Kris+ Gastronomy Series: Earn up to 10 mpd on dining, plus Elite miles & PPS Value

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From now till 31 May, earn up to 10 mpd on selected restaurants with Kris+ and the right cards. Elite miles and PPS Value for dessert.

Kris+ has launched a new dining promotion called the Gastronomy Series, which runs from now till 31 May 2021 at 10 different restaurants. 

During this period, Kris+ users can earn up to 4X the usual miles, which stacked with the right credit cards yields a total haul of up to 10 mpd. KrisFlyer and PPS Club members will also be able to accrue Elite miles and PPS Value towards qualification or requalification. 

Kris+ Gastronomy Series

The Kris+ Gastronomy Series runs from 9 April to 31 May 2021 at the following restaurants:

9 April to 31 May 2021
Restaurant Regular Earn Rate Promo Earn Rate
Anglo Indian Cafe and Bar 3 mpd 6 mpd
Les Bouchons 2 mpd 6 mpd
Mimi Restaurant 3 mpd 6 mpd
UNA at Alkaff Mansion 3 mpd 6 mpd
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant^ 3 mpd 6 mpd
Beurre 1 mpd 4 mpd
Perch 2 mpd  4 mpd
The Spot 2 mpd 4 mpd
WAKANUI Grill Dining  2 mpd 4 mpd
Red House Seafood  1 mpd 3 mpd
^From 15 April 2021
Note: The promotion landing page shows incorrect rates for Perch, The Spot, and WAKAUNI Grill Dining. I have reflected the correct ones above.

Depending on the restaurant, you’ll enjoy a 2-4X bonus compared to the usual Kris+ earn rates. Remember, the earn rate on the Kris+ app already reflects the bonus, so what you see is what you get. 

The Spot earn rate already reflects as 4 mpd, 2X the usual rate

Kris+ has arranged for some specially curated set menus at each of these restaurants. However, you can earn the bonus miles regardless of what you order; regular a la carte is fine too. 

Interestingly enough, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant happens to be an AMEX Love Dining partner. I see no reason why you couldn’t pay with an AMEX Platinum card to enjoy 50% off, then earn 6 mpd on the remaining balance with Kris+ (or not: see comments).

Earn Elite miles and PPS Value

Singapore Airlines recently launched a new campaign that allows KrisFlyer and PPS Club members to earn Elite miles or PPS Value without flying. 

Kris+ is one such avenue, and members will earn status credits as follows:

  KrisFlyer  PPS Club
Spend on Kris+ 3 Elite miles per S$1* 1 PPS Value per S$1*
*Doubled from 7-21 April 2021 for KrisFlyer Elite  and PPS Club

This campaign runs all the way till 28 February 2022, but from 7-21 April 2021, the rate will be doubled to 6 Elite miles per S$1 for KrisFlyer Elite Silver/Gold and 2 PPS Value per S$1 for PPS Club members (note the exclusion of regular KrisFlyer members). 

Status credits will automatically be posted to your account within 7 working days. 

What card should I use to pay?

Remember, there’s no such thing as the “best card for Kris+”, because it all boils down to the MCC of the merchant you’re transacting with. Your credit card is still charged by the merchant as per normal; all you’re doing is using the Kris+ app to pick up some extra miles in the process.

Therefore, for this promotion you’ll want to use the following cards to maximize your miles:

  Earn Rate Remarks
HSBC Revolution
Apply here
4.0 mpd Max. S$1,000 per month. Must use contactless
UOB Pref. Plat Visa
4.0 mpd Max. S$1,110 per month. Must use mobile payments
UOB Lady’s Card
4.0 mpd Max. S$1,000 per month. Must choose dining as 10X category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
4.0 mpd Max. S$3,000 per month. Must choose dining as 10X category
Maybank Horizon
3.2 mpd Min. S$300 spend per month on any category. Capped at ~S$4,285 per month
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3.0 mpd Min. S$500 spend on SIA Group in a year

How do I earn miles with Kris+?

To find the Earn button on Kris+, tap “Wallet” on the home screen, then “Earn”. You’ll need to manually type in the amount you’re spending, which generates a QR code that you let the cashier scan. 

Once KrisPay miles are earned, they must be transferred to KrisFlyer within 7 days of the transaction. Wait any longer, and they’ll be stuck in Kris+ forever (with a six month expiry, to boot). 

Fortunately, a big “transfer to KrisFlyer” button appears upon completing your transaction, so there’s no excuse to not do it immediately. 

Also, if you happen to spend a portion of the miles earned via Kris+, the whole chunk can’t be transferred to KrisFlyer. For example, if I earn 100 miles on a given Kris+ transaction and spend 10 of them, I can’t transfer the remaining 90 to KrisFlyer.

But there’s no reason you should be spending miles via Kris+ anyway, because you earn a dismal 0.67 cents per mile when you do so. This value is sometimes boosted through the various Kris+ milesback promotions, but I still wouldn’t advise it. 


The Spot
The Spot

For those who plan to patronize any of these restaurants, the ability to earn up to 10 mpd plus Elite miles/PPS Value is a nice cherry on the top. The special menus might be interesting too, but remember: there’s no need to order these to enjoy the bonus miles. 

Just be careful to transfer any earned KrisPay miles immediately to KrisFlyer, or else they’ll get stuck after seven days on a platform with dismal value.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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If HSBC and UOB require contact/mobile payments, does it mean that you get 4mpd only if the bill is less than $200?


Sorry to belabour the point: do you mean merchants would no longer require customers to sign physically for transactions above $200? Because the UOB conditions still exclude contactless payments if a physical signature is required. And until quite recently, I recall having to sign for transactions above $200 when I tried using contactless payment.


I tried Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant and used AMEX Platinum Card, however the restaurant did not allow for Kris+ earning


I tried the Gastronomy set in Les Bouchons. They do not allow earning miles on the Gastronomy sets; only can earn the service and tax portions.



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