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Japan adds Sinopharm, Sinovac to recognised vaccinations

From 11 October, Japan will expand its definition of fully vaccinated to include all 11 WHO-approved vaccines.

Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan: Which one should you visit first?

Last week saw Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan all announce plans to reopen. But which is the best candidate for a year-end vacation?

Booked: A long overdue trip to Japan

Japan lifts its remaining tourism restrictions on 11 October, which means open season on flights and hotels. Here's my plan.

Official: Japan lifting all tourism restrictions from 11 October

From 11 October, Japan will scrap its arrival caps and visa requirement, and allow free-and-easy travel once again.

Japan set to lift visa requirements and daily arrival cap from October

Japan is expected to lift its visa requirements for tourists and remove the daily arrival cap from October, as it prepares for year-end visitors.

Reports: Japan could announce full tourism reopening this week

Japan could scrap its remaining tourism restrictions by October, with a possible announcement as early as this week. Endgame?

Japan to allow “non-escorted package tours” from 7 September

From 7 September, Japan will remove the chaperone requirement for tourists and scrap pre-departure testing, as it inches towards reopening.

Scoot resumes flights to Hokkaido from November 2022

Scoot will resume daily service to Sapporo from November 2022, but will Japan reopen to free and easy travel by then?


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