Fairmont Hotel from $122++ and other deals: Finding cheap staycation rates with Accor Plus

Accor Plus is more than just 50% off dining and a free hotel night- it also gives you access to some great staycation rates.

Ever since I got my Accor Plus membership (for free, courtesy of the AMEX SIA Business Credit Card), I’ve been busy exploring the different benefits available. 

The 50% off dining and annual free hotel night obviously grab most of the headlines, but what I’ve discovered is that Accor Plus gives you access to some pretty sweet staycation rates too, even cheaper than what the general public has.

Accor Plus staycation rates

To find Accor Plus staycation rates, simply login to your ALL account and run a search as per normal. The results you see will factor in your special Accor Plus rate. 

How special? Take a look at the Fairmont Singapore below- it’s almost too good to be true. S$122++ (S$143 nett) for a night, for a rate that’s refundable up till the day of arrival! You could even get a Signature King Suite for S$152++ (S$179 nett) if you need a bit more space. 

Sure, there’s no breakfast included, but remember that Accor Plus members get up to 50% off dining, including breakfast. I wager you’d still end up ahead compared to the publicly available rates. 

Here’s the cheapest rate I could find at the various staycation-approved Accor hotels in Singapore, from now till January 2021. 

(Sun-Thurs check-in)
(Fri & Sat check-in)
Fairmont Singapore S$122++ S$156++
Sofitel City Centre S$234++ S$281++
Sofitel Sentosa S$204++ S$204++
ibis budget Singapore Imperial S$51++ S$41++
ibis budget Singapore Mount Faber S$51++ S$41++
ibis budget Singapore Pearl S$30++ S$38++
ibis budget Singapore Sapphire S$30++ S$38++
ibis budget Singapore West Coast S$53++ S$53++
*Raffles Hotel is also under Accor, but does not offer special Accor Plus rates. 

Let’s ignore the ibis budget hotels (they’re former Fragrance Hotels, and we all know Hotel 81 is where real men go) and focus on the Fairmont and two Sofitels- do you come off better or worse by booking the Accor Plus rates?

Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Hotel Singapore
  Accor Plus Upsized Staycation Offer
Price S$122++ S$305++
Cancel Policy Day of arrival Day of arrival
Breakfast No Yes
Other inclusions None
  • S$50 return stay voucher
  • S$100 F&B credit
  • 2nd room/night at 50% off

Fairmont Singapore is offering the rather unimaginatively named “Upsized Staycation Offer”. For S$305++ (S$359 nett), you get breakfast, S$100 in F&B credit, plus a S$50 return stay voucher. The Accor Plus rate costs S$122++ (S$144 nett), without any inclusions. 

Assuming you take the F&B credit at face value and ignore the return stay voucher, the price difference works out to be S$115. The Accor Plus rate does not include breakfast, so you’ll be ordering off the a la carte breakfast menu at Prego, and I think it’s safe to say you won’t spend S$230 or more (remember the 50% discount). 

It’s an easy win for the Accor Plus rate here. 

Sofitel City Centre

Sofitel City Centre
  Accor Plus Hotel Experience Exclusive Package
Price From S$234++ S$334++
Cancel Policy Non-refundable 24 hours before arrival
Breakfast No Yes
Other inclusions None
  • Club lounge access

Sofitel City Centre offers a “Hotel Experience Exclusive Package” for S$339++ (S$399 nett). This includes breakfast and club lounge access. 

Now, I could compare this to the no-inclusions Accor Plus rate of S$234++ (S$275 nett), but in this case it’s easier to do an apples-to-apples comparison. Accor Plus members enjoy 10% off staycation packages at the Sofitel City Centre, so it’s straight up savings here.

You even get a slightly more generous cancellation policy (day of arrival, versus 24 hours before). 

Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa

Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa
  Accor Plus Retreat to Sanctuary
Price From S$204++ From S$388++
Cancel Policy Non-refundable 3 days before arrival
Breakfast No Yes
Other inclusions None
  • Set dinner for 2
  • 1 hour massage

Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa offers a “Retreat to Sanctuary” package for S$388++ (S$457 nett). This comes with breakfast, a set dinner for two, and a 1-hour massage. The Accor Plus rate starts from S$204++ (S$240 nett), with no inclusions.

So do you value a 1 hour massage, breakfast and a set dinner at S$217? Before you say yes, remember that both breakfast and dinner could be had for 50% off with Accor Plus, so the savings may not be as big as you think. On the other hand, hotel spa treatments are ridiculously overpriced, so if you really want a massage that badly, maybe there’s a case to be made.

How do I find the lowest rates?

Fortunately, Accor’s website doesn’t make you guess and check by taking stabs in the dark at random dates. On the results screen, click on “open rate calendar”.

This brings up five days of rates, and you can scroll until you find a price that’s agreeable to you. 


For those of you hunting for staycation deals, I guarantee you won’t find a cheaper rate for a 5-star hotel than S$122++ at the Fairmont. Paying a hair over S$200 for the Sofitel Sentosa is arguably a good deal too, although I did stay there last year and I was roundly unimpressed by the room and service. 

It’s just a pity that quite a few Accor Hotels are still doing SHNs and are not open for staycations (e.g Swissotel The Stamford, Swissotel Merchant Court, SO Sofitel etc.), but as 2020 draws to a close I suspect we may see a few more come online. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Checked already, where got $143 net?


how about the food?
Any restaurant under Accor Plus recommended?


Strongly discourage to dine at Prego. Their food quality has dropped tremendously, couldn’t finish the pizza. My friends who dined there recently were all in agreement.


The Sofitel Trip.com promo is at 339 nett too and comes with a 3 course dinner for 2 valued at 100 +/-

Last edited 3 years ago by phister

As of last month, Fairmont is offering North Tower for staycation where the rooms are not renovated. The South Tower renovated rooms have been offered to SHN. Also, Accor team seems to be very free, they adjust their prices and the Stay Plus comp room very frequently so once you see a deal, book it! At $122++ it is a good deal, similar to their previous Red Hot Room rates.


Hi Aaron,

I’m an Accor Gold member and contemplating staying 3 nights at Sofitel Sentosa under their “Stay 3 Pay 2” promotion, with an average night cost of $305. Could I seek your advice on whether it might make sense to sign up for Accor Plus and use it immediately for the nights, since it appears that the red hot rates represent a great deal of savings?


Thanks Aaron,

75% of my stays are for business trips so the cost is covered by the company; i.e. the savings don’t really translate to me but I’m wondering if these 3 nights alone are enough to offset a significant amount of the current $299 membership fee (no free stay).


Hi there, am considering to purchase the Accor Plus membership. But I’m wondering if the Stay Plus complimentary night certficate can be used at Sofitel Sentosa.