AMEX Pre-Christmas Offer: Extra $120 shopping vouchers on top of sign-up bonus

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Apply for an AMEX card and get S$120 of CapitaVouchers, Shopee or Dairy Farm Group vouchers with S$500 spend in the first month, plus the regular sign-up gifts.

From 24 November to 14 December 2020, American Express is running a pre-Christmas offer where card applicants can receive an additional S$120 of CapitaVouchers, Shopee Vouchers or Dairy Farm Group Vouchers, on top of the usual sign-up bonuses and gifts. 

AMEX Pre-Christmas Offer

This offer is only available to new to American Express Card members, defined as those who do not currently hold a principal AMEX consumer card at the point of application, or in the 12 month period prior). 

The restriction is on consumer cards, if you only hold an AMEX Singapore Airlines Business Card, for example, you’ll be eligible for this offer

American Express Pre-Christmas Offer

For applications submitted between 24 November to 14 December 2020 and approved by 15 January 2021, new to American Express Card members will receive a further S$120 in CapitaVouchers, Shopee Vouchers or Dairy Farm Group Vouchers when they spend at least S$500 in the first month of approval.

This is on top of the usual sign-up bonuses and gifts, as summarized below:

 Usual OfferAdditional Pre-Christmas Offer
AMEX CapitaCardSpend S$3K in 3 months, get Sennheiser earphonesSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend*Spend S$5K in 3 months, get B&O E8 earbuds and 10K milesSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit CardSpend S$3K in 3 months, get Acer monitor and 5K milesSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
AMEX Platinum Charge*75K MR points + Spend $20K in 6 months, get 75K MR pointsSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
AMEX Platinum Credit Card*S$150 Lazada voucher+ Spend S$5K in 3 months, get Samsung monitor and j5 webcamSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
AMEX True Cashback CardSpend S$500 in 1 month, get $80 Capita VouchersSpend S$500 in 1 month, get S$120 vouchers
*First year’s annual fee must be paid

All applications must be made through the following landing page to be eligible. 

AMEX Pre-Christmas Offer

In case you were wondering, the S$500 spending will double count towards the spending requirements for other gifts. For example, if I’m approved for the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend and spend S$5,000 in the first 3 months, I’ll receive:

  • S$120 CapitaVouchers/ Shopee Vouchers/ Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
  • B&O E8 Earbuds
  • 10,000 bonus miles (in addition to the regular miles)

Do note that if you sign up for the Pre-Christmas Offer, you will not be eligible for the MGM gifts, i.e:

While I think most people would be willing to accept the trade-off for the first three, I wouldn’t do it for the AMEX Platinum Charge. 40,000 MR points are worth 25,000 miles, and it’s not worth trading that for a S$120 voucher. 

The S$120 vouchers will be issued within 10 weeks of meeting the qualifying criteria, and the full T&C for the Pre-Christmas offer can be found here

What counts as eligible spending?

American Express has a rather broad range of eligible transactions, and includes many categories that other banks don’t (such as education, charitable donations, and utilities). 

The full exclusions list can be found here. Key exclusions to note are:

  • GrabPay top-ups
  • Insurance
  • SPC transactions


While the quantum of vouchers is slightly lower than what we saw during the previous pre-Black Friday offer (S$120 versus S$150), the spending requirement has also been halved (S$500 versus S$1,000). 

Once again, do remember that this Pre-Christmas gift replaces the MGM gift, and if you’re eyeing the AMEX Platinum Charge in particular, you’d better off with the MGM offer instead

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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If i have the UOB PRVI Amex, am I still considered new to AMEX?

Lyndon Wong

Swee man, was going to sign up with SingSaver or MoneySmart before I googled and saw your post. Since their offers is the same (the addons actually from AMEX), going to sign up and support fellow blogger

Lyndon Wong

Wanted to check in as well. If I were to apply 2 AMEX cards, am I entitled to both “Additional Pre-Christmas Offer” or just one? e.g. spend $500 on each card, get $240 vouchers.

rachel hoe

hi! Do you feel it is worth paying for the amex annual fee? if yes which card is the most worthy of the annual fee? with the travel restrictions, im now so “stuck” with the miles


Your earlier post seems like a better deal right? 10K miles additional instead of $120 in shopping voucher. Unless I am missing something?


Thanks, I’ve just applied thru the link


I just applied AMEX TRUE CASHBACK CARD through the link. Noted GrabPay top-ups is excluded from Eligible spend. Will GrabPay top-ups qualified for 1.5% cash rebate for AMEX TRUE CASHBACK CARD?


anyone knows whether the Shopee reward vouchers need to be spent in one go? or maybe goes into shopeepay and works as a drawdown amount?


Hi I am looking to make most out of It my first amex card and am a sucker for miles usually. It appears AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend makes most sense in terms of value, but rather than this offer (with 120 voucher), would it be better for me to apply go for the extra 10k miles promo under your other article (not to mention the additional MGM 3k miles) assuming I meet the 3k spending? Also wanted to double check if I applied for the AMEX Platinum Charge say a week later would I still qualify for the MGM bonus of… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Tim



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