Last call: Transfer credit card points to KrisFlyer with 15% bonus (and earn elite status)

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KrisFlyer's 15% transfer bonus ends on 22 Nov 2021, which leaves just a few days to act. It's also a great chance to qualify/requalify for elite status.

Update: There is a delay in crediting the bonus Elite miles/PPS Value. An SIA spokesperson provided the following statement:

“Due to additional processing time involved, the crediting of Status Credits (Elite miles or PPS Value) on bonus miles earned from this campaign will take place progressively from 23 December 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

From now till 22 November 2021, Singapore Airlines is offering a rarely-seen 15% bonus on credit card points transfers to KrisFlyer. With year-end travel very much a reality thanks to the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) agreements, I can’t think of a better time to start transferring (and burning) some of your points stash. 

There’s just one week left to take advantage of this offer, and depending on which bank you’re transferring from, you might need to start the process by today to ensure your points arrive in time for the bonus (or it might be too late already). 

I’ve already transferred a good number of miles to qualify and requalify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold status (more on that below), as well as to fund other upcoming VTL reviews. 

Get up to 15% bonus on KrisFlyer miles transfers

KrisFlyer Transfer Bonus

First, a recap of the offer. 

From 26 October to 22 November 2021, KrisFlyer members who convert at least 10,000 KrisFlyer miles from credit card points will receive a 12 or 15% bonus as follows:

  • Convert 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single transaction: 12% bonus
  • Convert 50,000 miles or more in a single transaction: 15% bonus

To be clear, your conversion must be completed by 22 November 2021 to qualify for the bonus. There will be some lead time involved, and you won’t get a bonus if the miles reach your account after 22 November 2021, 2359 hrs (GMT+8). 

There is no cap on the maximum bonus that can be earned, and no limit on the number of transfers you can make. This offer applies at all participating banks worldwide; in Singapore, this includes: 

  • American Express
  • Bank of China
  • Citibank
  • DBS Bank
  • Diners Club
  • HSBC
  • Maybank
  • OCBC
  • Standard Chartered
  • UOB
Full List of Participating Banks

Cobrand cards (e.g. American Express Singapore Airlines credit cards or the KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card) will not be eligible for the bonus.

How do the bonus miles credit?

Bonus miles will be credited along with the base miles, and you’ll see three separate entries as follows:

The top and bottom lines are self-explanatory. I transferred 250,000 KrisFlyer miles from American Express on 4 November 2021, and on 5 November 2021 received a bonus of 37,500 KrisFlyer miles (15%). 

The middle line item relates to the ongoing “earn status credits on the ground” campaign, which allows KrisFlyer and PPS Club members to earn Elite miles and PPS Value respectively from credit card points transfers (and other activities) till 28 February 2022.

Unlock Status Credits on the Ground
  KrisFlyer PPS Club 
Convert KrisFlyer miles
(min. 10,000 miles)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles
Convert KrisPay miles
(min. depends on bank)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisPay miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisPay miles
Note: PPS Value can only be earned by existing PPS Club/Solitaire PPS Club members. PPS Club members will not earn Elite miles and KrisFlyer members will not earn PPS Value.

I transferred 250,000 KrisFlyer miles, so I received 50,000 Elite miles (5 KrisFlyer miles= 1 Elite mile).

I will receive a further 7,500 Elite miles (relating to the bonus 37,500 KrisFlyer bonus) within 3 weeks after the campaign period, i.e. by 14 December 2021.

Qualifying (and requalifying) for KrisFlyer Elite Gold

I previously wrote about how the 15% transfer bonus and SIA’s “earn status credits on the ground” campaign create a great opportunity to qualify/requalify for elite status with Singapore Airlines. 

Indeed, I’ve taken the plunge and qualified for KrisFlyer Elite Gold. Once my account status was upgraded online, I transferred additional miles and re-qualified for the upcoming membership year. 

In other words, when I first qualified for KrisFlyer Elite Gold back in October, my status was valid till 31 October 2022. Then I transferred additional KrisFlyer miles to earn additional Elite miles, requalifying until 31 October 2023. 

If you’re an existing KrisFlyer Elite Silver or KrisFlyer base member, be careful how you go about this. It takes 50,000 Elite miles in a 12-month period to earn KrisFlyer Elite Gold, but you cannot transfer the equivalent of 100,000 Elite miles at one go. If you do this, the excess will be wasted.

Instead, do it in two batches:

  • Batch 1 to qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold
  • Batch 2 to requalify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold

You can safely transfer Batch 2 once you see your online account status updated to KrisFlyer Elite Gold. 

Unfortunately, there’s no additional rollover once you’ve requalified. As you can see in the screenshot above, I now have 404,933 Elite miles (yes, I’ve really been making hay), well in excess of the 50,000 Elite miles needed for requalification.

While that makes for a fun picture, the extra Elite miles are essentially worthless to me. They won’t be rolled over to the next year, and they’re ineligible for earning Elite Gold Rewards.

Once again, KrisFlyer members can earn status credits from points transfers until 28 February 2022, so you still have some time to decide. 

How much time do you have left?

All points transfers must be reflected in your KrisFlyer account by 22 November 2021 for the 15% bonus to be credited. 

