Mileslife offering mega 5X miles promotion from 14-17 May 2018

Mileslife is offering 5X on all transactions (except giftcards and Mileslife credit) in the upcoming week.

Last month, Mileslife offered a 4X miles promotion over the weekend of 13-15 April. This month, they’re looking to top that with a 5X miles promotion over the whole of next week, 14-17 May 2018. All transactions (with the exception of gift cards and Mileslife credit top-ups) will earn 5X the regular miles, with the bonus capped at 2,000 miles per day.

If you do not already have a Mileslife account, you can sign up with any of the links in this article to earn a 1,000 mile bonus with your first spend of S$49 or more.

Restaurants normally earn 1, 2 or 3 mpd through the Mileslife app, so with 5X you’d be looking at 5, 10 or 15 mpd just from the app alone. But don’t forget that Mileslife is more than just restaurants- you can buy spa packages, attraction tickets, hotels, activities, heck, even ROM photography packages through the app.

You can earn additional points from your credit card on top of whatever the Mileslife app gives you. Here’s how you can think of maxing out this promotion:

Pay with the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

OCBC Titanium Rewards is offering 6 mpd on Mileslife purchases till 30 June 2018, without any cap. This means you could potentially earn a jaw-dropping 21 mpd on dining, if you find the right restaurant. If you don’t already have an OCBC Titanium Rewards card, you can support the site by applying for a card through any of the links in this article.

Pay with the Citibank Rewards Card

Mileslife doesn’t fall into the category of bags, shoes and clothes that earn 10X (4 mpd) points with the Citibank Rewards card, but for whatever reason it’s getting 10X. If you don’t already have a Citibank Rewards Card, you can support the site by applying for a card through any of the links in this article. Trust me, if you’re an iPhone user you’re going to want to get a Citibank Rewards card. 

Pay with the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa

It was confirmed months ago that the UOB PPV earns 4 mpd with Mileslife. This is subject to the usual cap of S$1,000 on online transactions per month. You can apply for a UOB PPV here.

Pay with a DBS credit card

DBS is running a promotion till the end of the year which gives 50% additional miles with Mileslife. The 5X and 50% bonuses do not stack, but Mileslife will award whichever calculation is more favorable to you. For example, if a restaurant normally gives 3 mpd, Mileslife will give you 15 mpd instead of 4.5 mpd.

First time Mileslife users who also hold DBS credit cards will get 1,500 miles when they sign up for Mileslife.

Make a booking with Chope…perhaps

Chope and Mileslife both take a cut of the dining bill when you use their apps, so I can imagine some restaurants being distinctly displeased with requests to pay with Mileslife when you’ve made your booking with Chope. But then again, it never hurts to try. Chope Dollars can be converted to KrisFlyer miles, so this is another potential miles earning source.

Final points to note

Mileslife isn’t just for earning KrisFlyer miles- you can earn miles with any of the 15 FFPs that Mileslife partners with. During the recent Milelion Miles Masterclass, Troy spoke of some lesser-known FFP sweet spots that you can access through Mileslife. If these interest you, Mileslife can help you earn the miles you need.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Even with the 15x, paying with citi rewards Apple Pay still is better at 20x right?


Here we are talking 15mpd. The 20x apple pay is only 8mpd.


Ah thanks for the clarification! I got mixed up.


Correct me if I am wrong.

If I top up 300 dollars using OCBC titanium, that if 300 bonus miles + 1800 ocbc miles

then I use the 300 at those 3 miles per 1 dollar restaurants. that is 4500 miles.

thus the total i can get from this 300 dollars is 300+1800+4500=6600 miles. and that is 22 miles per dollar.



Correct, but with a caveat. For the 15X miles spending, there’s a cap of 2,000 bonus miles daily. So if you spend $300 in your Mileslife wallet in one transaction, you’ll exceed the cap. Consequently, your effective mpd will be lower. Aaron’s calculation of the 21 mpd only takes into account the first two dips, and did not consider the third dip (i.e. topping up of your Mileslife wallet). This third dip earns you an additional 1 mpd (for a $300 top up), 1.2 mpd (for a $2,500 top up), 1.5 mpd (for a $5,000 top up) or 2 mpd… Read more »



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