Complete Guide: Singapore Airlines PPS Rewards

All you need to know about PPS Rewards, SIA's special gifts for PPS Club members en route to requalification and beyond.

Singapore Airlines introduced PPS Rewards in May 2017, a scheme to reward PPS Club members for achieving certain milestones on the road to requalification and beyond. 

PPS Rewards

As the name suggests, PPS Rewards can only be earned by PPS Club members. KrisFlyer members have their own ladder called KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards. Here’s a summary of the differences between PPS Rewards and KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards.

 PPS RewardsKrisFlyer Milestone Rewards
AvailabilityPPS members onlyKrisFlyer members only
Based OnPPS ValueElite miles
Starts From30,000 PPS Value1,000 Elite miles
Total Rewards510
Accrual PeriodMembership yearCalendar year
Validity12 months12 months

In this article, we’ll walk through each of the PPS Rewards, how to earn them, and what to know when redeeming them. 

How do I earn PPS Rewards?

PPS Rewards are awarded based on PPS Value accrued in a membership year.

To check your membership year, login to your account and go to Account Summary. You’ll see a tracker which tells you how much more PPS Value you need to requalify, and by when. “By when” is the last day of your membership year; in the screenshot below, the membership year runs from 1 February to 31 January. 

As a reminder:

  • PPS Value can only be accrued when flying in First or Business Class on Singapore Airlines, and is based on the total airfare and surcharges, excluding airport taxes
  • PPS Value is tracked in Singapore dollars. If the ticket was purchased in another currency, it will be converted to Singapore dollars at IATA’s monthly exchange rates to determine the PPS Value awarded
  • If a ticket is partially paid for with KrisFlyer miles, PPS Value will only be earned on the portion paid with cash

You can track your progress towards the various PPS Rewards by navigating to Account Summary > PPS Rewards.

What are the PPS Rewards?

PPS Rewards are currently awarded for the first 100,000 PPS Value earned within a single membership year, starting at 30,000 PPS Value

Here is the current list of available PPS Rewards.

🏆 PPS Rewards
PPS ValuePPS Reward
25,000: Qualify/Requalify for PPS Club
30,000Double KrisFlyer miles
40,00050,000 KrisFlyer miles redemption discount
50,000: Qualify/Requalify for Solitaire PPS Club
60,000Advance upgrade
75,000Advance upgrade
100,000Advance upgrade

All rewards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines has extended the following PPS Rewards expiring in 2022 and 2023. Such rewards will be automatically extended to 31 December 2023. 

  • Double KrisFlyer Miles
  • 50,000 KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Discount
  • Advance Upgrade (further extended till 31 December 2024)

Remember: a PPS Reward can be used for a flight departing after 31 December 2023, so long as the reward is applied on or before 31 December 2023.

30,000 PPS Value

Usable ForPrincipal member

PPS Club members who accrue 30,000 PPS Value will receive a voucher for double KrisFlyer miles on a single flight segment. 

This reward can be applied to an upcoming booking, or a past booking up to seven days ago. For retrospective application, the reward must have been awarded prior to the flight date. It is only usable by the principal member. 

If a booking has been paid for with a mix of KrisFlyer miles and cash, the 25% bonus will only be applied to the amount paid for by cash. This means that any tier bonus or any amount redeemed by KrisFlyer miles are excluded from the calculation.

The bonus KrisFlyer miles will be credited up to four weeks after the completion of the flight.

40,000 PPS Value

Usable ForPrincipal member or redemption nominee

PPS Club members who accrue 40,000 PPS Value will receive a discount of 50,000 miles off a redemption booking or upgrade.

This is only applicable to flights operated by Singapore Airlines, and can be used by the principal member or for his/her redemption nominee. 

Do note that for bookings involving more than one eligible passenger, the reward will only be applied to the first eligible passenger in the booking, and the remaining value forfeited.

