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HSBC Advance Extends 10X Rewards to 31 May 2017

Stay of execution.

The 10X Rewards program with HSBC Advance was originally scheduled to end on 31 March 2017. Historically, the program has been renewed numerous times in the past, so there was some hope of another extension.

Well, that’s finally happened. HSBC has added a note on the Advance card site that the 10X rewards program is extended to 31 May 2017.

Needless to say, unlimited 10X rewards points on online and dining/entertainment is ridiculously generous. This program is almost certainly a loss leader for HSBC to get people to sign up for Advance accounts, and I don’t believe it is sustainable in the long run.

Still, make hay while the sun shines!

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But I just received my UOB PP Amex today in preparation for the HSBC 10x ending, haha

Lol I’ve also applied for UOB PPA in preparation for life after 10x. Looking for a card for online spend, what would you suggest? (I have the UOB Prvi for general spending)

DBS WW for online spending.

Doesn’t look like the annual fees can be waived though.. It’s quite a sum for no bonus miles.

Got both the DBS World Womans and UOB PP Visa, mainly because I think the $2k/month limit on DBS World Womans is enough

How did you apply the UOB PPA Amex still?

I got a positive reply via the SMS method, it’s day 7 and I’m still waiting for the cards to arrive..S

Yea realized I had a positive reply but let’s see if anything comes in 10 days

They still accept the paper forms if you have one. I have the pdf of it somewhere.
Mind you they include a bunch of coupons that expire 31 Dec 2016 with the card…

Tim, would you mind sharing the pdf of the form? I’ve had no luck via the sms method 🙁 would appreciate it very much

Can share a copy of the pdf form? Thanks.

How? Where do I put it?

Ideally will be good to put into a shared folder using dropbox or google drive. Alternatively, if you don’t mind can email to my email account: [email protected]. Thanks.

Would you mind emailing it to me too? [email protected] Thanks again

The HSBC advance card doesn’t work on ipaymy or cardup anymore. Any idea why that is?

HSBC confirmed to me via phone that for my payment with the Advance card on iPaymy in early March (still when they had Smoovpay as the payment provider) 10x reward points will be given (will be able to check definitively only after I get the points in my account). On there is a mention that 10x reward points are given only if an OTP gets triggered during the transaction. Hence, if you have signed up for recurring payments/scheduled payment, then no OTP is triggered and in this case the 10x reward points will not come through. I haven’t checked… Read more »

YES!!!!! I was constantly refreshing the HSBC advance page lol

And this time they made it more exact, perhaps the last extension?

The old end date of 31 March was the first time they put the end date on the main page, previously the end date was hiding in the T&Cs. So I was sort of expecting 31 March to be final end date because of that haha

Hi guys, this question has probably been asked and answered a million times but will it be considered an online transaction for mobile payment providers like Apple Pay, Android Pay and the likes?

Apple Pay / Android Pay are just like wallets. It doesn’t affect the nature of the transaction. E.g. If you take Uber using Apple Pay, it is considered online transaction. If you pay using Apple Pay at NTUC Fairprice, it is not online. Cheers! 🙂

Hmm, anyone knows if we’ll get the 10x points from paying SP bills through the app using this card?

SP Services just updated their app & added the capability to pay bills online using a Credit Card. I plan to try paying my bill this coming month, will update.

HSBC seem to have just launched a new promo for signing up to their Premier accounts.

New Relationship (with $200,000): 20,000 KF miles
New Relationship (with $1,200,000): 50,000 KF miles
Premier Credit Card: 10,000 KF miles
Wealth Products: 30,000 KF miles

Premier status does not allow cardholders to get the Advance card based on a few posts by others, only Advance customers can do so.
If you want sign up bonuses for $200k+ deposits, look around as most banks will offer them (e.g. Citi, StanChart, OCBC). From memory earlier this year StanChart & OCBC were offering at least $800 bonuses which to me is worth more than 20k miles.

Hi Tim, I did manage to get an Advance card based on my Premier status. The agent at the Premier counter had to get authorization from the credit card department though. After that it took about 10 days for my card to arrive. It initially came with quite a low credit limit but I was able to transfer some credit limit from my Premier credit card to Advance card by placing a simple phone call to the Premier hotline.

nice, youre the first I heard. I didnt park my money with HSBC so never had premier status with them. Suited me fine haha, i find their ibanking quite mafan (would like the ability to login without the hardware token!)

I have the card but can’t figure out how to tell if my x9 points are posting. Does it only show the following month in the PDF account statement or is there a way on their online banking to see the ‘live’ total? Thanks

I check online to see my live total. Check your credit card balance and click on bonus points.
The following month thing on their T&Cs are just trying to play it safe, sometimes I get credited 1x on the day itself and the rest of the 9x within the week.


Does anybody know how long it usually takes to convert hsbc points to krisflyer/asiamiles?

Thanks in advance.

Oh no! Has DBS changed its terms for its DBS WWMC? T&C now says 10X Rewards for Online Retail Purchases up to $2000 . Was the wording the same before or has this been recently ammended to include ‘retail’, which would basically rule out any online travel booking (flights, trains, hotels, etc.)? Can someone confirm? Thanks.

is there still a way to get otp using cardup or ipaymy?

Yes, there is! I just used iPaymy with HSBC Advance to pay rent and I got an OTP. Basically don’t save any credits cards to ‘My Wallet’ and don’t schedule payments either. Just click on ‘pay rent’ and enter your CC details as a guest.

