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The Milelion Directory has been updated for March

Hello everyone

The Milelion directory has been updated for March. Beware the ides of March.

As a general point, the recent Krisflyer devaluation means that a rethink will be needed of some of the articles below. The value of a mile has changed, and likewise the calculations underlying some of the conclusions. Over time the content will get updated.

You can always find the latest directory here. As of March, the directory reads as follows-

Airline Programs

Credit Cards


Rental Cars

SIM Cards

Reviews of Flights and Hotels (Trip Reports)

Other useful stuff

The Milelion is on The Instantgram. Sigh.

First things first. The Milelion doesn’t do social media. Even in my personal life, I tend to view Facebook et al as sort of a one way mirror- great for stalking people.

Here’s my Facebook profile, for example.

I’d be very amused if the DHS asked me for my social media profile, because I imagine they’d be instantly suspicious. After all, what sort of man doesn’t post photos of his food/kneejerk opinions about unverified news articles floating around the interweb/mild, insincere platitudes about random acquaintance baby photos that pop up on his feed? This man is dangerous, and must be stopped!

I remember when I was first introduced to Instagram. My friend opened the app on his phone. An plethora of photos synced and loaded.

“So, this is the Instantgram?” I asked

He affirmed that it was.

“And this Instantgram is capturing the zeitgeist of our era?”

He affirmed that it was.

“But all I see is partying and food and people wearing very few clothes and vaguely pretentious soft focus off centre photos with random filters and psychobabble captions applied to them. Are you sure the app is working properly?”

He affirmed that it was.

Unfortunately, it seems that people would prefer to stare at pretty chiobu photos than read 3,000 words on the renaissance of the airport hotel. Case in point, I recently reached out to a few local hotels to ask if they were interested in sponsoring giveaways for readers of The Milelion. Of those that didn’t straight away send the email to spam, quite a few asked me how “good I was at social media”

“Well,” I said. “I don’t use my phone at the table. So I think I’m pretty good at social media, thank you very much”

They didn’t get back to me after that.

So, just for you, The Milelion is now on Instantgram. Yes, I’m going to call it that. Follow The Milelion here. If you want. You’re not a bad person if you don’t. In fact you’re probably more principled than me.

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My upcoming trip to Miami should provide ample Instantgram fodder, but in the meantime I’ve uploaded some photos from past trips and links to the corresponding trip reports. I believe that is called Aftergram or something. Postergram?

What’s in it for you? Well, it opens up the possibility to do giveaways (sponsored or otherwise), send snarky messages to SQ and wear frameless glasses. So follow The Milelion, and tell all your friends you knew about it when it was still underground.

Support The Milelion when you sign up for credit cards

The Milelion is free and will always be.

Different websites have different ways of staying free. Some websites have annoying autoplay video ads. Others have adblock blockers that obnoxiously take up your whole screen and demand you unblock them. Still others have a big popunder asking them to subscribe to a spammy newsletter.

The Milelion doesn’t go for any of that. All ads are non-obtrusive and on the sidebar. Block them if they annoy you (but if they don’t, consider whitelisting). The newsletter is yours to subscribe to via the small box on the left. You won’t get a begging signup box blocking your screen. And autoplay video ads? Come the revolution, any website with those will be first against the wall.

But ultimately, The Milelion needs to be sustainable. And I’d prefer to do this in the least intrusive way possible. That’s why we’re going to start putting affiliate links in some articles for ANZ, Citibank and Standard Chartered credit cards. HSBC will follow soon. UOB and DBS, unfortunately, do not partner with the affiliate network I’m using but we might be able to get them through a 3rd party finance site.

How these links work is simple- if you read about a credit card that sounds like something you might like, sign up for it through our link. We’ll earn a referral fee. Signing up this way still makes you eligible for whatever sign up bonus/gifts the banks offer.

For example, if you click on the ANZ credit card link  to sign up for an ANZ Travel Card, you’ll see this

And if you sign up for the Travel Visa Signature Card, you’ll get the 25,000 bonus miles and 28″ luggage, subject to meeting the regular T&C.

Remember- I don’t see any of this money. All costs incurred in running The Milelion (social and otherwise) are borne by me. All revenues earned by the site until 31 July go to support World Vision.

We’re a bit lower than I was expecting at this time in the campaign, but hopefully with the additional revenue from affiliate sign ups we’ll meet the $5K goal.

Final point: I understand people might be concerned about how this affects content objectivity. That’s fair enough. The last thing I want is this becoming the kind of website that can say with a straight face that the Krisflyer Ascend card is a good option(I swear, they updated the headline to add “Or the worst?” since I last read it).

Let me put it this way- over the past 2 years The Milelion has been in existence I’ve made it clear I’d rather die than recommend a crappy card to someone. And although there are some great affiliate offers for crappy cards, including a particular mall-related AMEX that I have described, rather charitably, as possibly the worst card in Singapore, I’m not going to put those links here. I trust you have the right resources here to know which cards you should and shouldn’t be applying for, if you want to play the miles game.

I’m going to put some links below, but I will progressively populate older articles (like my good friend the Milelion Credit Card Omnibus) with these as well.

Thanks to everyone for your support



Travel Visa Signature

UPDATE: I’d advise against applying for this card given the recent cuts to benefits. No more 10k miles when paying the annual fee. 

Despite the recent devaluation of the lounge access benefit, the ANZ Travel Visa Signature remains a solid card to have assuming you travel frequently to Australia/NZ. You can get up to 25,000 miles if you’re willing to pay the first year annual fee and spend $3,000 in the first month.

Get more air miles with every dollar


If you’re a new Citibank cardholder, you can get $120 cashback when you sign up here. I wrote a short article on how this can be a potential avenue to MS, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Citibank Rewards Card

Apply here

The old stalwart of the rewards card portfolio, the Citibank Rewards may have lost some utility ever since bill payment via AXS was taken away, but regular promotions like the one with Amazon make it a solid card to have in my book.

Citibank Premiermiles Visa

Apply here

I don’t love Citibank’s policy of having separate redemption fees for ThankYou points and Premiermiles, but I do love that they have the most useful transfer partners of any SG based bank.

For the full runthrough you can refer to the Citibank entry in the credit card omnibus.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite

Image result for standard chartered visa infinite

Apply here

The SC Visa Infinite (S$30,000 income requirement (!) if you’re a priority/private banking customer, S$150,000 if not) has an a choice of 2 welcome gifts in exchange for a S$588.50 annual fee

  1. 35,000 miles
  2. 25,000 miles plus S$100 Uber Credit

If you opt for (1), you are essentially buying miles at 1.68 cents each. This is one of the lowest rates I’ve ever seen for sign up/renewal bonuses. There are some decent card related bonuses too, and if you’re the sort who puts at least S$2K spend on your card each month you can earn 3 mpd on overseas spending.

We’ll add more links once HSBC comes through, hopefully there’ll be another extension to the 10X points on the Advance Card?