New OCBC 90°N Card: 4 mpd overseas & on SIA, 8 mpd on hotels & Airbnb, no cap

OCBC has launched its first mass market miles card, and it's making quite the entrance.

The following is a sponsored post by OCBC. The opinions and analysis are those of The Milelion.

Although OCBC already has two miles and points cards in the VOYAGE and Titanium Rewards, the bank has historically lacked a mass-market travel card. That changes today with the launch of the OCBC 90°N Card (pronounced “90 Degrees North”).

Apply for the OCBC 90°N Card here

Key Highlights: OCBC 90°N Card

The OCBC 90°N Card has an annual income requirement of S$30,000 and an annual fee of $192.60, which is waived for the first year. Paying the fee in the second year gets you 10,000 miles. The T&C can be found here.

Cardholders normally earn 1.2 mpd on local spending and 2.1 mpd on foreign currency spending. However, from now till 29 Feb 2020, OCBC is offering some pretty amazing miles bonuses, all without cap:

4 miles per dollar8 miles per dollar
  • All foreign currency spending
  • Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot, AirAsia & Jetstar
  • DFS & Shilla @ Changi
  • Netflix & Spotify

The OCBC 90°N Card earns Travel$, which can be converted into KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees. The minimum transfer block is only 1,000 Travel$, and Travel$ do not expire.

There is also a modest sign up bonus of up to 7,000 miles for new-to-bank customers, but I imagine the headline for most people will be the uncapped 4/8 mpd.

Apply by 31 Oct 2019New OCBC Credit Card applicantsExisting customers
Upon ApprovalS$50N/A
Spend S$5,000 within 3 months of approval 7,000 miles3,000 miles

I’ve written a detailed review of the OCBC 90°N Card, so head on over there to learn more about the card’s key features, perks, and how it measures up to the competition!

Read a detailed review of the OCBC 90°N Card here

OCBC 90°N Card
General T&CBonus Travel$ T&CFAQ
Sign Up Bonus T&CExpedia Promo T&CAgoda Promo T&C

Launch Contest

Here’s a giveaway to mark the launch of the OCBC 90°N Card. Since you’ll no doubt be raking in a ton of miles on foreign currency, air tickets and hotels, the question is:

“Tell me your craziest miles story”

Whether it’s offering burnt sacrifices to the waitlist gods at ION Orchard, mileage runs to Mogadishu, or buying and selling gold bullion to hit a sign up bonus, leave a comment below with your response!

The 10 most creative answers will win a $50 Taka voucher each. To be eligible to win, you’ll need to leave your email address, so be sure to fill out that field in the section below. Contest closes 2359 on Friday 30th August.

Applications are now open, so read the review of the OCBC 90°N Card and add it to your travel plans!

Apply for the OCBC 90°N Card here

Join the OCBC 90°N Telegram Group for more discussion about the card!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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just wana say i really appreciate you having a summary title that actually summarizes rather than clickbaits. never change


Airlines HATE him!

Clarence Edwin

Can our income tax paid with this card be used to offset the $5000 spend within the first 3 months? If yes how do we go about the payment?


redeemed miles for an evening departure flight from Melbourne to Singapore on 31 Dec 2017 and was unexpectedly the first plane to touch down and the first passenger of 2018. I was half-expecting a special gift like the first to be born on national day but nope haha 😂😂 (the service on this flight was the best I’ve ever had as well😊)


i once held up the line at ntuc for close to 30 minutes just buying ntuc vouchers back in the days of citi rewards/apple pay 8 mpd. not my proudest moment, but the miles, the MILES.


asked my wife to change doctors for the birth of our first child- because the other one had contactless payments


craziest thing for miles? i once deliberately redeemed singapore airline’s ancient spacebed seat, just for nostalgia. 11 hours to istanbul in that is no joke.


Back in 2017 when the short-lived Citi Pay launched, and MRT GTMs started accepting credit cards (capped at $100 per day back then), I dutifully marched down to the station everyday at lunchtime for a measly 400 miles per day.


Craziest things for miles when i offered to “help’ my friend’s boss to buy 40,000 sgd Phillipe Patek watch in Paragon, I also need to swipe 3 cards since my limit wasnt even half of it.


Could be worth $120k now 😉


I hope you bought a Patek Philippe because 40k for a Philippe Patek is a huge mistake!

Rio Indrawan

Clarification , the Phillipe Patek is not mine, i only offer to “help” my friend’s boss to buy for him ( he give me the cash and i need to run to DBS to deposit it,afraid getting robbed LOL ). I still use my G-shock lol

Chua HS

Get banned by Citi because.. I had “exceeded” some internal cap as I split my payments to be just south of the $3500 cap on a $21000 payment . This was during the days of the 8miles/$ citi Apple Pay promo


huh you got banned for this?


