Which supplementary cards have the best benefits?

While the best perks are reserved for principal cardholders, some supplementary cardholders get to join in the fun too.

When it comes to credit card benefits, it’s safe to say that supplementary cardholders (and that’s supp. card for short; anyone who calls it a sub. card should face instant ridicule) get the short end of the stick.

After all, banks are after the ones who make money, and supplementary cardholders are usually the plus ones: an unemployed partner, a retiree parent, a child going overseas for further studies.

But there are some cards which buck the trend by offering principal cardholder benefits to supplementary cardholders as well. In this post we’ll look at the options, though this list is smaller than ever before in the wake of the OCBC VOYAGE and OCBC Premier Visa Infinite removing lounge access for supplementary cardholders. 

Also, if you hold an entry-level credit card (anything with an income requirement at the S$30,000 mark), you can forget about any perks for supplementary cardholders, beyond the usual generic bank discounts. 

Supplementary card rules

Let’s recap a few basic rules for supplementary cards.

New-to-bank status

Holding a supplementary card, in and of itself, does not disqualify you from the various new-to-bank promotions offered by banks (with the exception of BOC, because, well, it’s BOC).

Bonus caps

Supplementary cards do not have their own bonus caps. For example, if a principal HSBC Revolution Cardholder gets a supplementary card, the monthly S$1,000 cap on 4 mpd will be shared between both cards

Credit score

Supplementary cards have no impact on the credit score of the supplementary cardholder. If the supplementary cardholder’s bill is not paid, the principal cardholder takes the hit. Likewise, paying off the supplementary cardholder’s bill in full and on time enhances the principal cardholder’s score

Credit limit

Supplementary cards share the same credit limit as the principal cardholder. That just makes sense, since the bank is only assessing the creditworthiness of the principal cardholder

Sign-up bonus spending

Supplementary card spending almost always counts towards sign-up bonus spending, since it’s conceptually no different from the spending of the principal cardholder. I say “almost”, because there have been historical cases where BOC and UOB excluded it

Minimum age

Supplementary cardholders must be aged 18 and above, though exceptions can be made for those accepted for overseas studies.

You’ll need to submit a letter of acceptance from an overseas educational institution if the applicant is below 18 years of age. 

AMEX Platinum Charge

AMEX Platinum Charge
Supp. Card Application
Supp. Card Fee S$163.50
(first 2 free for life)
Supp. Card Benefits
  • AMEX Love Dining
  • AMEX Chillax
  • AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts (room upgrades, US$100 credit, free breakfast)
  • Comoclub C5 membership (with S$260 birthday vouchers)
  • Airport lounge access:
    • Unlimited-visit Priority Pass (only for first supp. cardholder)
    • International American Express Lounges
    • Centurion Lounges
    • Delta Sky Club
    • Plaza Premium Lounges
  • Tower Club access
  • Golf privileges
  • Hilton Honors Gold, Marriott Bonvoy Gold, Radisson Rewards Gold, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star, GHA DISCOVERY Platinum

When it comes to supplementary cardholder benefits, there’s little doubt that the AMEX Platinum Charge packs the biggest punch. 

That’s because supplementary cardholders enjoy practically identical benefits to principal cardholders, just without the hotel and dining vouchers, and statement credits.

Supplementary cardholders get unlimited access to Centurion Lounges, International American Express Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs and Plaza Premium Lounges with 1-2 guests. The first supplementary cardholder also receives an unlimited-visit Priority Pass, inclusive of one guest.

There’s also Hilton Gold (which offers free breakfast), Marriott Bonvoy Gold, and status with other hotel and car rental chains, plus Tower Club access, AMEX Love Dining, Chillax and Fine Hotels & Resorts privileges.


Moreover, the complimentary Comoclub C5 membership offers some great perks during your birthday month: 

  • S$200 shopping vouchers at Club21 Singapore, Kids21 Singapore and Dover Street Market Singapore
  • S$40 dining voucher at COMO Dempsey
  • S$20 grocery voucher for SuperNature Singapore or Culina Market Singapore
  • COMO Shambhala signature Invigorate essential oil and mask diffuser
  • Corkage waiver at COMO Dempsey
  • DrHair deep cleansing scalp treatment

The vouchers have no minimum spend, so it’s basically free money. 

Simply put, it’s the most full fat supplementary card in Singapore (second only to the AMEX Centurion). Two supplementary cards are offered free for life, and applying for both will go a long way towards helping you recover the not-insignificant S$1,744 annual fee. 

