Shangri-La Golden Circle extends Jade & Diamond status till 31 December 2022

Shangri-La extends all Golden Circle Jade and Diamond status till 31 December 2022, regardless of qualifying activity in 2021.

Shangri-La Golden Circle has just announced an unexpected status extension for all Diamond and Jade members worldwide, which sees them retaining their status till 31 December 2022. 

This extension is granted regardless of qualifying activity in 2021. 

Shangri-La Golden Circle status extension

Shangri-La Singapore
Shangri-La Singapore

While I haven’t stayed at all that many Shangri-La hotels of late, I find Golden Circle (GC) Jade status to be a very useful perk indeed- not only does it get me complimentary breakfast, it also gives me a 25% bonus when redeeming GC points for F&B credit. 

The problem is, my Jade status was granted courtesy of the AMEX Platinum Charge card, and with that perk lapsing in April this year, I was due to lose it come 31 December 2021. 

Thanks to this extension, I’ll be able to enjoy Jade status for the rest of 2021 and 2022. AMEX Centurion members (who received Diamond status) will likewise benefit.

Here’s a recap of the key benefits of each tier:

Priority check-in/out  
Priority check-in/out at Club Lounge  
Free breakfast in restaurant  
Free breakfast in restaurant/ lounge  
Room upgrade*  
Club Lounge access  
Concierge services for non-staying guests  
Guaranteed room availability  
11 a.m check-in, 4 p.m check-out* 
8 a.m check-in, 6 p.m check-out* 
Free suit pressing 
Free use of selected resort facilities  
Bonus GC Award Points25%50%
*Subject to availability

Both Jade and Diamond members also enjoy enhanced rates when redeeming GC points for F&B credit. The rate is usually 10 GC points= US$1, but Jade and Diamond members enjoy 25% more value. 

Value per 10 GC points US$1US$1.25US$1.25
Shangri-La offers two different redemption options for F&B credit. The first is a fixed value certificate of US$50/$100 for 500/1,000 points. The second is through The Table, which lets you spend points at US$1 (or US$1.25 for Jade/Diamond) per 10 points. The latter is obviously much more flexible, and offers better value to Jade/Diamond members. 

What about 2021 activity?

While a status extension is certainly welcome, it feels somewhat inequitable that there’s no rollover of nights earned in 2021. This has the effect of negating all your activity this year, and penalises those who went out of their way to stay with Shangri-La, despite all the hurdles.

Come to think of it, there was no rollover either when Golden Circle status was extended till 31 December 2021 last year, so I guess that’s just the way they do things. 

Of course this doesn’t bother members like me, who hold status due to credit cards rather than stays. But I can imagine there may be some Golden Circle loyalists out there who feel slighted by this turn of events. 


Shangri-La Singapore Garden Wing

Shangri-La is extending Golden Circle status for all Jade and Diamond members till 31 December 2022, which is good news particularly for AMEX Platinum Charge/Centurion members. 

I’ve stayed at both the Garden Wing and Valley Wing at the Shangri-La Singapore, and while the hotel may not be the newest out there, it’s still an excellent place for families (one of the best kid’s clubs in Singapore, so I hear) and those who want a resort feel without going to Sentosa.

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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How about points that is expiring this Dec, Aaron?


Thanks Aaron 🙂


Have points validity now been extended? I don’t have a notification on my dashboard anymore about expiring points on Dec 31st, 2021


did this get clarified?


It’s fine last year they didn’t roll over qualifying nights. But this year, they launched double qualifying night promotion during summer to attract people to stay there – now basically saying that that “double” is a completely useless and misleading promotion. You don’t need it anyway.