Philippines scraps pre-departure COVID-19 testing for boosted travellers

From 30 May, the Philippines will scrap testing for fully vaccinated and boosted travellers, as well as unvaccinated children.

The Philippines will further ease its border restriction measures by scrapping pre-departure COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated and boosted travellers, effective 30 May 2022. 

Pre-departure testing will also not be required for fully vaccinated children aged 12-17 (without a booster), and children under the age of 12, regardless of actual vaccination status. 

In addition, the current US$35,000 mandatory travel insurance requirement will be removed. 

Philippines to scrap COVID-19 testing for selected travellers

The Philippines will scrap pre-departure testing from 30 May for selected groups of travellers

Up till 29 May 2022, travellers to the Philippines are required to present a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test, which can either be:

  • a PCR test within 48 hours of departure
  • an ART within 24 hours of departure (professionally administered in a clinical setting; supervised tele-ARTs will not be accepted for travel)

The testing requirement is waived for children below the age of three. 

From 30 May 2022, the pre-departure test requirement will be waived for the following groups:

  • Travellers aged 18 and above who have completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccine and received at least one booster shot
  • Travellers aged 12-17 who have completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccine (no booster required)
  • Travellers aged below 12, regardless of vaccination status and accompanied by fully vaccinated and boosted parents or guardians

These updates have already been reflected on IATA’s Timatic database, which airline staff consult during check-in. Singapore Airlines’ travel advisory page has also been updated.

Travel insurance requirement scrapped

Visitors to the Philippines are currently required to purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of US$35,000 for COVID-19 medical treatment. 

From 30 May 2022, this requirement will be removed for all travellers, although it remains “highly encouraged”. 

All the same, you should absolutely be purchasing travel insurance regardless of your vaccination status. It was essential before COVID-19, how much less now?

Recap: Travel to Philippines

With the latest changes, here’s a summary of the requirements for quarantine-free travel to the Philippines. 

🇵🇭 Philippines Quarantine-Free Travel
(from 30 May 2022)
  • Fully vaccinated with any approved vaccine 
  • Present negative pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test (48h) or ART (24h)
    • Exemption for fully vaccinated and boosted travellers aged 18 and above, fully vaccinated travellers aged 12-17, or travellers below 12 regardless of vaccination status
  • Register with One Health Pass
  • Install TRAZE contact tracing app (Android | iOS)

Which other ASEAN countries have scrapped testing?

Once the Philippines scraps pre-departure testing, only 2 out of 10 ASEAN countries will continue to require it for fully vaccinated travellers. 

Testing Regime for Fully Vaccinated Travellers
(effective 30 May 2022)
🇧🇳 BruneiART (1 day) or PCR (2 days)ART
🇰🇭 CambodiaN/AN/A
🇮🇩 IndonesiaN/AN/A
🇱🇦 LaosN/AN/A
🇲🇾 MalaysiaN/AN/A
🇲🇲 MyanmarPCR (72h)^ART
🇵🇭 PhilippinesN/A*N/A
🇸🇬 SingaporeN/AN/A
🇹🇭 ThailandN/AN/A
🇻🇳 VietnamN/AN/A
^Age 5 and below exempt
*For fully vaccinated and boosted travellers, or fully vaccinated travellers aged 17 and below, or travellers aged below 12

Indonesia and Vietnam recently scrapped their pre-departure test requirements, leaving Brunei and Myanmar as the last hold outs. 

For a list of the cheapest places to do a pre-departure ART or PCR test in Singapore, refer to the article below. 

Cheapest pre-departure COVID-19 ART and PCR tests in Singapore


The Philippines will scrap its pre-departure testing requirement for selected groups of travellers from 30 May 2022, including fully vaccinated and boosted adults aged 18 and above, and children aged below 12 regardless of actual vaccination status.

This moves intra-ASEAN travel ever closer to pre-COVID conditions, though Brunei and Myanmar are retaining restrictions for now. 

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