Recalled the mileage runs during the years living in Europe to maintain SA gold on A3. Flied 4 segment on A3 back-to-back during weekend (home country-ATH-SKG-ATH-home country). Spent Saturday night either in Athens or Thessaloniki, enjoyed the time with local food and drinks!


Craziest things for miles has got to be making a return flight from AUH – SIN – AUH ~7hrs (stayed in singapore just for 3 days) as im very close to getting etihad gold for one year period. my excuse? i miss the food :X


Flew to SFO for a quick turn mileage run and got questioned by CBP for purpose of visit and duration of stay which was 5 hours. Flew back for the second mileage run in 2 days and met the same CBP officer and gave the same answer, to which she replied, “Don’t do this again!”


Mileage redemption ticket on EK SIN-MEL in Y, upgraded to J at the check in desk, upgraded to F at the gate, all for a paltry 40ish thousand miles. Upgrade gods smiled that day…

Taiga Maria

I once gave away a new card that i haven’t used at all to my girlfriend who went overseas for work. The hope is to get the extra promo miles and a samsonite bag.

We got both the bags and the miles but my girlfriend (now wife) take ownership of the bag. Can’t win them all🤷‍♀️


Spent ~$100k at a merchant with CRAP, got refunded ~$30k, but Citi only clawed back 1X 😉


The things people do for money and miles!

I negotiated hard with my car dealer.
I used my card to pay over 200k for the car.
Imagine the miles. Everything in this world is negotiable.


To meet the credit cards minimum spending for bonus miles, I would immediately apply for 2 supplementary cards for my family members. I would time applying for the card just before my overseas trips with the family. I would also look out for other customers in the shopping queue who are paying in cash, and offer to pay for their purchases with my credit card. Once the minimum spend is completed, I stop using the card and look for another credit card with enticing miles signup bonuses.


I once went for a deliberate holiday to make full use of expiring miles, wife and 11mth old infant in tow. Detoured SIN – TPE – Okinawa instead of flying direct to experience SQ regional 787 J. Entire journey took us close to 15 hours from home to hotel with a fussy baby the whole way. That night, my wife told me to stop my miles chasing nonsense. To top it all off, Sq swapped equipment on us and we sat the old regional J on the A330 instead of the 787! 🤦🏻‍♂️


I was a One World Emerald member and had Asia Miles expiring, but just enough for 2 one way tickets in Y with CX from HK to SIN. Luckily, it was also my Fiancé’s birthday and I conjured up a plan that she would def. remember for years to come. So what did I do? Well, she didn’t have any vacation left, so I bought a cheap one-way tickets for the Saturday morning after her birthday (which fell during the work week) from SIN to HKG with Jetstar and redeemed tickets with CX in Y for the same day evening… Read more »


To obtain more miles, i remember consecutively patronizing the same hawker store that accepts favepay so that i could pay using my Citi Premiermiles & earn miles.. The worst thing is, in the whole hawker centre, only they accept favepay haha! So yeah.. i would need that $50 taka voucher as a motivation to keep going :p


I voluntarily helped a non-tech-savy client upgrade all the computers in his office and set up all his new laptops, including installing printer drivers, office, anti-virus etc. so that I could earn miles for all the computer purchases. I’m still the default IT help desk support for him now more than a year later…

Jong Song Wong

there is a massage parlour that accepts paywave and i go very often. My wife thinks I am cheating on her. I am. and I use the airmiles to fly my mistress over from malaysia.


Which massage parlour is this? Share leh.


Your mum’s one in geylang


Back in the day when Mileslife was still in existence, I actually climbed 12 stories at work everyday to clock my ‘mileage’ (literally) for Mileslife health.

Till this day my wife is still unwilling to come by my office for fear of the office lift breaking down; which was my excuse then for my Mileslife mileage run!

Jia Min

When the x card first came out, due to the 6k spend required to get the 100k miles, a colleague of mine set up an auction floor to see who will give him the greatest discount(cashback) to pay 6k for his wedding banquet😂

MileCub No 2

I religiously borrowed a Samsung Gear 3 from a friend several times so that I can pay hospital bills via MST with OCBC TR during the 4mpd mobile payments period. The cashier was perplexed when she asked me for my credit card during payment, and I said to just enter the payment amount into the terminal. She almost didn’t let me tap my watch, and had to get her supervisor involved – I had to explain to them how MST works, tapped the watch against their payment terminal under their watchful eyes, and get to witness the look of disbelief… Read more »

Jun Rong

The craziest thing I did for miles was to find a hotel that accepted online gateway installments (ps: Orchard Hotel does) just so I could get bonus miles for my DBS woman’s world and DBS altitude. It was the best decision as now with this new OCBC card, I can get 8 MPD as well for the balance (acc to the CSR)!


