How to earn Marriott Bonvoy Platinum with just 10 nights

Solitaire PPS, PPS or KrisFlyer Elite Gold? 10 nights is all that separates you from Marriott Bonvoy Platinum status.


⚠️ Story update: Marriott Bonvoy has provided the following updates:

Regarding status validity

Marriott Bonvoy: “Anyone who achieves a status (through earning based on program guidelines) this year, will keep that status through February 2026”

MileLion: This means that even if you earn your status in January or February 2024, said status will be valid till February 2026 (and not February 2025 as previously thought)

Regarding definition of eligible nights

Marriott Bonvoy: “We can confirm that there was a discrepancy in the terms and conditions relating to the “Qualifying Night” for the Marriott Bonvoy Silver Accelerator Challenge provided to KrisFlyer Elite Silver Members, as well as the Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Accelerator Challenge provided to Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, and KrisFlyer Elite Gold Members. We have since updated the terms and conditions that define a “Qualifying Night”. We will honour all award redemption stays for programme members who enrolled in the programme prior to the amendment to the terms and conditions, and sincerely apologise to all programme members for the inconvenience caused.”

MileLion: tl;dr: only paid nights count for the status accelerator challenge for KrisFlyer members. However, Marriott will be honoring award redemption stays for members who enrolled in the programme prior to the amendment to the terms and conditions (i.e. it doesn’t matter if your stays come after the amendment to the terms and conditions).

The new T&Cs came into effect 3 January 2024.

I lost my Marriott Bonvoy Platinum status back in March 2020, ending a seven-year run that started back in the days of Starwood Preferred Guest.

It was, to put it mildly, a blow. Goodbye room upgrades, free breakfasts, club lounge access, guaranteed late check-out, and even if the elite recognition at legacy Marriott properties had been hit and miss, it was usually spot on at the legacy Starwood brands.

My revised status in the Bonvoy hierarchy was Gold, which is as good as useless (and no, being a lifetime member doesn’t make it any better). This downgrade is the main reason I’ve diverted most of my stays to Hilton over the past few years, where I continue to hold top-tier Diamond status. 

But now, there’s an opportunity for me (and many others) to get back into Marriott’s good books…

Marriott status match & challenge for KrisFlyer elites

KrisFlyer TierInstant Match To…Status Accelerator Challenge
Solitaire PPS Club & PPS ClubGoldPlatinum
(10 nights in 6 months)
KrisFlyer Elite Gold
KrisFlyer Elite SilverN/ASilver
(3 nights in 6 months)

A quick recap, for those of you out of the loop.

Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, and KrisFlyer Elite Gold members:

  • Can register to receive an instant status match to Marriott Bonvoy Gold (usual requirement: 25 qualifying nights per calendar year)
  • Will be upgraded to Marriott Bonvoy Platinum should they subsequently stay at least 10 qualifying nights in a six-month period (usual requirement: 50 qualifying nights per calendar year)

KrisFlyer Elite Silver members:

  • Do not receive any instant status
  • Can register and earn Marriott Bonvoy Silver when they stay at least 3 qualifying nights in a six-month period (usual requirement: 10 qualifying nights per calendar year)

There’s also a status match and challenge in the opposite direction from Marriott Bonvoy to KrisFlyer, which I won’t address here. You can read the post below for the full details of the Singapore Airlines x Marriott partnership.

KrisFlyer and Marriott Bonvoy offering two-way status match and accelerator

If you’re a KrisFlyer Elite Silver, you can stop reading here. I already said that Marriott Bonvoy Gold is pointless, so it follows that Silver isn’t even worth stepping out your door to earn. 

Access the Westin Executive Lounge with Bonvoy Platinum

If you’re a Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club, or KrisFlyer Elite Gold, however, you have a very intriguing opportunity on your hands to earn Marriott Bonvoy Platinum, which grants perks such as:

  • Room upgrade (including Select Suites), subject to availability
  • Complimentary daily breakfast for 2 adults per room (subject to Marriott’s byzantine list of exclusions)
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m check-out (except at resort and convention hotels)
  • Executive lounge access
  • Premium Wi-Fi
  • 50% bonus on points earning

With a reduced qualification threshold of just 10 nights, it’s something you should really consider. And because you can only take advantage of this status match and accelerator once per account, you need to plan it carefully.

My game plan

One thing’s clear: my goal is to qualify as early in 2024 as possible, but not until March 2024. Why?

