NTUC LinkPoints offering 25% transfer bonus to KrisFlyer miles


From now till 29 February 2024, receive 25% more KrisFlyer miles when converting NTUC LinkPoints.

Back in April 2022, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer launched a two-way conversion partnership with NTUC LinkPoints, which replaced the previous supermarket tie-up with the Dairy Farm Group’s TapForMore programme.

The regular value for points transfers is decidedly marginal in either direction, but to mark KrisFlyer’s 25th anniversary, a 25% bonus is being offered for LinkPoints conversions to KrisFlyer miles for the month of February 2024.

LinkPoints 25% transfer bonus to KrisFlyer

From 1-29 February 2024, NTUC Link members can transfer LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles with a 25% bonus.

Transfers are available in fixed denominations as shown in the table below.

LinkPointsKrisFlyer MilesCost Per Mile
2 cents
1.6 cents
1.87 cents
1.49 cents

100 LinkPoints can be redeemed for a S$1 rebate, and the regular rates represent buying KrisFlyer miles at 1.87 to 2 cents each. With the 25% transfer bonus, the price is reduced to 1.49-1.6 cents apiece.

NTUC Link is issuing a maximum of 500,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles, after which I assume it’ll update the conversion rates on its website. If you see the figures below, you should be fine.

All transfers are processed instantly, and do note that bonus KrisFlyer miles are only issued on the first successful conversion transfer per day, per member. If there are subsequent conversion transactions made on the same day, the 25% bonus will not apply. 

Is it worth it?

While the reduced cost per mile is certainly welcome, I’d argue that this is probably too steep a price to pay for miles, especially when you can reliably generate KrisFlyer miles at a lower cost through the frequent Citi PayAll and CardUp promotions.

For example, the current Citi PayAll offer, which runs till 29 February 2024, allows you to buy miles at 1.22 cents each. You’ll need to charge at least S$8,000 to the facility, but with so many different types of bill payments included, most people should be able to make it work. 

Citi PayAll offering 1.8 mpd on all payments; buy miles at 1.2 cents each

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for this offer can be found here.

Convert KrisFlyer miles to LinkPoints

KrisFlyer MilesLinkPoints

Members can also transfer KrisFlyer miles in the opposite direction to LinkPoints, although this represents very poor value. 

The conversion ratio is ~1.54 KrisFlyer miles=1 LinkPoint, with a minimum conversion of 3,000 KrisFlyer miles. 

Since 100 LinkPoints can be redeemed for a S$1 rebate, this is the same as accepting a value of 0.65 cents per mile! That’s terrible value, ranking near the bottom of all the things you can do with KrisFlyer miles. 

❓ Options for Spending KrisFlyer Miles
Redemption OptionValue per mile
✈️Award flightsUp to 5 cents
✈️Cash + Miles0.95 cents
🚘KrisFlyer vRooms0.8 cents
🛍️KrisShop0.8 cents
🏨Shangri-La Circle conversion0.74 cents
🏬CapitaStar conversion0.7 cents
📱Kris+0.67 cents
🎡Pelago0.67 cents
🛒LinkPoints conversion0.65 cents
🏨Marriott Bonvoy conversion0.5 cents
Esso Smiles conversion0.33 to 0.67 cents

Put it another way: Kris+ miles can be redeemed for FairPrice Finest vouchers at 0.67 cents each. I’m not saying you should do this, but even that would be better than converting your miles to LinkPoints!

A maximum of 80,000 KrisFlyer miles may be converted to LinkPoints per calendar year, though seriously, if you’re converting that many I think it’s time to question what you’re doing with your life. 

How do you earn LinkPoints?

Here’s a brief refresher on how LinkPoints are earned at NTUC FairPrice, Cheers, Unity and Warehouse Club.

For spend at NTUC FairPrice, Cheers, Unity and Warehouse Club
S$1= 0.5 LinkPoints
(S$1= 1.33 LinkPoints if spend ≥ S$400 p.m)
Burn100 LinkPoints= S$1
Effective Rebate0.5%
(1.33% if spend ≥ S$400 p.m)

LinkPoints members earn a regular rate of S$1= 0.5 LinkPoints, but if they spend at least S$400 per month, the earn rate gets boosted to S$1=1.33 LinkPoints.

The regular earn rate works out to be an incremental 0.25 mpd, while the bonus rate works out to an incremental 0.67 mpd. This is on top of any miles earned from your credit cards, and don’t forget, you can use the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa, HSBC Revolution or UOB Lady’s Card (with Family set as your bonus category) to earn bonus miles on groceries.

LinkPoints can also be earned at a wide range of partners across Singapore, with varying accrual rates. 


NTUC Link members can now convert LinkPoints to KrisFlyer miles with a 25% bonus, reducing the cost per mile to as little as 1.49 cents. 

Even with the bonus, however, I’m decidedly lukewarm about the value. You might be better off using your LinkPoints for groceries, and buying miles from lower-cost alternatives like CardUp or Citi PayAll.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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