2024 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Food Delivery

Ordering food delivery? Don't leave miles on the table! Use the right card and earn up to 4 mpd or 18% rebates.

Food delivery will probably be a significant expense item for most people in Singapore, but the good news is that there’s plenty of cards which will reward this category with up to 4 mpd or 18% rebates.

As always, the best card depends on where you’re ordering from, and how you’re ordering.

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🍽️ Dining
🏫 Education 🥡 Food Delivery
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What MCC does food delivery come under?

Ordering via restaurant

If you’re ordering through the restaurant directly (e.g. on their website or calling them up by phone), the MCC could be any of the following:

MCC Examples
Eatz, Neo Garden, Stamford Catering
Crystal Jade, Paradise Inn, Din Tai Fung
Bars & Nightclubs
Brewerkz, Brotzeit, Harry’s
Fast Food
Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks
Candy, Nut and Confectionery
Candy Empire, See’s Candies, TWG
Awfully Chocolate, BreadTalk, Bengawan Solo, Four Leaves
Misc. Food Stores
Boost Juice Bar, Crave, Famous Amos, Nespresso

Ordering via food delivery platform

If you’re ordering through one of the major food delivery platforms, food delivery typically codes as MCC 5812, 5814 or 5499.

Platform MCC
Deliveroo 5812, 5814
foodpanda 5812, 5814
GrabFood 5812, 5814
Grain 5499
Oddle Eats 5812*
WhyQ 5499
*While transactions generally code as 5812, there are a couple of data points saying transactions can code as 5734 (Computer Software Stores). When in doubt, check the MCC

In case you’re uncertain about the MCC, there’s three ways of looking it up before making a purchase:

Method Ease of Use Reliability
HeyMax ●●●
📱 Instarem app ●● ●●
🤖 DBS digibot

In any case, the exact MCC does not really matter if you’re using a card that offers a blanket bonus on all online transactions.

Is the transaction processed offline or online?

With food delivery platforms, your order will be processed online, end of story.

It can be slightly more confusing with restaurants. Most of the time, restaurants with website ordering systems should be processing the transaction online. However, you can’t rule out the possibility that they may capture the card details online and manually process the transaction offline.

A good rule of thumb is that if you have to enter an OTP, the transaction is processed online. That said, the absence of an OTP is inconclusive- I’ve encountered situations where transactions were processed online despite the lack of an OTP.

Again, the distinction is important because certain cards (e.g. DBS Woman’s World Card, Citi Rewards) award 4 mpd on online transactions only.

What cards should I use for food delivery?

❓ Blacklist vs whitelist
The following section makes reference to blacklist and whitelist cards. If you’re unclear about these terms, refer to this article for more information.

Blacklist cards

The simplest cards to use for food delivery are the ones which offer 4 mpd on all online transactions. This way, you don’t need to worry about specific MCCs. 

🥡 Best Cards for Food Delivery
(all MCCs)
Card Earn Rate Cap
4 mpd Max S$1.5K per c. month
Citi Rewards
4 mpd Max S$1K per s. month
C. Month= Calendar Month | S. Month= Statement Month
⚠️ Citi Rewards: Don’t use in-app mobile payments!
Be careful not to use the Citi Rewards for in-app payments via a mobile wallet (e.g. Google Pay + Deliveroo). Such transactions will only earn 0.4 mpd.

Whitelist cards

Alternatively, you can use the following cards for 4 mpd where the MCC falls under the whitelist.

🥡 Best Cards for Food Delivery
(specific MCCs)
Card Earn Rate Cap
UOB Lady’s Card
4 mpd1 S$1K per c. month. Must choose dining as bonus category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
4 mpd1 S$2K per c. month. Must choose dining as bonus category
HSBC Revolution
4 mpd2 S$1K per c. month
UOB Pref. Plat. Visa
4 mpd3 S$1.1K per c. month
AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend
3.2 mpd4
S$200 per c. month
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card
3.1 mpd4
S$200 per c. month
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3 mpd5 No cap. Min S$800 spend on SIA Group in m. year
StanChart Journey Card
3 mpd6 S$1K per s. month
C. Month= Calendar Month |  S. Month= Statement Month | M. Year= Membership Year
1. MCC 5811, 5812, 5814, 5499
2. MCC 5441, 5462, 5811, 5812, 5813,
3. MCC 5811, 5812, 5814, 5499, 5441, 5462
4. GrabFood only
5. Deliveroo, foodpanda, GrabFood
6. MCC 5811, 5812, 5814

In general, you should have no concerns about using all of the above cards for your food delivery needs, with two exceptions.

First, you need to exercise more caution with the HSBC Revolution, since MCC 5814 is no longer on the bonus whitelist. Given that food delivery platforms switch between 5812/5814, you’re basically playing roulette unless you want to take the effort to check the MCC every time. I would avoid using this, for the sake of sanity. 

Second, the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend and AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card only earn bonuses with GrabFood, so your options will be more limited. 

DBS yuu Card alternative

foodpanda x yuu

Even though we’re focusing on miles in this article, it’d be strangely amiss not to give a shout out to the DBS yuu Card and its 36 yuu points per S$1 spent on foodpanda, equivalent to an 18% rebate. 

