KrisFlyer transfer bonus: Up to 15% more miles when converting credit card points


From now till 22 November, get up to a 15% bonus when converting credit card points to KrisFlyer miles, with no cap.

The last time Singapore Airlines ran a KrisFlyer transfer bonus, no one had any idea when travel would resume. Vaccines were nowhere in sight, the Hong Kong ATB was blowing hot and cold, and Restaurant A380 was the only noteworthy travel event (well, from your house to the airport at least).

But fast forward a year and things are very different indeed. With the rapidly-expanding Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme, travel is well and truly back on the cards. And to celebrate, Singapore Airlines is offering up to a 15% bonus on KrisFlyer conversions once more. 

Get up to 15% bonus on KrisFlyer miles transfers

KrisFlyer Transfer Bonus

From 26 October to 22 November 2021, KrisFlyer members who convert at least 10,000 KrisFlyer miles from credit card points will receive a 12 or 15% bonus as follows:

  • Convert 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single transaction: 12% bonus
  • Convert 50,000 miles or more in a single transaction: 15% bonus

To be clear, your conversion must be completed by 22 November 2021 to qualify for the bonus. There will be some lead time involved, and you won’t get a bonus if the miles reach your account after 22 November 2021, 2359 hrs (GMT+8). 

There is no cap on the maximum bonus that can be earned, and no limit on the number of transfers you can make. This offer applies at all participating banks worldwide; in Singapore, this includes: 

  • American Express
  • Bank of China
  • Citibank
  • DBS Bank
  • Diners Club
  • HSBC
  • Maybank
  • OCBC
  • Standard Chartered
  • UOB
Full List of Participating Banks

Cobrand cards (e.g. American Express Singapore Airlines credit cards or the KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card) will not be eligible for the bonus.

Although it sounds unfair, the impact would likely have been minimal anyway unless you were intending to charge a big-ticket sum to your card during the campaign period (since your miles are automatically transferred each month, instead of piling up in a stash like with bank points).

👍 Up to 20% bonus for Hong Kong and Indonesia

If you’re reading this from Hong Kong or Indonesia, you’re eligible for up to a 20% bonus when you convert points from:

  • Hong Kong: DBS Bank
  • Indonesia: BCA, Danamon, Panin Bank

For DBS Hong Kong Credit Cardholders, 17% or 20% bonus miles is applicable to the first 10,000 eligible conversions of DBS$/COMPASS Dollar only, after which 12% or 15% bonus miles will apply

Bonus miles will be credited along with the base miles, and you’ll see two separate entries like this: 

Bonus applies to KrisPay transfers too

A flat 15% bonus also applies when transferring any number of miles from Citi (a new partner-article to follow), DBS or UOB points to KrisPay miles via Kris+. 

KrisPay miles can then be transferred to KrisFlyer at a 1:1 ratio within 7 days of transfer (don’t forget to do this, or else your miles are stuck!)

Here’s how many miles you’ll receive with a 15% bonus:

Bank Min. Transfer
4,000 Citi Miles:  3,400 3,910 miles
10,000 TY points: 3,400 3,910 miles
100 DBS Points: 170 196 miles
1,000 UNI$: 1,700 1,955 miles

As always, cardholders take a 15% penalty when they transfer points via Kris+ (e.g. 100 DBS points are normally worth 200 miles, but you only get 170 miles),

While it seems like a 15% bonus would offset a 15% penalty, that’s not quite how it works! Thanks to the magic of math, you’d need a 17.6% bonus to be indifferent. Therefore I’d advise against taking this route unless you’re desperate for quick miles (since conversions are instant). 

Stacking with “unlock status credits” offer

Unlock Status Credits

From now till 28 February 2022, Singapore Airlines is offering KrisFlyer and PPS Club members the opportunity to earn status credits on the ground- no flying necessary. 

