New KrisFlyer Experiences: Redeem miles for Michelin Star dining experiences and more

From September to November, redeem KrisFlyer miles for dining experiences at JAAN, Lolla, Meta and more.

With Singapore removing dine-in restrictions for fully-vaccinated individuals, Singapore Airlines has launched a new series of KrisFlyer Experiences focused on fine dining. 

KrisFlyer members can now redeem their miles for dining experiences created by various Michelin Star chefs, happening from September to November 2021. 

With the gradual easing of dining-in restrictions, come celebrate a special milestone or occasion and indulge in one of our latest dining experiences, brought to you by KrisFlyer Experiences. Try something new or join us to revisit a crowd favourite.

Available for a few nights only, indulge your taste buds with one of these specially curated lunch or dinner menus at well-known local restaurants, Jaan, Lolla, Meta or Morsels. Or book your spot at our one-of-a-kind Michelin-starred pop-up dining events.

❓ What are KrisFlyer Experiences?

KrisFlyer Experiences allows you to redeem your KrisFlyer miles for money-can’t-buy experiences. The platform was launched back in January, but due to COVID-19, most of the events so far have been online workshops or individual dining packagesExperiences can be redeemed for yourself or your family members/friends.

Latest KrisFlyer Experiences

Latest KrisFlyer Experiences

Here’s a summary of the latest KrisFlyer Experiences:

Experience Cost (2 pax.) Dates
Heiko Nieder Dinner

(5-Course Menu)
65,000 miles 15-Sep
Morsels Dinner
(7-Course Menu)
45,000 miles 25-Sep
(Seat. 1 | Seat. 2)

(Seat. 1 | Seat. 2)

(Seat. 1 | Seat. 2)

Jaan Lunch

(4-Course Menu)
65,000 miles 7-Oct

Meta Lunch

(5-Course Menu)
65,000 miles 14-Oct
Jeroen Achtien Dinner

(5-Course Menu)
65,000 miles 20-Oct
Lolla Dinner
(5-Course Menu)
45,000 miles 22-Oct
(Seat. 1 | Seat. 2)
(Seat. 1 | Seat. 2)
Jacob Jan Boerma Dinner

(5-Course Menu)
65,000 miles 3-Nov
★ Refer to Michelin Stars, either for the chef or restaurant as applicable

All packages are for two diners, and there’s no option to add on additional paying guests. Optional wine pairings are available at an additional charge of S$75++ to S$205++, payable with Mastercard only. 

There’s no restriction on the number of packages you can redeem, and all dates and timings are fixed. 

What if dine-in restrictions return?

KrisFlyer Experiences are non-refundable once redeemed. However, if Singapore moves to reimpose dine-in restrictions, guests will have the following options:

Experience Refund? Postpone? Takeaway?
Heiko Nieder
Jeroen Achtien  
Jacob Jan Boerma   

Do note that for Heiko Nieder, Jeroen Achtien and Jacob Jan Boerma, the following rules apply in the event that dining in is not allowed at the time of the collaboration:

  • If announced >3 weeks before the date of collaboration, this dining experience will be postponed
  • If announced <3 weeks before the date of collaboration, this dining experience will be converted to a takeaway dining experience

I certainly wouldn’t want to spend all those miles only to have a takeaway experience, so I’d be slightly more cautious with booking these (though frankly, with 72% of the population vaccinated and climbing it’s going to take something serious for dine-in restrictions to be re-imposed).

Is it worth redeeming miles?


The whole point of KrisFlyer Experiences is enjoying something that money can’t buy. That’s certainly the case for the Heiko Nieder, Jeroen Achtien and Jacob Jan Boerma experiences, which aren’t for sale to the general public. 

However, Morsels, Jaan, Meta and Lolla could be visited and paid for with cash. Taking JAAN as an example, a 4-course set lunch costs $118++ (S$139 nett) per person so you’re getting a value of roughly 0.43 cents per mile by redeeming through KrisFlyer Experiences (of course the menu items are different so it’s tough to do a straight comparison unless you’re just solving for “I want to eat at X once”.)

That’s way below my personal value of 1.8 cents per mile. More importantly, with SHN-free travel set to open up in the next couple of months, there’s no pressing need to burn your miles. Singapore Airlines has also extended all KrisFlyer miles until at least April 2022.


These experiences don’t come cheap- for perspective, 65,000 miles is more than the cost of a one-way Business Class ticket to Australia and New Zealand (and you’ll have some very fine food and wine onboard, too). That said, those sitting on a huge pile of miles may be tempted, though I wouldn’t consider these unless my balance were in the seven digits. 

As a reminder, you’ll need to be fully-vaccinated in order to dine-in. This refers to individuals who have completed the full regime of a vaccine on the WHO’s EUL at least 14 days ago (if you got your vaccination overseas, check out this article on how to get it recognised in Singapore).

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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wow this is fast! thanks for the info Aaron. tempted to redeem at first but thanks for the reminder on the end of the article. my miles it not 7 digits yet, therefore will just use it for future trips!


Given that my earliest expiring miles in Jan to Mar 2022 can be extended by 6 months, if one were to redeem the experience, the miles of Jan to Mar would be used rather than from Apr 2022 onwards? Any workaround on this to use expiring miles from April 2022?


Morsels has no place on this list IMHO