Based on my own personal experience and data points from Flyertalk and The Milelion community, here’s how long you should expect points transfers to take. 

Bank Transfer Time
American Express 24 hours
Bank of China >1 week
2-3 working days
DBS 2 working days
HSBC ~1 week
Maybank 2 working days
OCBC 2 working days
Standard Chartered ~1 week
UOB 2-3 working days

So far I’ve transferred points from American Express, DBS and UOB, and can say the above timelines still hold up.

I would exercise additional caution if transferring points from HSBC or Standard Chartered, based on what I’ve heard and the fact we have only five working days left. 

Remember: if this is your first time transferring points from a given bank, you may need to do a linkage between the bank and your KrisFlyer account. This process alone may take a few days, so don’t leave things till the last minute!


For those still on the fence, I’d highly encourage you to consider transferring at least some of your stash to KrisFlyer during the current 15% transfer bonus. The last time we saw such an offer was in November 2020, so even if Singapore Airlines plans to make this a yearly affair, you won’t see another one for a while. 

KrisFlyer miles are valid for three years after accrual, which means you do have a good amount of time to decide how to spend them. Even if you dislike the multi-step VTL travel process and the possibility of a positive PDT stranding you abroad, keep in mind the VTL is merely a transitional arrangement- sooner or later, we’ll have to go back to travel as normal.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Sorry – late to the party. Planning on using my Voyage miles. If I send 50k to my account and 50k to my wife’s, we’ll both be Gold?


got it thanks


I called Singapore Airline and was told that as long as the miles transfer is performed within the promotion period, it doesn’t matter when it will appear in the KF account. What the cso told me is different from what you have posted. Can you verify where did you get your information?


I can confirm that for HSBC, I transferred on 24 Oct before the promotion started and it arrived a week later in my Krisflyer account but it was backdated to 24 Oct and no bonus miles awarded even though promotion was already ongoing. Sigh..


And…Citibank is down, app/website/internal system as well (according to the CSO)


seems to be down the whole day, same with HSBC 🙁


I think MileLion broke something with this article. 🙂


Holy moly 2mn miles. Man, those would be some neat PPS rewards had you ever spent cash on SQ 🙂


Well he gets a ton of miles from every cc referral. I’m guessing he has another couple of million sitting around unconverted


Will I still get the bonus if I convert my points in the Kris+ app and then transfer it back to my krisflyer account? running into some errors when I try to redeem this on the DBS app.


Hi Aaron,
since you did both qualification + requalification – just wondering what are your thoughts about having so much miles stuck in KF effectively 3 years expiration starts ticking.

i have transferred enough for initial qualification but haven’t decided if i should do a 2nd transfer for the re-qualification… normally its no problem spending 500k ++ miles all in 3 years, but there continues to be a level of uncertainty with global travel…


Missing ~5k elite miles to hit quota. Is it worth it to convert grab rewards points to hit elite gold?


Just to confirm, assuming if starting from zero, we should transfer 250k miles into 2 batches to qualify & re-qualify for up to 24mths ? Is it too late too take advantage of the 15% bonus promotion for both batches ?


Yes 250k miles to qualify. Once status is updated then 250k to requalify. You have time to take advantage of 15% bonus for the first 250k but not the second.


Depending on which bank, might make it? I transferred from SCB last Thursday (11 Nov) and all of it (including Bonus miles) were in by 15 Nov.

Ramen 🍜

Hey can I check whether the conversion dated 11 or 15 Nov in your Krisflyer statement ? Thanks!


If I transfer 220,000 KF miles and factoring in the 15% (33,000 KF miles) would I end up with 50,600 Elite miles to qualify for KFEG?


yes u wld


Thanks Jon. I’m puzzled why the article and comment section are advocating the transfer of 250k miles and not 220k miles?


Does anyone know if the benefits of EG status applies to tickets booked via nominee redemptions?

Eric Tan

I did standard chartered points conversion to krisflyer miles on 15/11 afternoon and got the credit by 17/11 afternoon. 2 working days taken.


Hi Aaron, I transferred 50k kf points from my dbs points but it only reflects 10k bonus elite points on my KF account. Didn’t get Electronik silver even.. Any idea why..


50,000KF miles only gets you 10,000EM. You’ll need to transfer 250,000KF to get 50,000EM. That’s the conversion rate for EM.


Thanks for clarifying.


#ftr Within same day of redeeming MAYBANK TPs, the KF was transferred and deposited into my account.


Does Krisflyer still mail out luggage tags to new elite gold members?


It’s already 14 Dec. Anyone received their elite miles from the miles transfer bonus? Mine still not credited.


Same here, bonus Elite Miles/Value not credited yet.

Anyone received theirs already?

Last edited 1 month ago by Non

No have too….what happened…


Stil no award yet wor…@Aaron Wong, u know anythi?


Nothing for me yet either


Nothing in mine yet either.


same, nothing here either


Checked with some friends, nothing came in so far.
Same here


Anyone have receive the 15% bonus elite miles? It’s been more than 21 days since the end of the promo and I have not seen the bonus elite miles in my Krisflyer account



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