Register quickly: Citi Rewards offering 8 mpd on food delivery, online shopping and more

From now till 30 June 2020, Citi Rewards cardholders can earn 8 mpd on food delivery and online shopping, and 5.6 mpd on online groceries. 10,000 registration limit.

Citibank has just launched a great new promotion for the Citi Rewards card that lets you earn up to 8 mpd on your online transactions.

From now till 30 June 2020, the first 10,000 cardmembers to register their Citi Rewards card will earn an additional 10X points (4 mpd) on food delivery, online pharmacy and leisure transactions, and an additional 4X points (1.6 mpd) on online and in-store groceries.

This is on top of the usual 10X points (4 mpd) earn rate for online transactions, allowing you to earn up to 20X points (8 mpd) total. Both the Citi Rewards Visa and Citi Rewards Mastercard are eligible.

❓ What if I have both the Citi Rewards Visa and Citi Rewards Mastercard?
Citibank has told me that if you hold both cards, you can register both and enjoy two caps. Do note that the 10,000 enrollment cap includes both Visa & Mastercard

Here’s how it works.


Before you even read the rest of this article, grab your phone and register your card, because the promotion is capped at the first 10,000 registered cardmembers. Send the following SMS to 72484:

RWONLINE<space><last 4 digits of your Citi Rewards card>

For example, if the last 4 digits of your card are 1234, you’d send “RWONLINE 1234”.

If you’re overseas (why?), you can still register by sending the keyword to +65 96572484.

The nice thing is that unlike certain other banks who shall remain nameless, Citi tells you if you’re still eligible for the promotion. You should see the following message confirming your registration:

Earn an additional 10X points for food delivery, pharmacy, shopping and Netflix

Transactions at the following online retail merchants will earn a bonus 10X points (4 mpd), on top of the existing 10X points already awarded for online transactions. This means you’ll earn a total of 8 mpd.

Deliveroo5812- Eating Places and Restaurants
5814- Fast Food Restaurants
FoodPanda Singapore5499- Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
Guardian5912- Drug Stores and Pharmacies
iHerb5499- Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
Lazada5311- Department Stores
Netflix4899- Cable, Satellite and Other Pay Television
Qoo105399- Misc General Merchandise
5699- Misc Apparel and Accessory Shops
Shopee Singapore5262- Marketplaces
5331- Variety Stores
Watsons Estore5912- Drug Stores and Pharmacies
WhyQ5499- Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets

A healthy dose of caution should be applied for users of the Citi Rewards Mastercard however. Based on community-sourced datapoints, cardholders have not been receiving 10X for transactions at Amazon SG, iHerb, Deliveroo and foodpanda, notwithstanding the fact that Visa cardholders earn this with no issue.

Earn an additional 4X points for in-store or online grocery purchases

Transactions at the following supermarkets will earn a bonus 4X points (1.6 mpd), on top of the usual points.

What the “usual points” are here depends on where you transact.

  • If you transact at the physical store, you’ll earn a total of 2 mpd (0.4 mpd base + 1.6 mpd bonus)
  • If you transact online, you’ll earn a total of 5.6 mpd (0.4 mpd base + 3.6 mpd regular bonus for online transactions + 1.6 mpd bonus)

Here’s the different possibilities:

Amazon Retail5.6 mpdN/A
Amazon SG5.6 mpdN/A
Amazon Prime5.6 mpdN/A
Cold Storage5.6 mpd2 mpd
EAMart5.6 mpdN/A
Giant5.6 mpd2 mpd
Jasons Market Place5.6 mpd2 mpd
Lazada Redmart5.6 mpdN/A
NTUC Fairprice5.6 mpd2 mpd
Sheng Siong5.6 mpd2 mpd

A total cap of S$1,000 applies

Whether you’re transacting at 4X or 10X merchants, the total additional rewards you can earn is capped at S$1,000 for the promotion period. This cap is separate from the existing 10X cap of S$1,000 for the statement month.

In other words, if you were to spend all S$1,000 on 10X merchants, you’d receive a total of 8,000 miles, split into:

  • 4,000 base miles, as per the existing 10X T&Cs
  • 4,000 bonus miles, as per this promotion

If you already maxed out your 10X allowance for the month, you will still earn an additional 10X for the first S$1,000 spent under this promotion.

Since 4X and 10X merchants share the same cap, you’d presumably want to funnel as much of your spending towards 10X merchants as possible.

If you want to buy groceries, one workaround is to purchase Cold Storage gift vouchers on Lazada, then spend them physically in-store. That way you’ll end up earning 8 mpd on groceries, instead of the maximum 5.6 mpd you’d otherwise have received.

