Disney+ launches in Singapore: Details and what credit card to use

Disney+ has finally arrived in Singapore. Here's the details, and what card to maximize the miles on your streaming subscription.

It’s taken a while, but Disney+ has finally come to Singapore, 15 months after it first launched in the USA. Couch potatoes will be able to chow down on more than 500 films and 15,000 episodes of TV, with content from Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Pixar and of course, the mouse himself. 

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Here’s the details, plus the best credit card to use for this streaming service. 

Disney+ Pricing

Disney+ is offering two different price plans in Singapore:

  • Monthly: S$11.98 per month
  • Annual: S$119.98 per year (~17% saving over monthly price)
💡 Selected Starhub customers will be able to enjoy Disney+ for free, namely those who subscribe to Mobile+ S$95 or S$155 2-year plans, or 1/2 Gbps Fibre Broadband, or TV+ customers.
💡 For those looking at the annual plan, ShopBack is offering S$16.50 cashback for a limited time.

In addition to this, it will be possible to purchase an add-on called “Premier Access”, which gives early access to new movie releases. For example, Premier Access subscribers could watch the live action Mulan film on the day of its release, and will likewise get day-one access to other upcoming films like Raya and the Last Dragon. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned. 

It’s worth noting that these movies will eventually make their way to the general Disney+ content library; think of Premier Access like buying a ticket to the cinema to see it first.

Unlike some other content streaming platforms, Disney+ does not offer separate pricing plans for improved video quality or simultaneous streams. So long as you’re a subscriber, you can stream 4K HDR video on up to four concurrent devices.

Here’s how that compares to other streaming platforms: 

  Monthly Price Free Trial Concurrent Streams
S$11.98 N/A 4
S$11.98 to S$19.98 30 days 4
S$13.98 30 days 2
30 days 3

Ignoring the market-distorting moolah of Amazon, Disney+ is competitively priced compared to its rivals on the market. It’s also relatively more generous when it comes to concurrent streaming, making it easier to share an account. No free trial has been announced yet, but I have to believe they’ll offer something in line with the rest of the competition. 

Disney+ Content

Soul by Pixar | Photo: Disney

Disney+ subscribers will have access to more than 650 films and 15,000 episodes of content stretching across six brands, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

Most of those names should be familiar, with the exception of Star, a new brand that launches worldwide on 23 February. Think of it like a Hulu replacement, featuring content from other Disney-owned brands like ABC, FX, Touchstone, Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Studios and 20th Television. This means shows like Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break and Lost (no, you don’t have to watch it). 

Apart from that, subscribers can expect the following:

  • Disney+ originals like WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and The Mandalorian
  • Classic Disney movies like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King
  • Marvel Studios
  • Pixar Studios films like Soul, The Incredibles, and Toy Story 4
  • The entire Star Wars trilogy, which starts with The Phantom Menace and ends with Return of the Jedi. There, I said it.
  • National Geographic shows like Gordon Ramsay: Unchartered and The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Disney+ Recommended Cards

And finally, the all-important question: what card should you use for Disney+ subscriptions? 

Disney+ subscriptions will be processed as online local currency transaction, and if Netflix is anything to go by, the MCC should be 4899- Cable, Satellite and Other Pay TV services. You can use the following cards to maximize your miles:

  Earn Rate Remarks
DBS Woman’s World Card
Apply here
4 mpd Cap S$2K per c. month
Citi Rewards
Apply here
4 mpd Cap S$1K per s. month
Apply here
4 mpd
First 3,000 customers till 31 Mar 21
OCBC Premier Visa Infinite
Apply here
4 mpd Till 31 Mar 21
Apply here
4 mpd Till 31 Mar 21
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month

Unfortunately, 4899 is not a bonus category for the HSBC Revolution, UOB Lady’s Card, or UOB Preferred Platinum Visa, so I wouldn’t advise using these cards. 


I’ve been looking forward to Disney+ for a long time now, as Disney’s been slowly disentangling itself from Netflix. I’ll probably spring for the annual plan, to save a little bit upfront and maximize the 4 mpd opportunity with the OCBC 90N.

Any other Disney+ shows you’d recommend watching, apart from the obvious?

(Cover photo: Disney)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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I subscribed last year with a VPN. It’s only US$69.99 in the US. There’s no STAR in US. What I’m pleasantly surprised is that today when I log in here in Singapore without a VPN, it works and I can watch STAR movies as well! This is a loophole they will no doubt plug eventually.


It is not a loophole. Today, with my SG Netflix account, i can VPN to the US and watch Netflix US shows….


“when I Log in here in Singapore without a VPN

“i [sic] can VPN to the US

Alan, you’re referring to a different circumstance.

Louis Tan

Think what he means is that it’s common for streaming services to change the shows offered according to what region you’re detected as viewing from, regardless of which country you’ve signed up from.

Applies to Netflix, Prime Video, and probably most of the rest as well.


Alan, the loophole I’m referring to is that with a VPN, you only need to pay US$69.99 (about S$93) for one year, rather than the S$119.98 in Singapore.

starwars nerd

watching star wars and marvel with spatial audio is AMAZING!!!


$16.50 off 1 year via shopback. Much better than 4mpd for extra 300 miles even at 2cpm only about $6.00. Of course can also do both shopback and 4mpd card. Curious we don’t see much about shopback more even if this is a miles site since the essence of miles is savings/value. FWIW I have no connection to shopback beyond being a user.


Use a VPN to US, pay only $69.99. After that, you can them log in in Singapore without VPN.


Hi MileLion,

I just signed up for Disney plus. Paid with DBS credit card and checked via DBS internet banking that the MCC is indeed 4899 – CABLE, SATELLITE & OTHER PAY TELEVISION & RADIO SERVICES”