  • If I get upgraded to Platinum in December 2023, my status will be valid till February 2025
  • If I get upgraded to Platinum in January-December 2024, my status will be valid till February 2026
🏨 But I have stays planned in December 2023…
That’s completely fine. By all means, register now and start clocking your nights- just make sure your 10th night comes on or after 1 January 2024.

In any case, 10 nights within six months is very achievable. You might already have a few trips in mind where you could switch stays to Marriott, but if not, how much would a mattress run cost?

The usual suspects for mattress runs are Malaysia and Indonesia, where you can find select service brands like AC Hotel, Fairfield and Moxy at attractively-low rates.

CountryPropertyPer Night*
🇲🇾 MalaysiaCourtyard Setia AlamUS$44
Fairfield Kuala Lumpur Jalan PahangUS$47
AC Hotel Kuala LumpurUS$49
AC Hotel KuantanUS$53
🇮🇩 IndonesiaMoxy BandungUS$43
Four Points by Sheraton MedanUS$47
Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset RdUS$52
Sheraton Lampung HotelUS$53
Fairfield by Marriott Bali South KutaUS$54
Four Points by Sheraton MakassarUS$54
*Based on random sample of dates for a 10-night stay in March 2024

You could widen the aperture a bit to include China, where I’ve seen rooms going for as little as US$35 per night. The catch is that travel costs will be substantially higher, especially since these properties are usually located in Tier 3 cities.

Alternatively, we can think about this in terms of points, because both award nights and Cash & Points nights will count towards qualifying nights. Even better, Marriott offers the 5th night free on award stays, regardless of tier. Basically, you’ll stay 10 nights for the price of eight.

 ⚠️ Update: Marriott Bonvoy has since clarified that only paid stays will count towards status qualification. However, since the original T&Cs were unclear regarding this, they will honor award stays for members who enrolled in the status accelerator challenge prior to the amendment.

Marriott Bonvoy no longer publishes an official award chart or list of hotel categories, but Million Mile Secrets has thrown together this helpful map.

Filter for Category 1, and you’ll find some very tasty deals near home. 

CountryProperty10-night stay*
🇲🇾 MalaysiaAC Hotel Penang40,000 points
Fairfield by Marriott Bintulu Paragon55,000 points
Four Points by Sheraton Desaru59,000 points
🇮🇩 IndonesiaFour Points by Sheraton Makassar50,500 points
Fairfield by Marriott Surabaya54,500 points
*Marriott practices dynamic award pricing, so your results may differ from mine depending on the dates you’re looking at

AC Hotel Penang is the clear standout: for 40,000 points total, you can stay 10 nights and qualify for Platinum!

That’s how I plan to do things, but I’d love to hear if you can find a cheaper option.

Now, some of you may be wondering whether you even need to check-in at all. Is it possible to book a stay, no show, and get the nights credited anyway? Nope. No show bookings will be cancelled, and no nights awarded.

You will need to check-in, that much is certain. The question is whether you can do it digitally via the Marriott app, or whether you need to show up in person. It’s a classic case of YMMV.  I think the safest thing to do would be to physically check-in. You can then mention you’d like to do express check-out on your last day, leave the hotel, then check-out via the Marriott app when the time comes.


JW Marriott South Beach Singapore Executive Lounge

Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite Gold members are eligible for an instant match to Marriott Bonvoy Gold, with a further upgrade to Platinum possible with just 10 qualifying nights in a six-month period.

The key to maximising the validity of your status is to qualify as early in the year as possible, so hopefully you’ve got stays planned in early 2024. And if you don’t, it’s worth exploring the possibility of a mattress run, especially since Platinum status can be yours for just 40,000 points!

Anyone else jumping on board?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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John S

I’m Titanium until Q1-2024 thus softlandings aside I wonder would this make sense for me.


Hey Aaron any thoughts if there is an issue if we are already holding Marriott Gold courtesy of Amex Plat? Will the status match + Marriott Plat Challenge still qualify?


Can confirm that as a Marriott Gold from Amex Plat, I’ve successfully linked my SQ Gold and received email confirmation of the promo, inc. 10x nights to Platinum. So I might just pursue this one.


Hi Aaron, thanks for the article. If I am already a Bonvoy Platinum and KFEG, would completion the status challenge extend my Platinum status another year past the current expiry in Feb 2024? Or would it run concurrently? Thanks!


Thanks Aaron, got the info!


If I booked 2 rooms with 3 nights, does it counts total 6 nights?


nope, this will only count as 3 nights.


Are you sure award nights count? My registration E-Mail said “paid nights”. And status would only be valid for 12 months, not “at least 12 months”, so I’m very curious, if status will indeed go through Feb 2026!!!