One of the ways to earn status credits is by transferring credit card points, with Elite miles and PPS Value credited as follows:

  KrisFlyer PPS Club 
Convert KrisFlyer miles
(min. 10,000 miles)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles
Convert KrisPay miles
(min. depends on bank)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisPay miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisPay miles

Elite miles and PPS Value will be credited within seven working days of the qualifying transaction posting, although in practice it’s much faster.

This campaign stacks with the transfer bonus, and the 12/15% bonus will also be eligible to earn Elite miles and PPS Value. For example, if you transfer 50,000 KrisFlyer miles, you’ll receive 57,500 KrisFlyer miles and 11,500 Elite miles.

Of the 11,500 Elite miles:

  • 10,000 Elite miles (attributable to the base KrisFlyer miles) will be credited within seven working days
  • 1,500 Elite miles (attributable to the bonus KrisFlyer miles) will be credited within 3 weeks after the campaign period, i.e. by 14 December 2021

It’s basically an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: top off your KrisFlyer account while requalifying/qualifying for elite status. You could even qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, then transfer further points to requalify for a further year, giving yourself at least two years of status. 

I’m really quite tempted, and will be posting some further thoughts later this week. 

How long do transfers take? 

Based on my own personal experiences and data points from Flyertalk and The Milelion community, here’s how long you should expect transfers to take. 

Bank Transfer Time
American Express 24 hours
Bank of China >1 week
2-3 working days
DBS 2 working days
HSBC ~1 week*
Maybank 2 working days
OCBC 2 working days
Standard Chartered ~1 week
UOB 2-3 working days
*Transfers are batched by week, so you might get lucky and wait less, or unlucky and wait longer

To be safe, transfer whatever credit card points you have at least a week before the 22 November 2021 deadline. 

Should I transfer my points now?

If you’re thinking about transferring points to take advantage of this bonus, here’s a few things to consider. 

3-year expiry countdown starts immediately

While certain bank points may be evergreen, once transferred to KrisFlyer they’ll be valid for a 3-year period (unless you’re a PPS/Solitaire PPS Club member, in which case they don’t expire).

Singapore Airlines was diligent about extending KrisFlyer miles during the pandemic, but the resumption of travel via the VTLs means they’re unlikely to offer any further concessions. This won’t really be an issue unless you don’t see yourself travelling for a further 36 months, however.

👍 Protip: Mai Kan Cheong
By waiting until 1 November 2021 to make the transfer you gain an additional month of validity (i.e. miles expire 30 November 2024 instead of 31 October 2024).

You lose flexibility

Unless your bank only has a single transfer partner (e.g. OCBC), you lose flexibility when transferring points to KrisFlyer (since conversions are one-way only). This rules out the possibility of choosing a different frequent flyer program down the road, to take advantage of its sweet spots or other transfer promotions. 

It’s worth considering especially if you’re a Citibank customer, because those Citi Miles and ThankYou points are the most flexible transfer currency in all of Singapore. 

The ‘D’ word

For reasons I’ve covered before, I don’t think we’ll see a KrisFlyer devaluation in the near future. 

You might argue that we’re seeing a “soft” devaluation already, insofar as the cheaper Saver awards have become near impossible to find in First Class (and in Business Class on VTL routes, unless you’re a PPS or Solitaire PPS Club member), but I believe an actual award chart hike is not yet a concern. 

Of course there’ll be those who disagree, and the thing about crying “devaluation” is you’ll eventually be proven right. In any case, come what may you’ll be given at least a couple months’ notice, and it’s not like there’s no way of redeeming miles for flights now.

I suppose the other way to view it is that a 15% bonus helps cushion the impact of a future devaluation.

To learn more about the history of KrisFlyer devaluations, have a read of the article below. 

Tracking 15 years of KrisFlyer devaluations and program changes


Singapore Airlines A350-900 Business Class
Singapore Airlines A350-900 Business Class

I didn’t think we’d see another KrisFlyer transfer bonus, but lightning apparently does strikes twice. It’s a great opportunity for those who have been squirreling away points during the pandemic, and a 15% bonus may even make Advantage pricing slightly more palatable. 

