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Lifehack: Use AXS Pay Any Bills, save big on KFC!

Who needs boring old credit card rewards when you have KFC?

AXS Pay Any Bills: Does it actually earn credit card rewards?

AXS Pay Any Bills promises credit card rewards for bill payments. Unfortunately, it's a promise that's inconsistently fulfilled.

AXS Pay Any Bills offering 1.7% fee for rental payments

From now till 31 December 2023, pay your rent via AXS Pay Any Bills with a 1.7% admin fee and buy miles from 1.04 cents.

AXS Pay Any Bills: Pay bills and earn rewards with a 2.6% fee (but why?)

AXS Pay+Earn lets you pay any bill with a 2.6% fee, but I'm struggling to see the point.

Nerfed: GrabPay to block AXS transactions from 16 January

From 16 January 2023, GrabPay will remove support for AXS transactions, (mostly) ending an era of free miles and cashback for bill payments.

Amaze Card adds support for AXS payments

You can now use the Amaze Card for AXS payments and still earn the usual 1% cashback.

Good news: AXS accepting GrabPay Mastercard once again

AXS now accepts the GrabPay Mastercard, which means a chance to earn miles or cashback on bill payments that wouldn't otherwise qualify.

AXS Pay+Earn now live: Earn credit card rewards for bill payments

Earn miles on AXS bill payments for a 2.5% fee- but why would you, when cheaper alternatives exist?