Maybank Horizon offering 1.2 mpd on local spending for limited time

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Register and earn 1.2 mpd with your Maybank Horizon Visa card, capped at the first 1,500 registrants.

From 1 July to 30 September 2020, Maybank Horizon Visa cardholders can register to earn a total of 1.2 mpd on eligible local spending, up from 0.4 mpd usually. This is capped at the first 1,500 registrants. 

1.2 mpd honestly isn’t that impressive- it’s basically the same earn rate as many other general spending cards. But I suppose this could give Maybank Horizon cardholders more ways of earning up their TREATS points to the next transfer block.

Earn 1.2 mpd on local spending with Maybank Horizon Visa Cards

First, the brass tacks. Cardholders will need to send the following SMS to 79898 to register:

HV3 <space> Principal Cardmember’s Full Name as per NRIC <space> Last 4 characters of your NRIC

E.g. HV3 Jasmine Tan Bee Bee 567A

Registration must be completed by 28 August 2020, and is capped at the first 1,500 cardmembers. 

Do note that your spending period does not start immediately after your register. Instead, you’ll need to pay attention to the dates below:

SMS registrationQualifying Period
19 June to 28 June 20201 July 2020 – 30 September 2020
29 June to 28 July 20201 August – 30 September 2020
29 July to 28 August 20201 September – 30 September 2020

If you register on 19 June for example, you’ll be eligible to earn 1.2 mpd from 1 July-30 September 2020. If you register on 1 July, you’ll be eligible to earn 1.2 mpd from 1 August- 30 September 2020. 

Cardholders will need to spend at least S$300 on their card in a calendar month, after which they’ll be awarded a total of 3X TREATS Points on eligible local spending, split into:

  • The regular 1X TREATS Point (0.4 mpd) for local spending
  • A bonus of 2X TREATS Points (0.8 mpd)

Bonus TREATS points will be credited by the 6th day of the following calendar month., and are capped at 10,000 per month, or S$5,000 of spending. 

The full T&C can be found here

What spending doesn’t count?

The following spending will not count towards the S$300 minimum spending, or eligible local spending:

  • dining transactions charged at Eating Places and Restaurants classified under Merchant Category Code (“MCC”) 5812;
  • petrol transactions charged at petrol stations classified under MCC 5541 and MCC 5542;
  • taxi and contactless bus/train ride transactions;
  • taxi transactions charged by selected local taxis service providers, namely Comfort, CityCab, Premier Taxis, Prime Taxi, SMRT Taxis, Trans-Cab and Grab;
  • Agoda transactions via the dedicated website at; purchase of air tickets and/or travel packages; and
  •  transactions charged to the Card in a currency other than Singapore Dollar

That’s because these transactions already earn 2 or 3.2 mpd under the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature’s evergreen 5X/8X promotion. 

On top of this, the following transactions will also not count towards the S$300 minimum, or eligible local spending: 

  • Transactions used or counted for other Maybank promotions (e.g. Charge and Redeem);
  • 0% Instalment Plan transactions;
  • FlexiPay, FlexiCash, Fund Transfer and Cash Advancetransactions;
  • Fees and charges payable to Maybank (e.g. annual fees, interest charges, finance charges, cash advance fees, late charges, cheque processing fees and other miscellaneous fees and charges, etc.);
  • Bill payments (recurring or otherwise);
  • Income tax payments;
  • Payments to educational institutions (e.g. schools, universities, private education institutions, tuition centres or agencies, etc.);
  • Payments at or to government or government-related agencies or institutions or statutory boards (e.g. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Land Authority, SP Services etc.);
  • Payment to financial institutions (e.g. banks, securities brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc.);
  • Payment of funds to pre-paid accounts (e.g. EZ-Link transactions, Transit Link transactions, YouTrip etc.);
  • Online payment gateway transactions (e.g. PayPal, Skrill and BidPay,etc.);
  • Gambling or betting transactions;
  • AXS or SAM transactions;
  • Any transaction deemed by Maybank at its sole discretion to be of a business and/or corporate nature; and
  • Any other transaction which Maybank may reasonably determine to be unsuitable to, or should not, be considered as Eligible Local Spend or be counted towards the Minimum Spend.

These are pretty much the usual exclusions, although I’m surprised to see PayPal added. There’s no reason why PayPal should be excluded, unless its P2P money transfers (which they should be able to identify on their back end). 

Do also note that insurance payments, which are normally not excluded for the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature, are excluded here. 

There’s no exclusion for charitable donations, for what it’s worth, so that could be a potential use case for some people. 

What can I do with TREATS points?

Maybank TREATS points can be transferred to the following frequent flyer programs, for a S$26.75 transfer fee. 

Frequent Flyer ProgramConversion Ratio
(TREATS: Partner)
krisflyer logo12,500: 5,000
asia miles logo5,000: 2,000
enrich logo2,500: 1,000
2,000: 1,000


It’s a lot of hoops to jump through just to earn 1.2 mpd, and unless the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature card is your only card, I wouldn’t even bother. 

For existing Maybank Horizon cardholders who are just shy of a minimum transfer block, this could also be a way of topping up before cashing out. 

(HT: D L)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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