I’ll be writing some thoughts about stacking this promotion with the ongoing one for earning status credits on the ground, so stay tuned for that. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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CX axed waitlist following a transfer bonus. AA is currently offering a transfer bonus, and now it’s widely rumoured that AA is going to flexible redemption (AKA SkyPeso) in November

Last edited 2 years ago by ZYX

So what do you do then? At least 15% bonus is better than nothing. It’s not like there are much better programs to convert our credit card points to.


Be creative, use different programme for different routes.


thanks for this Aaron, just about to convert my miles and im beyond happy to read this

Michael Wong

4,000 Citi Miles:  3,400 3,910 miles
10,000 TY points: 3,400 3,910 miles

Is this correct? It looks wrong.

Wen Hui

What do you suggest?

Michael Wong

I realize now these numbers apply to kris+ and not the normal cc conversion rates with added 15%. My bad.


Piled up enough cc miles during covid to gain Elite Gold status with this promotion! Can’t wait to start flying in 2022.


“ This campaign stacks with the transfer bonus, but do remember the 12/15% bonus only applies to KrisFlyer miles (the ones you redeem for flights), not Elite miles or PPS Value (the ones that qualify you for elite status).” Are you saying that the bonus 12/15% miles does not earn “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” elite miles? From SQ’s website I understand it differently: “ Bonus KrisFlyer and KrisPay miles from conversion under this Campaign will be eligible to accrue PPS Value or Elite miles under the KrisFlyer “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” campaign.” So let’s say I transfer 100,000… Read more »


Oh sorry I missed the update! This is great! I’ll prolly leave the last bit to hit KEG in Feb by buying some wines from Bottles and Bottles. 😬


a little late to the discussion, but I did not get pps value from the bonus component


oh my bad. just read that this component comes 3 weeks after the campaign ends.


Have you received your bonus component? Hasn’t been credited to my account yet


Awesome. I’m hoping my points get delayed till January, I only want to hit Gold then. Accidentally transferred too many points and unexpectedly booked a holiday while VTLs were free and easy lol

Hope this timing doesn’t mess up too many other people’s plans though!


Decisions, decisions… I’m flying mid January and was going to transfer 250,000 miles in late December to get Elite Gold for all of 2022. Do I just do it in November or only transfer enough miles to almost reach Elite Gold and then pay another $25 to transfer additional miles in late December to qualify? Hard to know. At least I have a month to ponder.


It’s a no brainer to transfer the maximum number of miles you can before the 22 Nov deadline, in order to get the 15% bonus

SQ Flyer

Lol this +1


you can just transfer 220,000miles to unlock KFEG instead, and overall, you will get 253,000miles.


And I just did a 30,000 OCBC 90N miles transfer to Krisflyer yesterday…
Kicking myself in the feet now lolz


I think you will get the bonus miles as it will take 2-3 working days for the miles to credit to your KF account…


SQ giving 1 PPS per 10 KF mile. If I’m already Elite Gold (c/o AMEX Plat), am I right to conclude transferring 217,392 miles (so gets 250,000 with 15% bonus) also gains 25,000 PPS which qualifies me for PPS status? And PPS accumulates so if transfer 500,000 miles, then keeps PPS for 2 years? TIA.


Ah – would have made it a fantastic deal otherwise! Thanks for clarifying.


Hi, could you share how Amex Plat gives you elite gold status?


Yups – Aaron’s correct. Check out


Really unlucky as I just redeemed 160k worth of miles from DBS just a few days ago with intent to start planing for a trip soon and the miles hit my account on 23rd October. That’s 24k potential bonus miles lost. If only the promo had been launched a week earlier. P


It’s ok – I transferred 240k from Citibank as it was due to expire on 7 Nov. Kicked myself for not waiting as I thought 10/10 no offer means no chance. What to do – shit happens :p


Any shortcut to PPS qualification before redeeming the miles for solitare upgrade?