Points Remarks
10 points per S$1 spent
  • No min spend
  • No cap
26 points per S$1 spent 
  • S$600 min. spend
  • S$600 cap
  • Min. spend and cap shared with all other yuu merchants

This requires a minimum spend of S$600 (which can be on any retail transactions, not just foodpanda), and the 18% rebate is capped at S$108 per calendar month.

⚠️ Exceptions
You will not earn yuu Points on dine-in transactions, pandago orders, orders on corporate accounts, and top-ups on pandapay wallet.

Now, for 4 mpd to trump 18% rebates, you’d need to value a mile at 4.5 cents each. My valuation certainly isn’t that high, so assuming the minimum spend isn’t an issue, then this would be the better card for foodpanda.

Extra stacking

If you really want to eke out every cent from your spending, consider buying Deliveroo and foodpanda vouchers on the ShopBack mobile app. This codes as MCC 5812 Restaurants, so you can use the cards mentioned in the previous section to earn up to 4 mpd on your purchase. 

ShopBack will give you 3-9% cashback (the rates frequently change; check the app for the latest). It’s particularly useful for Deliveroo, because you can stack account credit with bank vouchers and Deliveroo Plus free delivery when making an order. 

Alternatively, you can buy Deliveroo, foodpanda or GrabGift vouchers via HeyMax, earning 2.5-5.5 Max Miles in the process (again, the rates are subject to change).

Voucher purchases from HeyMax are processed by FavePay and code as MCC 5311 Department Stores, which means you can even utilise the bonus caps of the OCBC Rewards Card (useful, considering how restricted its bonus whitelist is to begin with).


If you’re looking to order food delivery, the good news is that you can easily earn up to 4 mpd or 18% rebates, with further stacking via ShopBack or HeyMax also possible.

Since this is a common bonus category, my advice is that you don’t use your Citi Rewards or DBS Woman’s World Card here. Save their more flexible caps for other types of transactions instead.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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My Citibank rewards MC doesn’t give me 10X points for Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Redmart. Every month I have to call and argue with the CSO for point adjustments even though they have already done it many times before. And the bank says they can’t fix this because for some reason the online apps MCC are not Online. Really frustrating for me, I’m considering to cancel this card. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Min Htoo

does it still have this issue?


I’d counter with “Don’t pay the food delivery company directly”.

My way to go:

Shopback (1-4%) -> Shopee -> Foodpanda 12% off (or Grab 15% off but their delivery fees are all over the place) -> 4mpd CC (=7.2%)

Vouchers are issued instantly for a total of 20-25% off. Works with the OCBC card for 8mpd as well, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet 🙂


That’s exactly what I did for most of the time unless there is a good discount voucher to use.


thanks for the tip!


I have been using the shopee > Grabfood voucher for 8mpd. You can also use this for Grab rides. Since using your ocbc titanium card on Grab directly won’t earn you 8mpd.

Warung Buffet

You get a bigger discount on Shopback for food delivery vouchers 8-10%


How about the unicorn card?


Anyone has experience paying for online delivery via the Getzpay mode? Is it considered an online transaction? Thinking of using Dbs women world


Aaron, if there is a problem with Citi Rewards MC for deliveroo, food panda, etc. in getting 4 miles per dollar, does it happen to DBS WWMC too since it is also a MC version?


Based on DBS virtual assistant, I found out the following (as of 8 July 2020) with WWMC:
Deliveroo & Grabfood – MCC 5814
Foodpanda – MCC 5812

My recent transactions on Grabfood & Foodpanda earned 10x on CRMC. Seems like there are different outcomes for different people using CRMC for these merchants.


For Odddle, would DBS Womens card get 4mpd, as it is processed via stripe online or would HSBC Revo be the better one?


I’m not sure if there has been changes to the MCC recently, but WWMC does not award 4mpd for WhyQ. The CSO claims that it is under professional services.


Thanks for checking. The last I used was in Aug 2020. Prior to that, I had to appeal every month and finally in Sep 2020, they claimed it was coded under Professional Services and refused my appeal. From then on, I stopped using WWMC for WhyQ.


What about HSBC revolution?


OCBC 365 is now processing orders placed via Oddle via MCC 5734 and no longer under the MCC of that particular restaurant (usually 5812). This means cardholders no longer qualify for dining rebates.

Anyone experience similar issues with Oddle transactions?


I just gotten the same response from Citibank. A recent Sept Oddle transaction is processed as MCC 5734 and no longer counted as dining.

Do take note of the above!


Hi, just sharing that my ShopBack vouchers for Deliveroo displayed 7299 for the mcc instead of 5812.


I got “MISCELLANEOUS PERSONAL SERVICES” using DBS digibot method. Could not identify the MCC from Citi’s MCC list but the description seems to fit 7XXX MCC more than 5XXX

Yuu query

Sorry just wondering isn’t 18% of $600 going to be $108? $78 is the extra 13% bonus in addition to the usual 5% bonus?

“This requires a minimum spend of S$600 (which can be on any retail transactions, not just foodpanda), and the 18% rebate is capped at S$78 per calendar month”


Hi Aaron, would be quite interested to read a “What’s the best card for..” article for car rentals. Reason for that is it can be quite a big chunk of overseas spending, and as far as I know, there are no 4mpd Amaze options for this category, so this would fall under the foreign currency or gen spend card + Amaze? Thanks!