Update: Cathay Pacific “The Wing” First Class lounge isn’t joining Priority Pass

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Priority Pass members can now access The Wing, Cathay Pacific's First Class lounge in Hong Kong. Now, if only we could get on a plane...

⚠️ Update: Or maybe not. According to Danny Lee (who covers the aviation beat for SCMP), a Cathay spokesperson has said “We have no plans for our lounges to join Priority Pass Programme in HK or any location.” 

Priority Pass has issued a separate statement to me, saying “Priority Pass is aware that Cathay Pacific’s ‘The Wing First Class Lounge’ at Hong Kong International Airport was briefly listed on the Priority Pass app on Saturday, 19 June. This was due to an operational error and the lounge will not be added to the Priority Pass network.”

The original story can be found below.

With Priority Pass set to lose all three of their Hong Kong Plaza Premium lounges from 1 July, they needed a response and they needed it fast. 

And what a response that’s turned out to be. The latest Priority Pass lounge in Hong Kong International Airport is none other than The Wing, Cathay Pacific’s First Class lounge. Oh, for the ATB to kick off now…

Cathay Pacific’s The Wing joins Priority Pass

Effective 21 June 2021, Priority Pass members will be able to access The Wing while at Hong Kong Airport. The Priority Pass app has already been updated to reflect this, and the website should follow soon after.

Source: Travel Codex. The Cabin and The Arrival were closed in 2018

The Wing is located in Terminal 1 (which almost all full service carriers use), near Gates 4 and 5. It opens from 5.30 a.m daily until the last Cathay Pacific departure, and two guests may be brought in per cardholder (with applicable fees). 

I visited The Wing back in 2019, and yes, it was pretty amazing. There’s five cabanas with deep soaking tubs for relaxation, a champagne lounge for sampling different bubblies, and a full service restaurant serving up made-to-order meals (even if the quality has gone down since Sodexo took over). 

The Wing Cabana
The Wing champagne lounge
The Wing Champagne Lounge
The Wing A La Carte Dining

Now, fair warning. With all that’s going on, I’d be very surprised if the soft product provided matches the one pre-COVID. In all likelihood the frills have been cut back, though there should still be champagne and some selection of hot food on offer. I also suspect that Cathay will reserve the cabanas for its First Class passengers, given how few of them there are. 

Of course we’ll only know for sure once we have some data points, so chime in, anyone who’s been on the road lately. 

Don’t expect it to last forever

While this is quite simply an incredible development, it’s likely to be only temporary. I’m quite certain that Priority Pass didn’t intend to offer its members a First Class facility; it just so happens that this is the only Cathay Pacific lounge in operation, due to the downturn in travel caused by COVID-19. All Cathay Pacific passengers who are eligible for lounge access are sent here at the moment.

Once the Business Class lounges reopen, Priority Pass members should be redirected there, so enjoy it while it lasts (if you can). 


This seems like a win-win situation for all concerned. Priority Pass solves its network gap in Hong Kong following the Plaza Premium divorce, Cathay Pacific generates some revenue from its barely utilized lounge, and Priority Pass cardholders get to experience The Wing, albeit what’s likely to be a watered-down experience. 

All we can do is hope that the Hong Kong ATB finally gets underway. 


Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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3rd time lucky for ATB? haha


Any reports that those cabanas are actually open now?



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