Hilton Resort to More Points: Up to 4,000 bonus points per stay


Register now and earn up to 4,000 bonus points per stay from 1 May to 5 September 2023, with no cap.

Hilton Honors has announced the details of its next global promotion called Resort to More Points. This begins as soon as the current Double Up & Explore promotion ends on 30 April 2023.

From 1 May to 5 September 2023, registered members will earn 4,000 points per stay at a resort, and 2,000 points per stay at all other properties. There is no cap on the maximum bonus that can be earned.

Hilton Resort to More Points

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Under the Resort to More Points promotion, registered Hilton Honors members will earn:

  • 4,000 bonus points for each stay at a participating resort
  • 2,000 bonus points for each stay at any other property

This is valid for stays between 1 May to 5 September 2023.

Registered members checking in before 1 May 2023 will receive credit for their stay if the stay is completed on or after 1 May 2023 and prior to or on 5 September 2023.  If you start a stay in the middle of the promotion period and check-out after 5 September 2023, you will not receive the bonus.

Do note the following:

  • Registration is required, and must be done prior to starting your first eligible stay (it’s fine if you booked your stays prior to registration)
  • There is no cap on the maximum bonus points you can earn
  • Bonus points will also be granted to award stays
  • All bonus points will post within 6-8 weeks 

The list of resorts numbers 293, including regional properties such as:

  • Conrad Bali
  • Conrad Koh Samui
  • Conrad Maldives
  • DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Phuket Banthai Resort
  • Hilton Bali Resort
  • Hilton Maldives
  • Hilton Pattaya
  • Hilton Tokyo Bay
  • Jumana Bali Ungasan
  • Roku Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts
  • SAii Lagoon Maldives

The FAQs for this promotion can be found here, and T&Cs at the bottom of this page.

Is it worth it?

1 Hilton point is worth about 0.5 US cents, so you’re looking at a rebate of US$10-20 per stay. Obviously, the rebate is better (in percentage terms) the shorter your stay, though I doubt many people will be booking resorts for just a single night.

Therefore I wouldn’t let this promotion influence where I stay. If you already plan to stay at a Hilton hotel, however, by all means register and get the free points.

How many points do Hilton members earn?

Here’s a reminder of Hilton’s current earning structure, which awards 10-20 points per US$1, depending on tier.

🏨 Points per US$1
  Base* Elite Total
Member 10 0 10
Silver 10 2 12
Gold 10 8 18
Diamond 10 10 20
*Stays at Tru and Home2 properties earn 5 base points per US$1

How does this promotion compare to the current one?

Register Here

For perspective, Hilton’s current Double Up & Explore promotion offers registered Hilton Honors members: 

  • 2X points on all stays (no minimum duration)
  • 1,000 bonus points for each stay with a different brand within the Hilton portfolio

The upcoming promotion is much weaker than the current one, unless perhaps your game plan was always to book one-night stays at cheap properties. 

That said, with summer travel season coming up, there’s no real need for Hilton to incentivise stays. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky there’s any sort of promo at all!


Hilton’s Q2 2023 promotion offers 4,000 points per resort stay and 2,000 points per non-resort stay. It’s certainly a weak offer compared to the current one, however, and shouldn’t be reason for you to divert stays from other chains.

All the same, there’s no harm registering in the off chance you cross paths with a Hilton during your travels. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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The problem with Hilton’s valuation of 0.5 US Cents is not true for some properties and the actually worth is less than 0.5 cents per point for these properties.