New KrisFlyer Experiences: Online art, whiskey, fashion and aromatherapy workshops

KrisFlyer Experiences launches some new online workshops starting at 2,000 KrisFlyer miles each.

Although I love the concept of KrisFlyer Experiences, the platform couldn’t have picked a worst time to launch. 

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In January, Singapore Airlines announced the debut of KrisFlyer Experiences, a program which allowed members to redeem miles for money-can’t-buy experiences. The first KrisFlyer Experience was an all expenses paid trip to the BRIT Awards 2020 (they only flew the winners in Business Class though, shame), and I couldn’t wait to see what else they had in store. 

February was set to see the first “public” experience, a Robert Parker wine tasting session for just 4,000 miles. However, this had to be cancelled as the Covid-19 pandemic escalated and large-scale events were banned. 

It’s been complete radio silence since then, but KrisFlyer has now sent out an eDM advertising some upcoming stay-home events

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What are the new KrisFlyer Experiences? 

A total of 12 online workshops have been organized, spanning topics like clay art, aromatherapy, whiskey tasting, and fashion. A summary is given below: 

Class Date Duration Cost
Miniature Clay Art: Satay Set 26-Jul 2 hours 2,000 miles
Miniature Clay Art: Kaya Toast Set 1-Aug 2 hours 2,000 miles
Destress With Aromatherapy 18-Jul 1.5 hours 3,000 miles
Boost Your Immunity Naturally 25-Jul 1.5 hours 3,000 miles
Online Styling Session
(Session 1, 2)
1 hour 4,000 miles
Whiskey Types: Blended, Grain & Single Malts
(Session 1, 2)
1 hour 8,000 miles
Explore How Peat and Age Influence Flavor
(Session 1, 2)
1 hour 12,000 miles
Learn About Cask Wood Types And Its Effects
(Session 1, 2)
1 hour 15,000 miles

Most of these workshops will send you a kit with the materials you’ll need to participate (hence the higher cost of the whiskey ones). Members can redeem as many tickets as they want, but all redemptions are non-refundable. 

Each class has a minimum participants requirement, and will be cancelled if this threshold is not met. Miles will be refunded for any cancelled classes.

Is it worth it?

As with all KrisFlyer Experiences, only you can answer that question. I personally think it’s a bit steep to pay 15,000 miles for 4 x 20 ml tasting bottles of whiskey, but I’m sure there are those who will disagree with me (what do I know, anyway- I’m the Philistine who put ice in a Hibiki 21).

If you find the subject matter interesting and have the miles to spend, why not? It’s one of the few things you can do with your KrisFlyer miles right now. 


I’ll be honest: these weren’t the kind of experiences I had in mind when KrisFlyer Experiences was first announced. I was thinking more “hospitality box at the Singapore F1” or “flight simulator fun”. That said, it’s really all that can be done at the moment, given the prohibition on large scale gatherings. 

I’m personally not keen on any of these, but do leave a comment if you attend one of them- I’d love to hear how they’re run. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I honestly thought the kaya and satay set is kinda cute. I click through to check it out and lo and behold, sold out already.

C’mon people they just launched this yesterday right? Or today?



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