So kancheong in chasing miles that I’ll pry open the platform doors and willingly get caught in the small space between the train and platform barrier to force the train doors open. Inseparable from my miles, absolutely.


I read milelion almost everyday during my uni days to up my miles game


Craziest story??? I sometimes wonder if I actually get married to earn more miles. The hotel banquet, photoshoot, honeymoon, etc, actually enable me to fly by Suite to New York, and back by Business Class to Singapore with my wife.


During the Citibank Apple Pay promotion, brought lot of NTUC, Daily Farm, Taka, Ikea vouchers to maximize my points earning. I even went to JB just to buy Aeon vouchers (however found out it was categorize under shopping category and only earn 4 miles, SAD!) until today, I still using my Ikea gift card, NTUC and daily farm vouchers for my daily spend 😉


I religiously topped up the maximum amount for all my cards to grabpay for the bonus miles. When my grab balance reached it’s maximum amount I even used my parents accounts! After that I realised I’m topping up more than what I can spend.. So I offered to help my company make all the payments and then claim back cash!

KC Seah

The most recent one was just last week when I got my X card and to clock the 6k in 60 days ASAP, I walked into Chanel the following day and signed for a bag at $6k. Not a cent more not a cent less!!


Applied supp card for husband 5 years ago and to date he is still using and I’m still flying for free 😉

Khai Wen

I’m actually quite new to the miles game! But I’m glad there is Milelion helping the community to grow the miles game. I won’t even apply for miles card before I read up your post! Aaron is the man! Thanks Milelion’s team!


I have never flown business or first class in my entire life but after attending a 2hr talk by an Australian on flying in premier cabins, I was searching for a Singaporean approach on how to start and came across your a deck of powerpoint slides that you have uploaded online on how to maximize credit cards to clock miles and so it started my crazy journey with miles. That same year, I signed up for a couple of credit cards , including the no longer useful fevo card and being a first timer, I qualified for the sign up… Read more »


Craziest miles story?

Nerve wrecking moment during the SCB X fiasco, forced my bro and sis in law to postpone their flight tix purchased for a few days and ‘invested’ in the holding fee out of my own pocket. They were confused and amused when i tried persuading them to delay. only crazy miles gamer would do that. 😅


The day I learnt of the miles game,I sat my family down and spent half a day explaining the intricacies of using the various supp cards to optimise for miles. Even gave my kids a pop quiz when I brought my kids to the toy shop. When I asked which card to use for the pay wave transaction, the little one whipped out the PPV card. I’m so proud

See Hong Yee

In 2018, when Chope was still able to redeem more than 1K miles per month, I made about 235 Chope reservations for that year alone. I tried my best to spend between $3 to $8 for each reservation by searching for the restaurants/cafes with no minimum spend with cheap drinks and/or food, many times having a meal in a place, a drink in another and dessert in the third one, amassing promo codes through the Chope birthday promo, angbao promo, liveup trial etc. Total Chope$ went to about 100K and converted to about 80K KrisFlyer miles. This is just from… Read more »


Risked the wrath of the almighty tax gods (aka IRAS) by paying $12k to my account – ah, the good old days.


The most recent one!

In order to hit $6k spending i forced my family and bf to add my SCB X card to their apple pay
force them to spent on my card!


I am dyslexic and really bad with numbers – but in bid to experience business class, I started looking into earning miles. This included applying for a credit card at the ripe age of 39 (UOB Prvi after review here) and reading shit loads of articles to understand how it works. After 2 months of intensive research and countless nightmares (fer real), I gave up. Gave on trying to game the system and just start slowly but surely – just use my cc and get rewards lah. I am proud to say that a) I have enough in a year… Read more »


Student with no access to a decent credit card… no worries, got my working girlfriend to apply for the first mile card and it grew to a team of 12. During CRAP days, I prepaid 1 year worth of telco bills x6, vouchers and everything I could put a bill on. Currently still paying for my friend’s school fees (18k per year) first before claiming it back like any good friend will do. So is all the “trouble” worth it? Totally! In my first year of miles, I’m glad to have accrued 700k+ miles instead of worrying about an alphabet… Read more »



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