For example, suppose you’re redeeming 2x one-way Business Saver tickets to the Maldives. This costs 43,000 KrisFlyer miles per person, or 86,000 miles total. Even though the total cost is >50,000 miles, the per person cost is only 43,000 miles. This means you’ll pay 43,000 miles after applying the discount, since 7,000 of your 50,000 miles discount is wasted. 

In other words, make sure the per person cost is more than 50,000 miles!

If your booking is subsequently refunded, the discount voucher will be credited back to your KrisFlyer account, so long as it is still valid (i.e. within 12 months of issuance).

60,000 PPS Value

Usable ForPrincipal member or redemption nominee

PPS Club members who accrue 60,000 PPS Value will receive a voucher for a one-cabin upgrade on a single flight segment. 

This upgrade can be used by the principal member or his/her redemption nominee to upgrade from:

  • Economy ⮞ Premium Economy
  • Economy ⮞ Business (where Premium Economy is not available)
  • Premium Economy ⮞ Business
  • Business ⮞ First

This is subject to availability at the point when the reward is applied, and valid for commercial bookings (i.e. not award tickets) on flights operated and marketed by Singapore Airlines in the following fare classes:

EconomyStandard: M, H, W
Flexi: Y, B, E
Lite: V, K
Value: Q, N
Premium EconomyStandard: L, P
Flexi: S, T
Lite: R
BusinessStandard: U
Flexi: Z, C, J
Lite: D

This unfortunately excludes the discounted Lite buckets, and the Value bucket for Economy.

As the reward is only valid for a single cabin upgrade, those travelling on an Economy Class ticket will ideally want to use it on a flight without a Premium Economy Class cabin so they can jump from Economy to Business Class. That would mean the following aircraft:

I suppose you could also book regional flights on long-haul A350-900s where the Premium Economy cabin isn’t sold (e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok), but that seems like a waste of this reward.

75,000 PPS Value

Usable ForPrincipal member or redemption nominee

PPS Club members who accrue 75,000 PPS Value will receive a voucher for a one-cabin upgrade on a single flight segment.

This is similar to the reward received at the 60,000 PPS Value mark.

100,000 PPS Value

Usable ForPrincipal member or redemption nominee

PPS Club members who accrue 100,000 PPS Value will receive a voucher for a one-cabin upgrade on a single flight segment.

This is similar to the reward received at the 60,000 and 75,000 PPS Value mark.

How to apply a PPS Reward

To apply a PPS Reward, login to your account and click on Account Summary > PPS Rewards

You’ll see the full list of available rewards under “Manage rewards”, which can then be attached to a booking. 

A step-by-step guide can be found here. 


The way I see it, the real incentive to accrue PPS Value beyond requalification is to store it up as PPS Reserve for future years. In that sense, the PPS Rewards are just the icing on the cake, though I suppose the 50,000 miles discount and advance upgrades are nice to have.

Don’t forget to apply your PPS Rewards within 12 months of earning them. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I’ve got 2 cabin upgrade vouchers and it’s impossible to use them this period. Hope SQ can do something about it as I find upgrade vouchers quite worthless. If pretty much no diff then using mile to upgrade which if u r pps is not hard to find or the wide options cc miles earn.

The upgrade cabin vouchers need to have more bite especially after spending 60k or more


I think worth a try to ask SQ to extend it. Generally, they are quite helpful in some areas. You right that after spending >60K, there is really not much bite it in. Well something better than nothing…I supposed.


Yes, these advance upgrade vouchers are harder to use then obtaining a saver redemption.


Aaron…could you follow up on a few questions I have:

1) What is the official policy on the class the upgrade vouchers book into? Is it Saver, Advantage or can revenue inventory be converted?
2) What happens when we go above $100k? There’s some speculation that $130k comes with the double upgrade vouchers, $140k the 50k KF discount and so on. Is this confirmed?


To clarify, $130k double miles voucher, not double upgrade.


Basically the process repeats itself beyond 100k, and thereafter with each 50k block

Aaron sucks

you shouldnt be touching on this topic… be a pps member first



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