My understanding is PPS value is based on actual spend, so you need spend $25k to get 25,000 PPS value to qualify for PPS Club. You could buy $25k worth of SQ tickets now and qualify, though I’m not sure if PPS is credited on payment, or after actual flight. I couldn’t find other workarounds.


”You could even qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, then transfer further points to requalify for a further year, giving yourself at least two years of status.”

How does this work?
Assuming I convert 625000 Citi Point to Krisflyer, I would get 250000+37500 Krisflyer miles.

I assume my Elite Miles will automatically be updated to reflect 57500, thus qualifying for Elite Gold for another year.

So how do we transfer further points to qualify for another year?


Transfer 220kmiles into your krisflyer, with 15% you will hit 250k anf get kfeg. After you are upgraded to kfeg, transfer another 250k miles by feb 2022.


Does anyone know if the 50000 is the total amount to jump to gold from basic or do you have to accumulate 25000 first for silver then another 50000 for gold?


I just renewed my PPS status end September and since 1. October I have 5k PPS value so far (and 40k reserve value). I plan to transfer over 450k miles to achieve 50k total PPS value and level up to solitaire during this bonus campaign. Am I right to think that will give me almost 2 years of solitaire (current year plus next year) and with a good chance of renewing solitaire for a third year based on my reserve value meaning I am only 10k short of prequalifying for solitaire which I will need to earn before the end… Read more »


Yes correct, I got a “soft” upgrade to PPS at start of Pandemic (was only 2k short and had a J booking that was cancelled) – with these earn on ground promos have solitaire til Apr 2023 plus 100k of reserve value so in theory have solitaire until Apr 2025…… Am tempted to transfer another chunk prior feb 2022 to increase reserve value as I don’t think we will ever see the opportunity to earn status like this again and even with some work flying solitaire is a big ask each year.


For smaller mile transfer say <30k miles, Kris+ transfer option is attractive (with the 15% current offer) coz you don’t have to pay the transfer fees ($27 for DBS if done through the rewards website)


“You could even qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, then transfer further points to requalify for a further year, giving yourself at least two years of status. ”
Is this possible? I thought it was only to qualify for the first time from no status to gold


Transfer 220kmiles into your krisflyer, with 15% you will hit 250k anf get kfeg. After you are upgraded to kfeg, transfer another 250k miles by feb 2022.


Thanks bro! Anyone tried before if it works?


I just got 45k elite miles with their current promotion and planning to hit 50k by feb for Gold. My status has not changed from basic to silver elite? Is this normal?


I transferred 220k miles on 1 Nov, saw the bonus miles on 2 Nov. Saw the elite miles for the base 220k on 2 Nov too which works out to around 44k so I’m still short of 6k for gold. I have more miles to transfer but I was planning on doing that after I was upgraded to gold so that it went into the reserve. But after reading the terms it seems like the elite miles for the bonus only hits after the bonus period ends? Which means I should transfer another 30k miles first to hit gold, then… Read more »


Does anyone know if I can transfer miles to someone else’s krisflyer account? Would it work if its a supplementary card holder?


you can try to transfer to my account… dont forget to add me as a supplementary cardholder first!


I have 140,000 Citi miles. So means I should forget abt transferring to the KrisPay Miles since I lose 15% in terms of miles?
Sounds like transferring 140,000 will earn me 161,000 Krisflyer miles and get 32,200 elite miles? Hope my understanding is correct.


Hi doesnt that mean it makes absolutely no sense to use KrisPay to covert these miles?


Will we get to see another bonus miles campaign in 2022 by SIA?


Thank you Aaron

Sg Ba


Wondering if there are any updates, as we hit Dec 22.



What are the chances of another campaign in the last few days of 2022? Have miles expiring in dec!