Great deal: Easy S$200 with a new DBS Takashimaya AMEX (existing customers eligible)

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Apply for a DBS Takashimaya AMEX by 31 October 2021 and get S$200 cashback with S$200 spent at Takashimaya. Easy peasy.

DBS is running a very lucrative offer on the DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card, and unlike most promotions we see, existing DBS/POSB cardholders are eligible too. 

Get S$200 cashback with DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card 

Apply Here

From 1 July to 31 October 2021, new DBS Takashimaya AMEX cardholders who spend a minimum of S$200 at Takashimaya Department Store within the first month of card approval will receive S$200 cashback. It’s as simple as that. 

Even better, there is no new-to-bank requirement- you’re eligible for this promotion even if you already have a DBS/POSB credit card. The only exclusion is for individuals who cancelled any DBS Takashimaya Card (AMEX or Visa) during the past 12 months. 

The qualifying spend period starts from the date of approval. For example, if your card is approved on 10 July 2021, your qualifying spend period will run from 10 July to 9 August 2021. 

Qualifying spend excludes the following:

  •  Purchase of Takashimaya Gift Vouchers
  • Transactions at Cold Storage, Food Village and selected food merchants at Food Hall, B2
  • Transactions on instalment payment plan and My Preferred Payment Plans

Other than that, everything else at Takashimaya is fair game. The S$200 cashback will be credited to your card account within 90 days from the card opening month. This means you’ll need to pay your first month’s bill through other means- it’s not an immediate offset. 

Terms and conditions

The full T&C for this offer can be found here. 


Apply Here

Not a lot more to say- this is an easy S$200 that everyone can and should grab (unless, of course, you already have a DBS Takashimaya Card). 

(HT: Adam)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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Would mooncake merchants are the fair be excluded as part of the “selected food merchants at Food Hall, B2”?


Nope, not excluded!


Actually what are the “selected food merchants”? I wonder if there is a concrete list somewhere?


I called DBS and they said to ask Taka. Sent an email and awaiting response


Any updates?

SQ Flyer

Mooncakes can be purchased from the Takashimaya online store – it counts as qualifying spend


You might be right. TnCs state can spend on the online store so mooncakes may be considered. Not sure if the mooncake merchants may be considered as “selected food merchants at Food Hall, B2” which are excluded from the min spend


Any update on this please?


What’s the bit at the bottom you’ve written on the 800 qualifying spend? I thought it was just 200 spend at Taka?


Understand that $200 cash back will be offset within 90 days to the card. On first month, $200 is spent. Can I dont pay my statement and wait on the cashback to be credited (ie after 3 months)?


You get whatever happens to you when you don’t pay your credit card bills on time. Are you seriously asking this?




There might be a clause in the T&Cs that monthly statements must be paid on time in order to get cash back. And as someone else stated, skipping out on the payment and getting the $200 cashback isn’t worth the late fees/interest and demerit points on your credit report.




Understand on the late fee. How about if I pay the $200 on the 1st statement. After 90days when the cashback is in, anybody know are we allowed to cash that out and debit back to our DBS bank account?


Good question! T&Cs state: Each Qualified Cardmember is limited to one Gift during the Promotion Period. The Gift is strictly non-redeemable for cash, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable.

Not exactly sure what this translates to in the real world though. Aaron, any details?


Not sure how it happened, but DBS applied the $200 cashback to my other DBS credit card bill. So I didn’t have to buy another item with the Taka card.


Appreciate the note.


Must we key in the promo code 200CASH for the spend $200 get $200 cashback during the card application?


Understand on the late fee. How about if I pay the $200 on the 1st statement. After 90days when the cashback is in, anybody know are we allowed to cash that out and debit back to our DBS bank account?


How about if I pay the $200 on the 1st statement. After 90days when the cashback is in, anybody know are we allowed to cash that out and debit back to our DBS bank account?


The qualifying spend is only valid for Takashimaya Department Store only right? Not the whole of Takashimaya Shopping Centre”4. The Qualifying Spend can be an accumulative spending and must be made at Takashimaya Department Store and/or Takashimaya Department Store’s online store, in Singapore.”


Hi, just like to clarify for this part, in case there’s anyone who applied for the card late and still has yet to spend within the 1 month timeframe. I called the DBS customer service and was given very clear info. There is a Takashimaya Shopping Centre ( and within this website, on the top right corner, you will find the Department Store tab. Upon clicking, it brings you to another website ( So I presume anything under this “Department Store” tab counts as valid spend – did not have a chance yet to explore what are the differences between… Read more »


Yes, if you look at the Floor Guide on the Taka website - , they label the Department Store part and Specialty Stores part clearly. So the qualifying spend is for the Department Store part only with the exclusions mentioned earlier like Cold Storage which is part of the Department Store.

John Tay

If someone can enlighten if restaurants (or which restaurants) are included/excluded, that would be great. Thank you!


NEED TO KNOW THIS AS WELL!! Correct me if im wrong, but i dont see any.


Need to clarify with taka what “selected food merchants at Food Hall, B2” are. potentially can whack the “gourmet dining” section in B2 if those aren’t excluded. pls let me know if anyone clarifies this with taka thanks


Thanks! Always a pleasure to make 200 first thing in the morning

Annual fees & point expiry

Looks good but is there any waiver of annual fees in the first year and subsequent years?

One more question: Does anyone know the expiry duration for Takashimaya points?

Can’t seem to find the info above on the DBS website.


Annual fees & point expiry

Great thanks!

How easy is it to get subsequent year waivers, and of course the points expiry? $200 is nice but I’ll probably do without if it’s too much hassle in future years or if I need to remember to cancel. I like my cards to be pretty much minimal maintenance type….. (eg Revo Prestige SCB-VI Amex Plat +2 others etc)


You’re being “paid” $200 for remembering to cancel it after 9 weeks, is that so difficult to do?

Annual fees & point expiry

For me, yes.Sounds like for you Mark, no. $200 cashback at one store (not cash) is a nice sweetener but I would only apply if I think a card is viable to keep based on current terms. Otherwise I wouldn’t apply even with the offer. I only cancel cards when the issuers change the terms or if my financial situation changes dramatically. I was asking for information to help make my decision since the $190+ annual fee would wipe out any benefit for most people who hold on to the card unless it gets waived easily or the point acquisition/expiry… Read more »

Allesa Takashimaya points expire together with your card, as long as your card is active, nothing to worry about. In terms of waivability, I think this card is probably around the same tier as WWMC so should be easily waived if you do use the card some. And yup i’m another one of those people who don’t usually care about free signup gifts on cards that I have no intention to use. Yes I know it’s free cash but I don’t find it enticing. Of course, if it were something crazy like $100k, I would jump on it, but otherwise… Read more »

Annual fees & point expiry

Thanks for the information. I think I will apply since the points don’t expire and the fee is easily waived.


Does anybody know if the promotion is valid and will be applied to your card if you applied through the DBS app? T&C says only apply online which is a bit confusing, the app should also be online


If I sign up for DBS Takashimaya Amex, will I still be considered as new sign up for future application of Amex card?


I am holding a DBS Taka credit card, but not the Taka Amex? Does it mean that i m not entitled for the $200 cashback?


From the TnC, it seems that the 200$ from Physical Store OR online Store. Hence, I guess you can order anything online via the Taka’s website.

Curious Creature

Is there a minimum holding period for the card after receiving the $200? Do i need to hold it for one year?


Wondering the same. I checked the T&C but it didn’t mention about cancellation and clawback sign up promo for early termination.



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