Earn 6 mpd on Mileslife with OCBC Titanium Rewards, plus a chance to win 2 RTW tickets

Earn 6 mpd on your first $1,000 spending with Mileslife from now till 31 December. Spend at least $250 with Mileslife Retail to earn a chance to win 2 RTW Business Class tickets.

Mileslife is an app that lets you earn airline miles with 16 different frequent flyer programs on your dining, activity, lifestyle, travel, and retail spend. When you pay with Mileslife, you earn miles from both the app and your credit card.

Use the promo code Milelion to earn 1,000 bonus miles on your first spend of $49 or more

[disclosure: I used to work at Mileslife, but have left to focus on The Milelion. More on this in a future post!]

From 15 October to 31 December, OCBC Titanium Rewards is offering 15 OCBC$ (the equivalent of 6 miles) for every $1 spent on Mileslife. This stacks with whatever Mileslife already gives, which means you can earn up to:

  • 11 mpd on dining and travel (6 mpd from OCBC, 5 mpd from Mileslife)
  • 7 mpd on retail (6 mpd from OCBC, 1 mpd from Mileslife)

The bonus is capped at a maximum spend of $1,000 for the entire promotional period. In other words, the maximum bonus OCBC$ you’ll earn is 15,000 (6,000 miles).

Win round the world business class tickets with Mileslife Retail

If you spend at least $250 on retail using the Mileslife app between 15 October to 31 December, you could win two round the world Business Class tickets (offered in the form of 480,000 miles) from Mileslife.

You earn 1 chance for every $250 spent, although that doubles to 2 chances per $250 if you pay with an OCBC card via Mileslife. Here are some examples of merchants that are available on Mileslife Retail.

Do note that not all locations may be participating, eg only the Coach at RWS Sentosa is eligible. If you think that’s too far a trek, you can exchange your taxi receipt at the RWS customer service counter to get an instant discount voucher of up to $15.

The prize is given in the form of 480,000 miles, which is the equivalent of 2 RTW Business Class tickets if redeemed via KrisFlyer. Of course, you can choose to transfer those miles to any of Mileslife’s 16 FFPs (but why would you want to use anything other than KrisFlyer?) if you’d prefer.

Even if you decide to transfer those miles to KrisFlyer, no one’s forcing you to redeem them for RTW tickets if you don’t want to. 480,000 miles would be just enough for two round trip First Class Saver awards to the USA (good luck finding 2X Saver awards though).

But if you did want to book a RTW ticket, well, if only there were a class which taught you how to do that

OCBC Titanium Rewards should now become your default Mileslife card

It goes without saying that the OCBC Titanium Rewards card should now become your default Mileslife card, at least for the first $1,000 between now and 31 December 2018. Take a few seconds to switch your default card on Mileslife now.

If you do not already have an OCBC Titanium Rewards card, you can sign up via the link below (signing up via Mileslife gives you $20 Mileslife credit upon approval, for new OCBC customers only)

[credit_card_shortcode cc_id=”21775″]

After this promotion finishes, your best bet for Mileslife is to use either the UOB PPV or Citibank Rewards card for 4 mpd.


Miles from Mileslife post directly to your FFP account with no transfer fees. This means that you can use Mileslife to “keep alive” FFP accounts that operate an activity-based expiry period, such as Avianca LifeMiles and British Airways Avios. I personally credit a small number of miles to my LifeMiles/Avios accounts every now and then just to reset the expiry countdown.

The merchants on Mileslife Retail, for now, are not exactly “everyday spend” places, but here’s hoping we see more options added soon.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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is the OCBC$ earned from this promo excluded from the cap?


This, I checked by emailing Mileslife and they say this promo is excluded from the “$12k p.a. Cap”…


Does top up count?


This, I didn’t ask.. would be good to know.. cos then just top up $1k per card and then problem solved..


Top up is excluded as per the T&Cs


Ah.. Yes.. Missed that.. Thanks..


T&C in OCBC side does not exclude topping up credit, only mentioning spending within the app. Milelife’s T&C specifically excludes topup.


Did I miss something..?

“…11 mpd on dining and travel (6 mpd from OCBC, 5 mpd from Mileslife)…”

Are there any restaurants giving 5 mpd on Mileslife? or all get 5 mpd during promo? The latter seems improbable.. i think..


Hmmm… maybe.. it just occurred to me.. max 3 mpd at restaurants and 2 mpd on top ups? Is this it?


But there are some restaurants that are currently on 8mpd (eg The Lokal)… so does that mean one can earn 6+8mpd?


Awesome! Tho, starting on 14 Oct would’ve been even better cos I had dinner at MFY last night! ?


Ah.. got it.. thanks!


Hi Aaron.. Will Top-ups get 6mpd from OCBC?


Ignore.. answered..


I think the 6mpd only applies to spending under the shopping tab, not dining and the others. Not sure if I’m reading the T&Cs right.


Apologies, I read the fine print and missed the headlines. It does earn 6mpd for dining and travel too.


Will buying of gift cards in Mileslife be given 6mpd too?


Only OCBC Titanium Rewards cards? Cos when I read promo, it seems to suggest any OCBC card also ok..?


Hi I click the link for sign up and received a call back. However the CSO says that annual fee must be paid and cannot be waived even though the website says it’s free, am I missing something?