Cool! Will be great to hear from those that manage to clock their 10th night some time in Jan…


yes let us know, thanks Aaron


Is there any update on this ? Because as i know it said paid stay


Hi Aaron,

I am currently both PPS and Marriott Platinum (up to Feb 2024). Will I be eligible for this offer to requalify for Platinum for 2024? Would be good if it’s possible so there is no need to clock the 50 nights required again in 2024.

Alan A

How do you check out remotely via the app without returning the room key in person on the last day?


Just comes up as an option in the app – my last Marriott stay I just left the keys in the room, checked out via app. Didn’t bother visiting the front desk as it was busy.

Alan A

If I book a 10 days stay and do in-person check in on day 1, then subsequently leave the key in the room, would housekeeping have noticed that no one has been staying latest by say day 3 or 4 and notify the front desk to check out? I think setting the room to DND can only delay the housekeeping by max 3-4 days? I’m contemplating a 10-night mattress run but will only be at the hotel on day 1, so would like some advice how to leave the key in the room and leave unnoticed till day 10 to… Read more »


I travel for work and I literally never checkout unless i want to check the bill because of charges to the room. Leave keys in your room or express checkout box (or lose them, they never ask for them back), and just leave the hotel. They will email you your bill.

I always tell my friends, there is literally 0 reason to spend time on check out if you have no charges to check. Even if there are charges you can always dispute over email or phone.


Does this work for supplementary pps solitaire?


Hi Aaron, do we need to book through the Marriott website for the 10 night Platinum challenge or we can book through travel agent / 3rd party provider to qualify?


you always need to book direct to get the nights, hope that helps


Is it possible to register for Marriot Bonvoy status challenge using KFEG (will expire on 28 Feb 2024), then after getting Platinum Bonvoy (stays 10 nights before 28 Feb 2024), re-register back into KFEG status challenge after February 2024?
I doubt SQ will allow this though.


Same here, my KFEG expires 31st March. Will SQ status match if I get the platinum Bonvoy?



I have just completed two sessions of five nights stay with the points in Hong Kong and Bangkok recently and I just checked my account which still states that I need 50 nights of stay before I can get the Platinum status. There is no mention of your claim of ten nights.


Why not just drive to the Four Points Desaru? Sure, it’s 50,000 points instead of 40,000 for the ten nights but no need to fly anywhere with the added expense, time and trouble.

Jimmy T

I called Marriot and they say the accelerator programme to platinum for the 10 nights within 6 months is only applicable to nights paid by cash? Did you get a confirmation from Marriot?


Any thoughts on the reverse mapping (i.e., Marriott Plat to KF Gold)? I understand that the fast track status challenge involves taking 4 flights on SQ but am unsure as to whether the period of commencing the challenge matters.


I linked my accounts shortly after the promo (KFEG and Bonvoy Gold, going for the platinum accelerator.).

I didn’t get an email…. But when I login to Marriott website (desktop, not mobile website nor the app) I see a new tracker that just says “10 nights maximum” – it doesn’t say anything more than that.
The tracker currently shows about 30% even though I’ve done 5 nights since linking.

Anyone else got similar?


of your 5 nights, have they all been paid stays? If you had 3 paid stays and 2 award nights and it was tracking at 30%, it might help confirm that only paid stays count.


Sorry, yes, it was 1 paid stay, of 5 nights.


Mine is just a tracker that says 10 night maximum, Goal:(blank). And I just see a colour on the bar. Is this the right tracker set up for the 10 nights?


Hi Aaron, is it possible for a friend/guest to check-in for a member’s booking?


btw, i can’t find information on this.
when is the latest to register for the fast track?


Just got an email showing my St Regis complimentary stay from Amex Plat counted to the 10 nights.

However the end date to achieve Platinum status is 30th Jan instead of 31st May. Not sure if that’s an error?

Cool N

I have registered in early December and stay using award nights in Shanghai for 3 nights. Wrote into customer service and given your replied from bonvoy. They still turned me down with the updated T&C. Not credited.


Thanks for this article, really helped a lot since my krisflyer gold elite expired in jan 2024. Managed to convert into marriot gold, and after staying 10 nights in jan, i am now marriot platinum elite.

As i am a krisflyer silver elite now, it seems i can link my marriot account to krisflyer, and as long as i fly 4 flights on sq, i can get back my kf elite gold!!

Last edited 2 months ago by Jimmy

Bro are you sure it works like that? But update please!



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