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AMEX Krisflyer cobrand cards offering up to 3.3 mpd on Grab and Uber

Up to 3.3 mpd on Grab and Uber rides, capped at S$200 each month.

I’m not the biggest fan of the AMEX Krisflyer cobrand card portfolio, but they’ve been making some positive moves recently. First, they doubled the first spend bonus from 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles. That’s 10,000 miles when you spend any amount on your card for the first time. Second, they started offering up to 5.3 mpd on Android, Samsung and Apple Pay payments. Third and most recently, they’ve started offering up to 3.3 mpd on Grab and Uber rides.

Edit: AMEX has reached out to clarify that the 3.3 mpd applies also to GrabPay top-ups and UberEats orders

This offer starts from 25 October 2017 with no end date specified. You earn a bonus 2 mpd with every $1 spent on transactions with Uber and Grab. This means you’ll earn the following overall mpd depending on the type of cobrand card you have

This is capped at S$200 of spending on Grab and Uber (combined cap for both platforms, not individual) each month. 3.3 mpd is a good rate if you’re not able to apply for a DBS Woman’s World Card which would give you 4 mpd on Grab and Uber rides.

Although it’s unlikely I’ll switch my general spending card to any of the AMEX Krisflyer cobranded ones anytime soon (it’s ridiculous they don’t even offer the best mpd out there for buying SQ/MI tickets- 2 mpd vs up to 4mpd with the DBS WWMC or 3 mpd with the DBS Altitude), it’s encouraging to see them doing small scale promotions like this to improve the card’s value proposition within certain categories of spend.

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Also 3 mpd with Gucci! *Terms and Conditions   This 3 KrisFlyer miles per S$1.00 offer is only valid from now until 30 November 2017 and is only applicable to The American Express® Singapore Airlines Credit Card issued in Singapore. To enjoy this offer, Card Members must settle the payment with an eligible American Express Singapore Airlines Credit Card. Card Members will earn 3 KrisFlyer miles for every S$1.00 spend at participating Gucci stores in Singapore. Bonus KrisFlyer miles received during the offer period are capped to a maximum of 50,000 KrisFlyer miles per Card Member. The above offer is only applicable to the participating… Read more »

you should use your airmiles to acquire a better taste in fashion son

I love my crocs and ain’t no one gonna take that away from me

only a man with self confidence and belief wears croc’s. my mum says.

Nice to see this from Amex. But my main gripe is always their ‘capped at $x spending’. Such turn off.

Actually, I rather they do that instead of the “limited to the first 10, 000 customers” BS some banks love to use.

Hi Aaron, any idea if the bonus is applicable when I top up my grab pay account instead of just paying off the card each trip?

I don’t believe AMEX is accepted as a form of payment for top-ups. only visa, mastercard, and china union pay.

AMEX is accepted to top up Grab credits.

Wow! Thanks Aaron and guys! :))

I clarified with Amex on Facebook and they mentioned that the Grab/Uber promo is a new benefit, thus there is no end date.

So, you pay uber and grab via android pay /apple pay and link ur kf card to the pay, that way CA earn 5.1 mpd, right?

That sounds intriguing but my answer would be no. In that case you’d earn the bonus on mobile payments but not grab. Reason being your mode of payment for grab needs to be the Amex krisflyer card for you to earn the bonus. If you pay via Android pay for eg, it won’t register as a grab transaction on the Amex side

Hmm it will probably code as Android Pay first on Amex side?

On a side note,

Money Digest just posted a super misleading article about the KF Amex cards + Grab /Uber partnership.

I cringed reading the post . * shudders *


Nope doesn’t show for me.

Working on it. Apparently editing comments is only available on desktop.

so pay uber/grab via android pay/apple/samsung pay and link ur KF card to those mobile pay and earn 1.1+2+4 =7.1mpd for the first 300$ and 3.1mpd for 200$ every month