three pair of Business Class tickets yesterday. Effort paid off for him/her!


Second pair of JCLS tickets given out!

By the way, Grab has launched a new challenge today enabling Grab for Business customers to stand a chance to win an annual lounge pass (worth $400) for next year. Worth a review on that!



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