And if you need more than two, I’d argue that S$163.50 is a rather good deal for all those benefits.

AMEX Platinum Credit Card

AMEX Platinum Credit Card
Supp. Card Application
Supp. Card Fee S$163.50
(first 2 free for life)
Supp. Card Benefits

While it’s nowhere as impressive as the AMEX Platinum Charge, the cheaper AMEX Platinum Credit Card also shows some love to its supplementary cardholders.

In addition to the AMEX Love Dining, Chillax and golfing privileges that are standard across all Platinum cards, supplementary cardholders enjoy a Comoclub C4 membership that in your birthday month offers: 

  • S$100 shopping spree at Club21, Kids21 or DSM Singapore
  • S$20 dining voucher for Como restaurants
  • S$10 voucher for SuperNature and glow café
  • DrHair deep cleansing scalp treatment

Just like the C5 membership, no minimum spend is necessary for these perks. 

HSBC Visa Infinite

HSBC Visa Infinite
Supp. Card Application
Supp. Card Fee Free
(Maximum of five supp. cards free for life)
Supp. Card Benefits
  • LoungeKey with unlimited visits

HSBC Visa Infinite cardholders get five supplementary cards free for life, all of which include an unlimited-visit LoungeKey membership. 

Since the principal cardholder has no guest entitlement, he/she may want to give supplementary cards to the family members he/she travels with the most.

Unfortunately, the HSBC Visa Infinite no longer offers dining discounts at Goodwood Park or Mandarin Oriental- those were nerfed at the start of 2024.

Citi Prestige Card

Citi Prestige Card
Supp. Card Application
Supp. Card Fee All cards free for life
Supp. Card Benefits

The Citi Prestige Card doesn’t have a lot to offer its supplementary cardholders, at least from the Citibank side. All the good perks, such as airport lounge access, airport limo transfers and the 4th Night Free benefit, are exclusively for principal cardholders.

That said, the Citi Prestige belongs to the World Elite Mastercard tier, and that’s certainly worth having because it offers elite status with GHA DISCOVERY and several other chains, a free upgrade to Avis President’s Club, an annual 3GB FlexiRoam data package, complimentary golf games and travel insurance.

What are the perks of a World Elite Mastercard?

I should emphasise that none of these benefits are Citi Prestige specific; they’re available to any World Elite Mastercard cardholder. But since the rest of the World Elite Mastercards in Singapore are invite-only or require you to have a priority/private banking relationship, the Citi Prestige is actually the easiest way of getting one.

What about the rest?

You might be wondering where the rest of the $120K cards are. Well, unless I’ve missed something, there’s very little to get excited about here. 

The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card has ended its 50% off dining offers with Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL hotels, and the StanChart Visa Infinite hardly has any benefits for the principal cardholder to begin with, nor does the Maybank Visa Infinite.

At most, supplementary cardholders will enjoy the same complimentary travel insurance coverage the principal cardholder enjoys when they purchase air tickets with their card, but beyond that, I’m struggling to think of anything else. 


While supplementary card benefits can never hope to match those of the principal cardholder, there are a few (most notably the AMEX Platinum Charge) which come close.

Beyond this limited selection, however, there’s very little point in getting supplementary cards unless you need some help to meet the minimum spend for a welcome offer.

Any other supplementary cardholder benefits worth highlighting?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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As someone pointed out in your Telegram group, the GHA Fast track offer with Mastercard World Elite remains for the duration that the cardholder owns the card. Aren’t Citi Prestige suppl. card holders then also eligible for this? I know it’s not a Citi Prestige card benefit as such but more a Mastercard World Elite benefit. Yet, I think it’s still worth mentioning. Also, as far as I know, the 1:1 Haute Dinning offers with the Citi Prestige are open to suppl. card holders.

Last edited 1 year ago by lifeonthego
Anthony Tan

You’re right, it is an MC benefit hence not specifically a card benefit. Otherwise OCBC Premier Debit Card should be on there too, with all other World Elite MCs.


The GHA fast track is not a card benefit, it is a limited time offer. If we listed limited time offers it gets crazy, eg: amex supp card holders get 15% off NET-A-PORTER until October, Citi supp card holders get $10 return voucher at Dian Xiao Er until November upon payment.


Only family allowed for supp card?


u can supp to anyone but bear the bill if the anyone decided to go missing

Last edited 1 year ago by Ieatandsleep

Insurance for supp card is another plus point for Amex charge card.


Is the AMEX Platinum Charge supp card a metal card?