Last Day: S$120/S$180 vouchers with AMEX True Cashback- no min. spend; existing customers welcome


From now till 31 Aug, get S$120/180 of CapitaVouchers when approved for an AMEX True Cashback Card. Both new and existing customers welcome.

Update: This offer has now expired. To find a copy of the original T&Cs, refer to this link. 

Today (31 August 2021) is the final day of American Express’ very generous sign-up offer for the AMEX True Cashback Card which is open to both new and existing AMEX customers. 

Successful applicants will receive S$120-180 CapitaVouchers when they make their first spend of at least S$1 within the first month of approval, simple as that. 

AMEX True Cashback Offer

Apply Here
Income Req. Annual Fee Cashback Rate
S$30,000 S$171.20 (first year free) 1.5%*
*3% for the first 6 months, capped at S$5,000

Customers who apply for an AMEX True Cashback Card via The Milelion from 27-31 August 2021 (with approval by 14 September 2021) will receive the following:

  • New AMEX customers: S$160 CapitaVouchers
  • Existing AMEX customers: S$100 CapitaVouchers

All they need to do is make one transaction of at least S$1 in the first month of approval:

💳 Definition: New AMEX Customer
Those who do not hold an existing personal American Express card, and have not cancelled any American Express card in the last 12 months. Corporate cards and AMEX cards issued by DBS, Citibank and UOB do not count.

On top of this, both new and existing customers will receive S$20 CapitaVouchers when they use SingPass MyInfo in their application process. 

  New Customer Existing Customer
First Spend S$160 voucher S$100 voucher
Apply via MyInfo S$20 voucher S$20 voucher
Total S$180 voucher S$120 voucher

AMEX True Cashback Card members will also earn a welcome bonus of 3% cashback on up to S$5,000 spent in the first 6 months of membership, double the usual 1.5%. 

CapitaVouchers will be sent within 12 weeks after the qualifying criteria has been met. The vouchers for MyInfo applications will come in a separate batch from the first spend vouchers- don’t panic if only S$20 shows up initially. 

The AMEX True Cashback Card’s first year annual fee of S$171.20 is waived. Cardholders who cancel their card within six months of approval will be charged the value of the gift. 

Terms and Conditions

The T&C of this offer can be found here.

Why do you need an AMEX True Cashback Card?

Why would any miles collector need a cashback card?

It’s quite simple: rewards category exclusions. Unfortunately, banks have tightened their T&Cs over the past couple of years, and now it’s virtually impossible to earn rewards points for the following transactions:

American Express still offers rewards for charitable donations, education and government transactions, and the AMEX True Cashback Card in particular still offers cashback for insurance and utilities. 

Even if AMEX isn’t accepted by the merchant, you could always use the AMEX True Cashback Card is to top up your GrabPay Card and then make payment.

For example, you could top up your GrabPay balance with the AMEX True Cashback Card and use the GrabPay Mastercard to pay your insurance bill, effectively shaving 1.5% off the premium. Likewise, you could use the GrabPay Mastercard to pay a government agency or educational institution via AXS, saving 1.5% in the process. 

There are almost no rewards exclusions for the AMEX True Cashback Card, which makes it a very useful “catch-all” solution when other cards don’t earn points/cashback. 


Apply Here

The lack of a minimum spend requirement and the fact this offer is open to existing customers make it a slam dunk in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt that the AMEX True Cashback Card has plenty of use cases, even for a miles collector. 

Remember to submit your application by 31 August 2021 to be eligible. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Amex only allows 2 cards per customer (either 1 charge and 1 credit card or 2 of each but no more than 2), so if someone holding a Platinum and KF card will not be allowed to apply. In the past I tried to and the system just canceled one of my card.


Not true, plenty of people with more than that. Take note you need to have enough credit limit to carry the cards because each card has a minimum credit limit.


For my case they just split the credit limit by half for each card. (I had one, applied for TCB in another promo)


Can I apply if I alr have the tcb?


Not sure if trolling but 99.99% no.


I cancelled my True Cashback card in June after completing the “$500 spend for $270vouchers back” offer… from the T&Cs it sounds like I wouldn’t be eligible even for the not-new members offer?


No the T&C are lying and you are eligible.


Hi AAron, I have followed your application link, under the T&C attached, point number 2 specifically mentioned that This offer is not applicable to Card applicants who Have an existing personal American Express® Card Account / Hold an existing American Express® Card. I assume this is a typo and should not be there since, this offer is also applicable to existing customers ? T&C 2. This offer is not applicable to Card applicants who • Cancelled any of their American Express® Cards within the last twelve (12) months. • Convert an existing personal American Express® Card. • Have an… Read more »


Yes it is at page 3, haha thanks again for the great offer !


I plan to apply for the AMEX Platinum Charge card next year (or when travel resumes), if I get this card now I assume I will lose out any “new-to-bank” benefits when I apply for AMEX Platinum Charge later right?


I applied yesterday and the final screen said my application was submitted and window was closed. Since then, I have gotten no reply email or acknowledgement. Wonder if that was what you experienced too? Just felt that there should be some form of acknowledgment…..


No email or acknowledgement. I applied on Sunday (29th Aug21) and received SMS today (31st Aug21) informing me that my application is approved. Hope this info helps.

Lisa Chong

Please can you refresh/update “What card to use” page Aaron? Thank you


Hi Aaron, do u happen to have the t&c? I clicked your link and it is showing a new promotion.

Amex called me and mentioned that I need to spend $500 to qualify for the $100 voucher . May I ask is grab TOP up consider as eligible spending ?


Any idea if/when they will bring this back?


I’ve cancelled my AMEX card within the last 12 months and signed up for the above promo, would I be eligible?

There’s no definition here of an Existing Customer, but T&Cs mentioned
>> “Cancelled any of their American Express® Cards within the lasttwelve(12) months.

Guess I won’t be eligible for it? Can anyone help to confirm? Thanks!


Do you guys know if there is a way to find out whether we are eligible for the Gift?
I can’t remember if i applied via Milelion’s link, but i definitely applied within the promo period and got the approval by the cut off date as well.


Hi Aaron, I received the $160 vouchers but yet to receive the $20 vouchers from application through MyInfo. Is there a feedback channel to check? Thanks