GHA DISCOVERY offering double elite night credits


Register and stay by 30 September 2022 to enjoy double elite nights across all GHA hotels worldwide.

GHA DISCOVERY has launched a new promotion that awards double elite night credits for all stays between 1 August to 30 September 2022. 

It’s of somewhat dubious utility since it’s much easier to qualify for DISCOVERY status through brands rather than nights, but well…

GHA Double Nights Offer

GHA Double Nights Offer

Here’s how you can go about earning double elite night credits with GHA Discovery:

  • Step 1: Register for the promotion
  • Step 2: Book your stay on, the GHA DISCOVERY Loyalty app, or brand websites in the GHA DISCOVERY Collection
  • Step 3: Stay at any GHA property from 1 August to 30 September 2022

Stays must be booked through the hotel’s official website or GHA booking channels to be eligible; stays booked through third party sites like Klook or will not qualify for elite nights.

Do note that your stays must be completed by 30 September 2022; any ongoing stay with a checkout date from 1 October 2022 onwards will not receive double nights. 

Promotional tier night credits can be earned on a maximum of two rooms per night, and any nights earned in excess of qualification for Titanium status will not be rolled over.

All GHA hotels worldwide are participating, and the T&C of this offer can be found here.

How useful is this promotion?

Is a double nights promotion really that useful? I’m not sure. 

You can qualify for GHA DISCOVERY elite status by staying at different brands, and it only takes three brands to reach top-tier Titanium status. Surely that’d be more efficient than chasing 30 nights (or 15 nights, under this promotion). 

GHA DISCOVERY Qualification
Gold2 staysUS$1,000
Platinum10 nights2 brandsUS$5,000
Titanium30 nights3 brandsUS$15,000

Add the fact that DISCOVERY does not have milestone rewards (e.g. bonus D$ for hitting X number of nights a year), and it’s hard to see who might find this promotion useful. Maybe if you lived in a city where there was only one DISCOVERY brand and didn’t travel overseas very often…

What does the new GHA DISCOVERY have in store?

As a reminder, DISCOVERY underwent a major overhaul in December last year, adding new tiers and benefits, while changing the qualification criteria. 

Here’s what the revised DISCOVERY benefits look like by tier:

Earn D$4%5%6%7%
D$ Validity6 mo.18 mo.24 mo.24 mo.
Room UpgradeSingleDouble
Early Check-inFrom 11 a.m
Late Check-outTill 3 p.mTill 4 p.m
Welcome AmenityYesYes
Share StatusYes

Another big change is the replacement of Local Experiences with D$, which is basically a cashback scheme. Members will receive a certain % of their total hotel spend back as D$, which can be spent on hotel expenses at a D$1= US$1 ratio.

Earn D$4%5%6%7%
D$ Validity6 mo.18 mo.24 mo.24 mo.
D$ will only be earned on eligible rates, which typically means a booking through the hotel’s official website or the DISCOVERY portal. 
Eligible Spend to Earn/Redeem D$

Room and add-ons:

  • Room charge/qualified room rate
  • Room upsell
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Package
  • Crib/baby cot
  • Extra bed
  • Day use
  • Apartments/ Residences up to 30 days
  • Internet
  • Telcom
  • In-room media

Food and Beverage at eligible outlets:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars, pool bars
  • Lobby cafes
  • Coffee bars
  • Room service
  • Minibar

Other non-room spend at eligible outlets:

  • Spa
  • Golf & Sports
  • Experiences

Do note that D$ can only be redeemed during a stay, and expiry follows the tier those D$ were earned at. For example, any D$ earned as a Gold member will have an 18-month expiry period, even if that member subsequently gets upgraded to Platinum (24 months expiry).

For the full analysis of the changes, refer to the article below.

Full details: New GHA DISCOVERY loyalty programme

I also had the opportunity to interview the GHA CEO and discuss the rationale behind the changes- well worth a read if you’d like a peek behind the scenes at the thought process.

New GHA DISCOVERY Loyalty Programme: Q&A with the CEO


GHA is offering double elite nights for stays till 30 September 2022, though I don’t really see the point of this promotion when you can qualify for Titanium status with as little as three nights, spread across three brands. 

But I guess it costs nothing to register, so if you have upcoming stays, might as well take a moment to do so.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Happy Camper

Hi Aaron,

Question; Would Pan Pacific Hotel and Pan Pacific Suites be considered one brand or two?


Happy Camper

Thanks, Aaron.. Sadly, I thought so too.. but was hoping otherwise.. hee..

Dave Wong

Hi Aaron,

Any idea when will they update or extend the membership expiry date if we have scored 3 brands?

Thank you.



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