Good news: Singapore Airlines extends KrisFlyer miles until at least January 2023

No KrisFlyer miles will expire in 2022 under Singapore Airlines' latest extension policy, which extends all miles until at least 31 Jan 2023.

While KrisFlyer miles normally have a 3-year validity (unless you’re a PPS or Solitaire PPS Club member, in which case they don’t expire), Singapore Airlines has been periodically extending expiring miles due to COVID-19. The most recent extension was announced in April 2021, which extended all miles until at least 30 April 2022. 

Singapore Airlines has now announced a further extension, which makes it so that no KrisFlyer miles will expire in 2022. The earliest any miles will expire is now 31 January 2023. 

Singapore Airlines extends KrisFlyer miles

Original Expiry Date Revised Expiry Date
31 Jan-31 Dec 202231 Jan-30 Jun 2023
KrisFlyer Miles Extension

Singapore Airlines has granted an additional 6 or 12-month validity to any miles expiring between January and December 2022, such that these miles will be valid at least until 31 January 2023 and as far as 30 June 2023 in some cases. 

If you have KrisFlyer miles expiring between January 2022 to December 2022, they are eligible for a 6-month extension. This extension will be processed automatically, and no action is required on your part. This means that no miles will expire in 2022, and extended miles will only begin expiring from January 2023.

This also applies to miles that have been previously extended. For example, miles that originally expire in January 2022 will be extended by 6 months to July 2022. In July 2022, these same miles will then be extended by another 6 months to January 2023.

-Singapore Airlines

A table has been provided to illustrate how the extension affects miles expiring between January and December 2022:

To avoid unnecessary panic, it’s important to understand how the extension works. Some mile will be extended by 12 months, but this will be done in two separate 6-month extensions. For example, miles expiring in May 2022 will first be extended to November 2022, then again to May 2023. 

Singapore Airlines has been extending miles since April 2020, and with some miles extended up to five times, you might be losing track of what’s what. They used to publish a table tracking exactly how each batch of miles had been extended, but it’s no longer on the website- I’ve taken the liberty of updating the old chart with my own amendments below. 

How are expiring miles extended?

Do note that any extension of KrisFlyer miles will only reflect at the end of the original expiry month.

For example, if you had miles expiring in January 2022, they will be extended at the end of January 2022, and the new extended expiry date which is July 2022 will be reflected in your account statement in February 2022.

Here’s how SIA explains it:

Your account statement can be viewed after you log in on (Miles > Statements). There will be two relevant line items, (i) showing expiring miles being debited from your account, with the description “Singapore Airlines SR (Adjustment) 6 months mileage extension”, (ii) showing the same number of expiring miles being credited back into your account, with the description “Singapore Airlines SR 6 months mileage extension”.

An example is given below:

Before you get your hopes up, these adjustment credits won’t give you any Elite miles or PPS Value under the existing “earn on the ground” campaign. You’ll need to actually earn KrisFlyer miles to get those. 

You can view how many expiring miles you have by logging on to your KrisFlyer account and going to MilesMiles Validity.

PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite status also extended

In a related development, Singapore Airlines has also announced a further 12-month extension for PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite status, making this the third extension since COVID-19 began. 

All PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses that are due to expire between March 2022 and February 2023 will be automatically extended for another year, while any Elite miles earned will be rolled over. 

Catch up on the full details in the article below. 

Singapore Airlines extends PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite status for third year


With the resumption of travel via the VTLs, I really wasn’t expecting Singapore Airlines to further extend KrisFlyer miles. But to their credit, they’ve surprised me by making sure that no miles expire throughout 2022. The earliest any miles will expire is now 31 January 2023, which should give even the most reluctant of travellers some breathing room. 

While I wish that Singapore Airlines would just introduce an activity-based expiry policy (like Cathay Pacific), I’ll take whatever’s offered. 

For the latest information on the extension of miles and status, refer to this page.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Status also? “SIA also said that PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses that are due to expire between March this year and February next year will be automatically extended for another year.”


Time to introduce no expiry.


Does this mean that Elite miles Gold status earned via earlier credit points transfer promo will also automatically be renewed ?


Does anyone know if you can get miles back for the extended date, by cancelling a redeemed flight after original expiration? E,g miles expiring in jun’22 used to book for Oct’22, but subsequently cancelled in July’22… Will they be refunded back with Jun 23 expiration or disappear…


I booked a Singapore award earlier this year for 40,000 miles.

I just canceled it and got a notice that 24,000 of the miles can’t be refunded (even with redeposit fee paid) because they have now expired. Is that right?


Yes. in Feb22, I have submitted 4 o/w business advantage tix for refund, when I got back my miles in Jun22, SQ forfeited +-30k of my expired miles that was expiry from Feb-Jun22.
Tried to appeal but likely gone case



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