Other things to note

The additional 4X or 10X rewards points will be credited to your account within 2 months from the end of the promotion period, i.e by 31 August 2020.

You can read the full terms & conditions here.


A fantastic promotion by Citibank, and one you’re going to want to register ASAP for.

Do note that there’s also a separate promotion for the Citi PremierMiles card, which I’ll write about separately and link here upon completion.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I don’t see the option to purchase cold storage vouchers on Lazada though.


it’s there always, however, sold out currently


Saw it was just restocked.


Would grabfood be eligible too?


Will there be a formal confirmation if I am successfully enrolled? The wording for other promotions (e.g., Citi Prestige) is usually ‘you have been successfully enrolled’, not just ‘your enrollment request has been received’.


I realised that Grabfood is always excluded in Citi and OCBC’s 8mpd promotion. Strange though.


Buy grabfood vouchers on Lazada. 8mpd + upfront discount


Aaron, your sms screenshot showing citibank only responded saying your enrolment is received, but did not mention if it is successful.. I think it is just more like acknowledging the sms has been sent but does not reflecting the registration is within the first 10k registrants


Absolutely no need to refer to “certain other banks who shall remain nameless”. Name and shame, baby! UOB is the culprit in chief when it comes to intransparent promo subscriptions.


Selective MCC coverage for each merchant is a bit tricky I think… like Shopee, I am not sure, but I think many will ended up with 5699.


Hi, can I clarify this “If you already maxed out your 10X allowance for the month, you will still earn an additional 10X for the first S$1,000 spent under this promotion.”

If I register for the promo after spending $1k do I get the bonus 10x for this $1k?

Or it means the bonus is for additional spend beyond the first $1k?


You have two (statement) months essentially, from 11 May to 30 June, to spend $1K under this promo. And the “regular” 10X (for spending up to $1K) is independent of your promo 10X (for $1K during the promo period). Say you’ve already spent $1K prior to 11 May. And you register today 13 May. If you spend another $1K in May, you’d only earn 0.4MPD (regular MPD after exceeding $1K) + 4MPD (promo 10X) on this extra $1K. So you should wait and spend the $1K after your May statement cycle to earn 4MPD (regular MPD for up to $1K)… Read more »


theoretically, unless he can get more than 4.4mpd from another card on these above categories, he can spend 4k in May . Also assuming he has 1k expenses on regular 4mpd spend lined up for June.


You get bonus 10X for the $1K for a total of 20X (8 mpd).
If you maxed out your original 10X limit you still can spend another $1K for 11X (4.4 mpd), consisting of the bonus 10X from this promo and 1X base points.


hmmm if i enrolled today (13 May), I wonder if they will still count transactions I made on 11-12 May (since the T&C says promo period is 11 May – 30 June). I’ve just ordered stuff on Redmart and foodpanda yesterday!


you’d think they start counting from after your registration, but i guess for simplicity they could count the transactions that clear after your registration and within the promo period.


“This cap is separate from the existing 10X cap of S$1,000 for the statement month.”

I couldnt find clarity in T&Cs regarding this could you point me in the right direction


A tad confused.

So if I have topped up $1k to a certain Mastercard (ahem) to get 4,000 miles in this statement, I can still spend $1k on Foodpanda this statement month to get another 4,000 miles?


“For cl ari ty, the S$1,000 accumul ated s pend to whi ch the Addi ti onal Rewards are awarded wi l l be determi ned by “spend date” which is the trans acti on date bas ed on Si ngapore Ti mi ng (UTC+08:00). Ci ti bank bears no l i ability for any l ate s ubmi s s i on or transacti on pos ti ng of any purchas e by any merchant that mi ght affect the Promoti on.” I’m confused because it says spend date = transaction date means date you actually make the online… Read more »


Reading the TnC as it should be using transaction date for the purpose of this promotion right?
If I make a transaction today will it be eligible for the bonus?


should be fine. usually posts within 2-3 days. which is still by 30 jun


I had enrolled and spent $1,000 each for both my Citi Rewards MC and Visa. But I just received today the 10X bonus (10,000 points) for MC only. Nothing for Visa. I thought you get for both because the promo is PER CARD which you sign up for individually. Anyone got for both?

Last edited 3 years ago by cheesecake

After calling Citibank to inquire why my points were not credited for CRV but were credited as expected for CRMC, the CSO checked that the transactions were valid and routed the query to the PM. The PM then responded more than a week later authorising a manual credit. But no explanation was given why they were missed in the first place (in my case, both CRMC and CRV were spent at the same merchants) – whether the root cause was technical or, more likely, some erroneous manual spreadsheet calculation. The terms indeed say per card, so you should get for… Read more »



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