Looks like only available for paying rent. If paying insurance premiums, we need to schedule it. Doesn’t look like there’s any way to pay immediately.

If you’re already using the HSBC Advance to top up your EZ link card, milk the final month of 10x by using EZ link at f&b (KOI!)/shopping establishments/cold storage/convenience stores. I only realised just how useful EZ link can be (for those who don’t have the FEVO) recently so I thought I’d spread the word just in case I’m not the latest to the party..

My HSBC Advance was finally issued today so if it stops on 31 May, I.. won’t even know what to say.

u still have 9 days to shop online and dining also top up EZ Link Prepaid up to 200 SGD. Maximize till it last..LOL

Do you know if they award 10x points based on transaction date or posting date?

Posting date. HSBC can be very slow in their posting – I once had a transaction that was posted 6 days later and ended up in the next month’s point calculation.

Top up online accounts as much as possible. Telcos, utilities, Amazon, Qoo10, Grabpay etc.

Chelsea – go shopping

Cannot lah.. Aaron says spend like debit card. Hahahaha. Devoted readership looks like this.

Just took advantage of the Grabcredits offer (20% discount) and maxed it at $250 with the HSBC Advance.

After topped up one time $100 then cant add anymore

You could manually type in ‘$250’, instead of choosing the pre-selected value of $100. And yes, you could only redeem the offer once yesterday,

Going to be a cash back card. No more 10X.

Reliable intel? If so that’s very disappointing.

You will receive a mail if you are an advance customer saying that it will be a cash back card from 1st June onwards.

Yup, got the same info from a branch RM – he said that it’ll become a cash back card (3.5% with no minimum spend) and all spend will get 1x reward point. Changes go into effect June 1st. It is disappointing but interesting that there is no minimum spend. I guess the HSBC Revolution card will be there best offering for reward points. It seems like a pretty good card – 5x points for the same categories as the Advance card.

well, at least for dinning and drinking out the Revolution card may make sense. There are of course still cards offering 10x for online spend.

Sigh. I knew my luck would kick me in the stomach again. 🙁

3.5% cashback with no min or max limits + 1x rewards? Too good to be true.
Either the CSOs don’t know the full picture or …

I got the letter, from 1 June: Spend above $2k 3.5%/2.5% Spend below $2k 2.5%/1.5% Cap of $125/$70 The reason for the 2 amounts is that the first amount is for Advance customers and the 2nd amount for non-Advance customers. (i.e. spend over $2k is 3.5% for Advance cust, 2.5% for non-Advance). This indicates that you could cancel your Advance account after you get the card. Damn I wish I knew that. Until 30 June, you get 1 reward point per $1 spent in addition to the cash back. IMPORTANT From 1 Sep, all Advance points will be transferred to… Read more »

Hmm at a valuation of 2cpm, the 2.5% rebate is roughly a 1.3mpd deal, and 3.5% is roughly 1.7-1.8mpd? Not a great deal unless this card really offers cashback on e v e r y t h i n g..

Eligible purchases means retail purchases made locally or overseas (including online transactions), and recurring bill payments.

Exclusions: cash advance, balance transfer, fees & charges, HSBC tax payment facility, instalment payment plan, brokerage/securities transactions, money payment/transfer websites, transactions relating to money orders/travellers cheques/gaming, AXS/ATM transactions, prepaid top-ups (incl ezlink, transitlink, nets flashpay, and the usual “any other transactions as determined by HSBC from time to time”

The programs from DBS Womans and HSBC Advance 10x rewards have been running for years. Quite coincidentally after they were shared on this blog, the banks have stopped them within a matter of a few months. Sharing is caring but in this case, maybe better not.

The alternative would be for it not to be shared, and those who were just so happened to be lucky enough to be in on it can enjoy it with less risk of it being pulled?

yeap, this was all along the case
same goes for many other method, self advertisement and blogging, rewards will results in being lower tier
those bank employee must have score high kpi for solving all these

The cards’ benefits were laid bare for all to see. It is not as if we were trying to exploit any loopholes. If anything, sharing served as free marketing for the card issuers, which they should be thankful for.

What will be a good alternative to HSBC Advance for dining and online spend?

UOB PPV for local dining (paywave) + online (restrictive )
DBS WWC for online (wide range)
UOB PPA for dining –> it seems doesnt accept new application anymore

Maybank horizon for dining? 3.2 miles per dollar

Swipe non online $3,572 get $125 each mth+ 1x point June 17 no bad also.

To be clear, 1pt = 0.4 miles (or extra 0.25% cashback if you fail to convert miles by 31 Aug)

with the new changes, will revolution be the best card for ezlink top-up now? Contemplating signing for it.

The top up $200 using fevo-1% or gtm paywave can get 5x? Tq

With effect from 1 November 2015, for Online Transactions which involve EZ-Link or Transitlink, 5x Rewards points are capped at 1,000 HSBC Rewards points per Account per calendar month (i.e. S$200 spend).

What is the rate miles/$ for revolution ? is it more than 1.2 miles/$ ?

2miles per dollar

just check they HSBC Revo have 2 type of sign up gift , Which one more interesting ? :

1. charge 600$ within first month receive 160$ cashback
total OR
2 Charge a minimum of S$300 in Qualifying Transactions per month for the first 3 Spend Periods get Delsey Helium Aero 71cm TSA Luggage worth S$529 + 40$ cashback

i prefer no 1 since i check this new luggage only sold 159$ in carousell lol

Signup gifts only for totally ‘new’ customers. Not available for those who downgrade from Advance.