Get S$130 cash when you sign up for Maybank credit cards (new-to-bank customers)

Apply for selected Maybank credit cards, spend S$250 per month for the first 2 months and get S$130 cash.

From now till 31 August 2020, new-to-bank customers can receive S$130 cash when they apply for a Maybank credit card (and CreditAble account) and spend S$250 per month for the first 2 months after approval.

⚠️ Update: To be eligible, you need to apply for a Maybank credit card and a CreditAble account. However, there’s no need to make any transaction on the CreditAble account (nor should you).

The previous version of this article did not mention CreditAble. If you applied on that basis and didn’t click the CreditAble box, drop me a message and we’ll get it sorted.

This is broken into:

  • S$30 cash from SingSaver (via PayNow)
  • S$100 cashback from Maybank (via statement credit)

All in all, you get S$130 back on S$500 of spending, which is a very decent 26% rebate.

⚠️ New-to-bank customers are defined as those who do not currently hold any Maybank credit card or CreditAble account, and have not done so in the 9 month period before 17 April 2020

Your application must be approved by 31 August 2020. The following cards are eligible:

Maybank HorizonS$180
(3 year waiver)
3.2 mpd on dining, petrol, transport
Maybank World MastercardS$240
(1 year waiver)
4.0 mpd on petrol and selected restaurants & shopping
Maybank Manchester United CardS$80
(2 year waiver)
3% cashback + 2.0 mpd when Man Utd win
Maybank Family & FriendsS$180
(3 year waiver)
8% cashback on groceries, food delivery, transport, petrol and more
Maybank FC BarcelonaS$120
(2 year waiver)
1.6% cashback in SG
Maybank DUOS$120
(3 year waiver)
5% cashback on petrol in SG/MY

The T&C can of this offer can be found here:

S$30 cashS$100 cash credit
Credited within 3 months of applicationCredited 1 month from the date minimum spend is hit

The main cards of interest to miles collectors are the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature and Maybank World Mastercard.

The Maybank Horizon earns bonus points on the following transactions:

8X TREATS Points
(3.2 mpd)
5X TREATS Points
(2.0 mpd)
  • air tickets
  • travel packages
  • FCY transactions
*Do note that Maybank’s definition of dining only includes MCC 5812 (restaurants). It does not include fast food, caterers or food delivery apps

You must spend at least S$300 in a calendar month to earn bonus points, and the maximum bonus you can earn is capped at 30,000 TREATS points per month.

The Maybank World Mastercard earns 4 mpd on petrol, as well as dining transactions at the Paradise Group, Imperial Treasure, and Resorts World Sentosa. Cardholders also earn 4 mpd on shopping at The Shilla Duty Free Changi Airport and Club21.

The interesting thing is there’s no cap on the 4 mpd (at least, that I can find in the T&C).

A special shout out to the Maybank Manchester United card as well. I’m no fan of the club (come at me), but I’m tempted to get one just to experiment with the “bonus cashback and miles when Manchester United win” feature. As I highlighted in this post, it could even mean generating miles for free with a service like CardUp…

Where can I transfer Maybank points?

Maybank points can be transferred to the following frequent flyer programs:

FFPTransfer Ratio
(TREATS: miles)
12,500: 5,000
5,000: 2,000
3,500: 1,000
2,000: 1,000

You’ll definitely want to avoid Malaysia Airlines Enrich and AirAsia BIG, however, because they’re terrible value.

Maybank points pool across cards, and a transfer fee of S$26.75 applies. The fee is waived for holders of the Maybank Visa Infinite and Maybank World Mastercard.


If you don’t already hold a Maybank credit card, the offer of S$130 cash with S$500 spending sounds pretty good to me. Be sure to fill out the SingSaver rewards form that gets sent to your email after applying, to avoid any delays in the fulfillment of your gift.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The TnCs mentioned about the creditAble, can you interpret more about the creditAble part? Do we need to apply the cteditAble at same time and spend on that too?


Appreciate Aaron:)


Any update on this? Maybank CSO just told me that there has to be a transaction on both, the card and the credit able account?


just confirmed with maybank over a number of calls in the past few weeks – I have applied for both creditable and a credit card. However they insist that at least one transaction is required on both the creditable account and credit card.
Since I spent only on the credit card, they extended an olive branch for me to spend another $600 on the credit card before end Sept or i wont be getting my $100 from Maybank.

Last edited 2 years ago by Koh

I called back and a different customer service officer confirmed that creditable is not required and would look into my case. I guess they have been briefed after you have raised it. Thanks!!


Bonus miles when Man U wins…

Bold of you to assume we’re even going to get a match this year.


“Spend S$250 per month for the first 2 months after approval.” Does this mean statement month? calendar month? or 60 days from approval?. And i should not spend $500 at one go?



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