Using Grabpay to earn miles at hawker centres

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In a bid to head towards a "cashless" society, Singapore has been launching new mobile payment platforms left right centre. We'll investigate the case for one of them, GrabPay.

In this year’s National Day Rally, our Prime Minister brought up the case for a “cashless” society (Read : Payments with QR codes) and gave the example of WeChat Pay in his recent trip to Beijing.

This kickstarted a whole new wave of e-payment services in Singapore which more often than not, involves a direct debit from your bank account (i.e NetsPay, DBS Scan & Pay, DBS PayLah).

Dining in coffeeshops and hawker centres for our meals is a quintessential Singaporean affair. However, all if not most, would only accept cash payments, or at a stretch, DBS PayLah. NetsPay is also progressively being rolled out

Here’s where the fun begins

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Enter GrabPay, the e-payment system launched by Grab recently (the same company which allows you to find private hires). Almost all of us have the Grab app on our phones, hence I’m discussing this platform of e-payment in particular.

How it works is :

  • You top up your Grab Pay wallet within the Grab app
  • Credits in the Grab Pay wallet can be used on either Grab Pay at select merchants or for your rides on Grab.

Here are some merchants which currently accept Grab Pay :

Mount Faber Nasi Lemak
Rayyan’s Waroeng PenyetTelok Ayer Street Coffeeshop
Telok Ayer Fishball Noodle
Nur Nasi Padang
Mr. Batang Fish @ 96Amoy Street Food Centre
Centre Satay Beehoon (Ang Mo Kio Food Centre)
New Hong Kong CongeeAmoy Street Food Centre
Jin Cheng Traditional Coffee & TeaMarket Street Food Centre
Ming Fa Minced Meat NoodlesMarket Street Food Centre
Cha Tru MueChina Square

There’s quite a number of other merchants which can be found on their website, but I handpicked these as I was hungry. There are several other quirky merchants such as mini-marts and manicure shops (?).

“So why Grab Pay specifically?”

Of all the other e-payment systems that were launched recently, only GrabPay accepts credit card top ups to it’s mobile wallet.

Plus topping up your GrabPay wallets with the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard or Citibank Rewards card nets you a cool 4mpd. (or in the case of the KrisFlyer co-branded cards, up to 3.3mpd). Currently, Grab is offering 5X more Grab Rewards points when you spend on GrabPay. (Edit : Promotion has already ended for 5X Grab Reward points) For a breakdown on Grab Rewards, click here! Also, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Grab Rewards points can now be transferred to KrisFlyer at a block of 12,000 GR to 1,000 KF Miles.

(P.S : Also check out this article to see which card works best for your Grab expenditure!)

This presents an excellent opportunity to be earning miles at these establishments in which previously you couldn’t do so because they only took cash payments.

Hopefully, Grab continues to expand its lists of merchants who don’t accept credit cards, to accept GrabPay. As who doesn’t like partaking in that high cholesterol inducing Char Kuey Teow and earning miles at the same time?

Matthew Chong
Matthew Chong
Addicted to luxury travel while trying not to go broke, Matthew is always on the prowl for the best deals in the travel industry. When he's not busy studying, he can be found trawling the internet and reading up on credit cards, airlines and hotels. He also wouldn't mind taking you out on a date.

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Travel hunter

U can actually top up liquid pay with credit card


how many chicken rice i need to eat to fly business class to tokyo eh?


If you are professional eater – probably not that many, assuming that you are practicing regularly….


i am not a professional eater, i’m just your average feminist. how many must i eat ehh?


Assuming a plate of chicken rice is $3.50, you will need to eat 3072 plates of chicken rice. Double that if you plan to return on business class as well. Just remember to use the right credit card.


Hi Aaron, will I be able to get 4mpd on GrabPay with CitiRewards VISA ? Thanks!!

Aaron Wong



I topup my Grab Wallet on 23 Dec 17, doesn’t seem to have the 4mpd (or 10X rewards) after checking my rewards statements via Citibank website.
My overseas department store purchase on 24 Dec 17 did qualify however.
Anyone facing the same issue of not having 4mpd on Grab wallet topup??


Thanks louis , been using the Citi rewards visa also since the previous article.


If we link our DBS WWMC to Grabpay instead of manually topping up amount, do we still earn 4mpd?


Yes, but you end up with $5 rounding losses. Beter to top up in $5 increments.



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