Complete FAQs: UOB Lady’s Savings Account

All you need to know about earning an extra 2-6 mpd with the UOB Lady's Savings Account, including bonus caps, bonus crediting, and MAB calculations.

When the UOB Lady’s Cards ended their 13-month long 6 mpd promotion in April 2024, they immediately launched a new offer called “The Unstoppable Pairing”, designed to reward UOB Lady’s Cardholders who also hold a UOB Lady’s Savings Account.

The interest on this account is a miserly 0.05% p.a., but the interest isn’t the point. Instead, accountholders can earn an extra 2-6 mpd on their UOB Lady’s Card spending, depending on their Monthly Average Balance (MAB). Think of it like a much better KrisFlyer UOB Account, where you earn miles in lieu of interest.

I was initially underwhelmed by The Unstoppable Pairing, but after thinking more about it, have decided that there is a way to use it to your advantage– with an extra “welcome gift” in the first month by doing a little bit of finessing!

In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the UOB Lady’s Savings Account.

💳 UOB Lady’s Savings Account FAQs
💳 Note for UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Cardholders
The UOB Lady’s Solitaire Metal Card has similar earning mechanics to the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, so you can substitute the terms in this article wherever you see them.


Is the UOB Lady’s Savings Account open to men?

Yes. Ever since late April 2024, the UOB Lady’s Savings Account has been open to both men and women.

Both men and women are eligible to earn bonus UNI$ based on the MAB in their UOB Lady’s Savings Account, as well as various partner deals during their birthday month. 

The only difference is that the female cancer coverage provided by the UOB Lady’s Savings Account is available to women only. 

Monthly Average Balance
(Rolling average of the past 3 months)
(Female cancer benefit sum assured)
S$1 – S$10,000 S$1,000
S$10,001 – S$25,000 S$10,000
S$25,001 – S$50,000 S$25,000
S$50,001 – S$75,000 S$75,000
S$75,001 – S$100,000 S$100,000
More than S$100,000 S$200,000

Do I need a UOB Lady’s Card to apply for a UOB Lady’s Savings Account?

You can have a UOB Lady’s Savings Account without having a UOB Lady’s Card (though you will be issued a Lady’s Debit Card upon approval), but there’s not much point without it.

This account pays a miserly interest of just 0.05% p.a., so the whole idea is to make up for that with the bonus miles earned from spending on the UOB Lady’s Cards. 

Earning bonus miles

How do you earn bonus miles with the UOB Lady’s Savings Account?

UOB Lady’s Cardholders will earn bonus UNI$ on their card spending based on the Monthly Average Balance (MAB) in their UOB Lady’s Savings Account. 

Monthly Average Balance UNI$ from Lady’s Savings Account UNI$ from Lady’s or Lady’s Solitaire Card Total
<S$10K N/A 10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
S$10,000 to S$49,999 5X UNI$
(2 mpd)
15X UNI$
(6 mpd)
S$50,000 to S$99,999 10X UNI$
(4 mpd)
20X UNI$
(8 mpd)
S$100K and more 15X UNI$
(6 mpd)
25X UNI$
(10 mpd)

For example, a UOB Lady’s Solitaire Cardholder who has an MAB of S$15,000 would earn an extra 5X UNI$ (2 mpd), on top of the regular 10X UNI$ (4 mpd) earned from spending on his/her bonus categories.

Are the bonus miles capped?


The maximum bonus miles you can earn from the UOB Lady’s Savings Account follows the cap on your UOB Lady’s Card:

  • UOB Lady’s Card: S$1,000 per calendar month
  • UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card: S$2,000 per calendar month

Are bonus miles only awarded on your selected bonus categories?


Bonus miles from the UOB Lady’s Savings Account are only for spending in your selected bonus category or categories.

For example, a UOB Lady’s Cardholder who chooses Dining as their bonus category, maintains a S$10,000 MAB in their UOB Lady’s Savings Account and spends S$1,000 in a month at restaurants would earn a total of 6,000 miles, broken down as follows:

  • From UOB Lady’s Card: 4,000 miles (S$1,000 x 4 mpd)
  • From UOB Lady’s Savings Account: 2,000 miles (S$1,000 x 2 mpd)

They would not earn any bonus miles for spending outside of Dining.

Can I choose different bonus categories for my UOB Lady’s Card and UOB Lady’s Savings Account?


How is the cutoff for each month determined?

The cutoff is based on the posting date. 

When are bonus miles credited?

Bonus miles from the UOB Lady’s Savings Account are credited (in the form of UNI$) on the 27th of the following calendar month. 

You can view this in the UOB TMRW app by tapping on Rewards+ > My Rewards > UNI$. You you will see a line item(s) called “UOB Lady’s Savings Bonus [X] UNI$”, where [X] is the tier you qualify for based on your MAB. 

There will be one (UOB Lady’s Card) or two (UOB Lady’s Solitaire) line items; each relates to one bonus category, though the app does not specify which one.

As a reminder, the bonus miles from the UOB Lady’s Cards are credited on the 1st of the following calendar month. 

How long can bonus miles be earned for?

The UOB Lady’s Savings Account will offer bonus UNI$ on spending from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

It’s always possible the offer gets renewed, of course, but for now that’s the official end date.

Monthly Average Balance

How is MAB calculated?

MAB is derived from this formula:

Sum of day-end balance in UOB Lady’s Savings Account ÷ Number of calendar days in each calendar month
Source: UOB FAQs

In the account opening month, the MAB will be derived based on the number of calendar days from the account opening date till the end of the calendar month. 

For example:

  • You open your account on 20 April 2024
  • You deposit S$20,000 on 20 April 2024 and maintain the balance until 30 April 2024
  • MAB for April 2024 is S$20,000 [(20,000 x 11)/11]

Remember, there’s 11 calendar days from 20 April 2024 to 30 April 2024, not 10. The day of opening also counts!

