Deal: Pay 2 Stay 3 rates at JW Marriott, St Regis and Westin Singapore (plus up to 6 elite nights)

Stack Marriott's upcoming double elite nights offer with Pay 2 Stay 3 STARS/Luminous rates to fast track your 2021 Bonvoy requalification.

Marriott Bonvoy is all set to launch their first global promotion for 2021, which offers double points and double elite nights for all stays (min. 2 nights) between 16 February to 27 April 2021. Registration is required, and can be done via this link. 

This promotion comes at an opportune time, because three of Marriott’s properties in Singapore are offering Pay 2 Stay 3 rates. This means you could pay for two nights, stay three nights and accrue up to six elite nights in total. 

Marriott STARS & Luminous Rates: Pay 2 Stay 3 

First, a quick primer for the uninitiated. STARS and Luminous are Marriott’s preferred booking programs. Bookings made under these rates include: 

  • Free daily breakfast for two adults
  • Early check-in/ late check-out (upon availability)
  • Complimentary room upgrade (upon availability)
  • Local welcome amenity
  • US$100 hotel credit

These price the same as the hotel’s Best Available Rate (BAR), and are fully refundable up to 24 hours before check-in. 

STARS and Luminous rates cannot be booked directly on Marriott’s website; they’re only bookable through travel advisors. Despite this, they’re still considered eligible rates for the purposes of points, promotions and elite night accrual. Those with Marriott Bonvoy elite status will also enjoy their benefits as per normal (though obviously there’s a bit of overlap). 

JW Marriott South Beach, St Regis and Westin Singapore are currently offering the third night free for STARS/Luminous bookings. However, you’ll still clock three elite nights for purposes of Marriott Bonvoy requalification (with the exception of Westin, see below), which becomes six elite nights under the promotion. 

I’ll use the HoteLux app (read more) to illustrate these below. 

⚠️ Note: HoteLux is no longer offering two free bookings to new members, but if you already made a reservation, your account may have been upgraded to their Elite tier with unlimited bookings- check this in the app. Healthcare workers can also get a free Elite membership as well.

Otherwise, these rates can be booked through any travel advisor. Google STARS/Luminous and you’ll find a whole list who can help you.

JW Marriott South Beach

JW Marriott South Beach
JW Marriott South Beach

Book by: 30 June 2021
Stay by: 30 June 2021

Searching for two nights at the JW Marriott South Beach turns up a rate of S$279++ per night. Change that to three, and the rate drops to S$187++ per night. How’s that derived? S$279 * 2 /3 = S$187 (give or take some rounding).

When you look at the breakdown of the nightly rate, you’ll see that night 3 (the “free” night) shows an adjusted price of S$187++. This is important; if it showed 0, the system would see it as an ineligible night and not award elite night credits. 

St Regis Singapore

St Regis Singapore
St Regis Singapore

Book by: 30 June 2021
Stay by: 30 June 2021 (blackout 24-28 May 2021 for WEF, but that’s likely to be removed now that WEF has been postponed)

Two nights at the St Regis Singapore cost S$296++ each, add a third night and it drops to S$220++.

I realise this isn’t 2/3 of S$296++ (that would be S$197++), so they must be using different rates to calculate the 3rd night free as they do the two nights. Your savings will therefore be ~25% off the nightly rate, as opposed to ~33% in the JW Marriott example. 

Westin Singapore

Westin Singapore
Westin Singapore

Book by: 30 April 2021
Stay by: 30 April 2021 (blackout 12-14 Feb 2021 )

Things are slightly more complicated at the Westin Singapore, because of how they calculate the third night. 

Search for two nights, and the rate is S$260++. Search for three nights, and the rate still remains S$260++. Notice, however, the wording “final price to be adjusted manually after booking confirmation”.

What happens is the travel advisor will get the rate manually adjusted later such that the third night prices at S$0. This is good in one sense- if your stay overlaps with a weekend, you can get that night free and bring down the cost more than if it were a blended rate. However, it does mean you will only earn two elite nights here (and hence four, after the promotion). 

You should receive a separate email confirmation once the rate is adjusted, in about 24-48 hours (it may take longer on weekends). Your booking is fully refundable anyway, so I wouldn’t get too worried. 

⚠️ Note: This is a recent change that took place on 5 February 2021. Bookings made prior to this follow the same system as JW Marriott/St Regis, where the third night is already averaged out at the time of booking. In other words, you’ll earn three elite nights if your third night rate is not 0. If in doubt, check with your respective travel advisor.

Despite the hassle, there’s something else that’s nice about the Westin Singapore. They have a club lounge, but it’s temporarily closed. Therefore, anyone who would otherwise be entitled to club access (Platinum, Titanium, Ambassador) receives S$50 per person per night (capped at S$100 per room) in F&B credit. That’s a nice little bonus, and it means you could get up to S$300 + US$100 on your stay- S$433 back! 


All Marriott Bonvoy elite members will already be receiving 50% of the elite nights required for requalification, so a Platinum member (who already gets 25 “free” elite nights) could theoretically requalify with just nine paid nights (4x Pay 2 Stay 3 bookings, and one stand-alone). 

Since we don’t get the free credit card nights that the Americans do, this could well be the fastest way to requalify for Marriott Bonvoy status in 2021. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Do you know if booking via Amex Travel and utilising the hotel credits would qualify as an eligible rate for this promo??


That’s a shame! Could you advise on some other travel advisors besides Hotelux pls?Cant seem to find online.


Unfortunately 50% of the elite qualifying nights have not shown up in my account yet. Have checked with Marriott who said to check with them by end feb if still don’t receive this.


Alas, the Pay2Stay3 deal does not include suites at the JW Marriott. 🙁


Hi Aaron, I have received the confirmation from Hotelux on my upcoming stay at Westin . But the booking confirmation still showed the 3rd night as non $0. I booked on the app on the 5th . So will this be 4 elite nights or 6?


I just booked Westin for June. The confirmation says 3 nights charge, but I got an email from hotelux to say that they have to get Westin to update the rates manually and will take some time to reflect. It’s the weekend, Westin reservation office is closed.


Hi Aaron! Could you share how the Westin room tiers are like? Which category should I book (using Hotelux) to get upgraded to a club room? Hoping to stack on the additional $50/pax/night credit. Thanks much!

Last edited 3 years ago by Mich

Could you advise on some other travel advisors besides Hotelux pls? Cant seem to find online.


classic travel does not have westin