How much should I deposit?

We need to split this into two periods: the first month, and subsequent months.

First month

In the first month, you should take advantage of the fact that the MAB calculation only starts from the date you open your account. 

Therefore, you can minimise opportunity cost by opening your UOB Lady’s Savings Account as late in the month as possible, depositing S$50,000 or even S$100,000 to earn the maximum possible bonus, then withdrawing the funds as soon as the subsequent month begins

For example, someone with a spare S$100,000 could open a UOB Lady’s Savings Account on 30 April 2024, deposit S$100,000 before 10.30 p.m, withdraw S$90,000 on 1 May 2024 and then enjoy:

  • An extra 6 mpd for bonus category spending from 1-30 April 2024 (based on S$100K MAB)
  • An extra 2 mpd for bonus category spending from 1 May 2024 onwards (based on S$10K MAB)
⚠️ Important Note
Do remember that account opening may not be instant, especially outside of working hours. From data points in the MileChat, most existing UOB customers should get approval within an hour if they open their account during working hours.

To make this absolutely clear: it does not matter when in the month you opened your UOB Lady’s Savings Account; the bonus will be calculated based on all your UOB Lady’s Card spending in that particular month. 

Do note that this is a purely one-time opportunity, only available in the opening month. You can’t repeat it from the following month onwards. Think of it as a joining gift of sorts!

There’s one important caveat here.


Inward Funds Transfer via FAST/PayNow performed after 10.30pm on a business day (Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) will carry the value date of the next business day.

Inward Fund Transfers received on a non-business day (Sundays, Public Holidays) will similarly carry the value date of the next business day.

Such transfers may lower your MAB, and you are encouraged to review the transaction details on Personal Internet Banking / TMRW App regularly and make funds top up if necessary to maintain your MAB at the preferred level

Source: UOB FAQs

Therefore, you should open your UOB Lady’s Savings Account on the last working day of the month, before 10.30 p.m. Any later and the funds, even though they may be deposited instantly, will carry the value date of the next working day which falls in the following calendar month.

Subsequent months

In subsequent months, I would recommend withdrawing the the excess and keeping an MAB of S$10,000 in the account. 

If you’re a lady, then I’d recommend an MAB of S$10,001, because this would bump you into the next tier of cancer coverage (which offers a S$10,000 benefit, versus just S$1,000 for those with an MAB of S$10,000 or below). 

Why S$10,000/S$10,001? Because the opportunity cost of keeping S$50,000 or S$100,000 in the UOB Lady’s Savings Account for an entire month is simply too high. Of course, it all boils down to how much you value a mile, and how much you spend each month on your UOB Lady’s Cards.

I’ve made the arguments in detail in the post below.

UOB Lady’s Savings Account: Is 6 mpd worth a S$10,000 deposit?

Does spending on the UOB Lady’s Card double count towards the UOB One Account?

Yes. There is no interaction between the UOB One Account and UOB Lady’s Savings Account.

For example, if you spend S$600 on your UOB Lady’s Card, that spending will be eligible to unlock bonus interest on the UOB One Account, as well as earn bonus miles with the UOB Lady’s Savings Account.


The UOB Lady’s Savings Account offers a limited-time opportunity to earn an extra 2-6 mpd on your UOB Lady’s Card spending, though it does come at the expense of interest.

My advice would be to open your account as late in the month as possible, deposit enough to unlock the S$50,000 or S$100,000 MAB tier bonus, then withdraw the funds once the following month begins and keep S$10,000 (or S$10,001) in the account from then on. Most people will find that the opportunity cost of foregone interest on S$10,000 will be more than made up for by the extra 2 mpd, provided you max out the monthly bonus cap on your card each month.

I’ve written a separate FAQ for the UOB Lady’s Cards, so refer to this post if you have questions on that topic. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi! I tried opening a new UOB lady’s saving account on the last working day of May, around 9.30pm and I unfortunately did not get an approval till date (it’s 3 Jun now). I’m not new to UOB and currently holds 2 other savings account and 3 UOB cc. Perhaps it might be worth it for others to open the new account slightly earlier than on the last working day itself to utilize the first time benefit..


Planning to do the first month trick for extra 6mpd this month, June 2024. Since 30 June (last day of month) falls on a Sunday, I should open the savings account on 28 June right? When can I withdraw the funds, 29 June or 1st July? Im assuming 29 June will draw down the MAB by a two thirds, please correct if im wrong. Thanks in advance!

thomas the tank

Same here bro going to pump and dump late this month


I spent my entire $2000 from the selected categories on the first day of the month. If I apply for the lady’s savings account now and make a fresh fund deposit today, will I still be eligible to earn the bonus UNI$ points?


Are bonus UNI$ awarded in blocks of $5? Are they awarded per transaction or total sum of monthly transactions? Not holding my breath that the calculations will be in the consumer’s favour.


I opened the account on 31st May morning via the app. Almost instant approval. Transfer 100k in and withdrew 90k on 1st June morning. App shows MAB $33,333 as its average over 3 months.
Hopefully will get the 6mpd next month.


Can the ladies savings account be a joint account?


Hi Aaron, I think the above article assumption on MAB is wrong. My wife opened her account on 6 Apr putting in 10K. She did not get the bonus UNI$ for the lady’s saving account at end of May (for April spending). Upon calling up UOB customer service (which was a pain), she was told that her MAB is $8,333. This implies that they us the formula of 10,000 x 25/ 30 days. Not 25 days!


Thanks for the clarification and pointing me to the uob faqs (didnt know there is one). Mystery solved. She didn’t deposit on the same day as account opening!!