KrisFlyer Cruise to Nowhere: Redeem miles for an SIA-themed cruise

Fancy a cruise with a twist? Redeem a Singapore Airlines themed cruise to nowhere from 38,000 KrisFlyer miles.

Singapore Airlines has announced its latest set of KrisFlyer Experiences, and this time we finally get a trip to nowhere…on the open seas. 

From 17-19 November 2021, KrisFlyer has chartered Dream Cruises’ World Dream for a 2-night cruise to nowhere, with specially curated SIA activities onboard. Passengers will receive goody bags with SIA amenity kits and sleeper suits, as well as other commemorative items. Special grooming workshops and craft activities will be organised, and all guests will enjoy free Wi-Fi.

If you’re a KrisFlyer UOB cardholder, however, you want to wait till 26 August 2021 before pulling the trigger- you’ll get 20% milesback. 

KrisFlyer Cruise to Nowhere

World Dream Pool Area

KrisFlyer’s cruise to nowhere runs from 17-19 November 2021 (2 nights) on the World Dream.

Cruises depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, with boarding starting from 2 p.m (you’ll be assigned a specific boarding time in order to minimise crowding at the terminal). The ship returns to port around 9 a.m on the final day. 

The following redemption options are now available on KrisFlyer Experiences:

🚢 KrisFlyer Cruise to Nowhere
(17-19 November 2021)
Experience Cost (Regular) Cost (UOB KF)
Palace Suite (2 pax) 120,000 miles 96,000 miles
Palace Suite (4 pax) 240,000 miles 192,000 miles
Balcony Stateroom (1 pax) 38,000 miles 30,400 miles
Balcony Stateroom (2 pax) 50,000 miles 40,000 miles
Balcony Stateroom (3 pax) 75,000 miles 60,000 miles
Extra Pax (Balcony Stateroom) 25,000 miles 20,000 miles
Infant redemption (6-23 months) 6,500 miles 5,200 miles

Redemptions for UOB KrisFlyer Card members only open on 26 August 2021 (and are likely to be snapped up fast), so hold your fire till then if you have it. 

A pre-departure COVID-19 ART swab is required before embarkation, and is already included in the cost. Gratuities of S$42 (balcony) and S$52 (suite) per person per voyage must be paid with a Mastercard onboard, before disembarkation. 

Here’s a few important things to note regarding passengers:

  • All room bookings must consist of at least one adult (18 years old or older)
  • Children (24 months and above) are counted one passenger
  • Redemptions for infants (6-23 months) may be made separately (6,500 miles each), or an infant may count as one passenger in your redemption
  • Infants younger than 6 months may not sail

After redemption, KrisFlyer will contact you at least six weeks before the cruise for the information required to complete your cruise booking. A S$30 fee applies for each request to change or swap passenger names once tickets have been issued.

Redemptions are non-refundable, and there is no limit on the number of tickets a member can redeem.

What to expect onboard

Passengers will enjoy SIA-branded welcome gifts, including amenities kits | Photo: Singapore Airlines

Passengers will be greeted with a special boarding programme, served SIA’s signature satay and given welcome packs with amenity kits (all) and sleeper suits (Palace Suites only). If I had to guess, Balcony Stateroom passengers will get the Business Class Penhaligon’s amenities kit, while Palace Suites passengers get the First Class Lalique ones. 

Craft activities like balloon sculpting and batik rose making will be conducted | Photo: Singapore Airlines

In addition to the welcome goodies, passengers can expect additional SIA-themed activities during the cruise. 

Enjoy unique programmes such as grooming workshops* conducted by SIA’s cabin crew trainers, batik rose making, balloon sculpting workshops and KrisFlyer-exclusive Bingo games. Member can also look forward to the chance to win KrisPay miles and other KrisFlyer commemorative items during the cruise.

What’s more, this cruise will be the first to feature Dream Cruises’ Nordic Christmas-themed festivities which will include a Nordic Village, Santa Express and Christmas Market.

*This workshop is payable

Guests who book a Palace Suite will enjoy a First Class meal by Georges Blanc on the first night, an enhanced welcome pack and complimentary butler service throughout the sailing. 

All regular entertainment, activities and dining will continue as normal. 

Singapore Airlines has published a list of FAQs regarding onboard activities. Most crucial is the point that if you travelled overseas within 21 days of cruise departure, you will be prohibited from sailing. That’s the deal-breaker for me, since it precludes me from reviewing any new VTL arrangements. 

Is it worth it?

To provide some perspective, here’s how much Dream Cruises is charging for a 2-night cruise to nowhere in November 2021.

Cabin Miles* Price*
Balcony Stateroom (2 pax) 50,000 S$618
Palace Suite (2 pax) 120,000 S$1,518
*Excludes gratuity fees of S$42 (balcony) or S$52 (suite) per person.

Do the math, and it works out to ~1.2 cents per mile, which isn’t fantastic (although still better than most of your on-ground redemption options). What’s more, it was just in February that KrisFlyer Experiences offered a (regular) 3-night Dream Cruise at 6,000 miles in a Balcony Stateroom for two. 

That said, this is a unique event, and there’s no putting a price on novelty. 

Plus, there’s extras too. Those staying in a Palace Suite will also enjoy an SIA First Class meal by Georges Blanc on the first night, and assuming it’s similar to the one on KrisShop, you can expect some very fine food and wines. This retails for S$479 nett, although that price also includes two amenities kits and a full bottle of wine. 

Georges Blanc First Class meal as sold on KrisShop- may not be representative of the one onboard

Otherwise, the activities are quite similar to what we saw at the Inside Singapore Airlines open house. It might be repetitive if you already attended that event, but since so many people couldn’t get tickets (it sold out in no time flat), it’s a chance for a second bite at the cherry. 

Why Dream Cruises?


Cruises to nowhere are being currently operated by Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean. It’s somewhat surprising that Singapore Airlines chose to partner with Dream, because it’s definitely the more downmarket of the two. 

🚢 Join The Sealions
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I wasn’t a huge fan of the Dream Cruise experience when I tried it out in March, finding the food mediocre and the hardcore emphasis on gambling distasteful. The shows were so-so, but there were fun activities like waterslides, VR games, a ropes course and mini-golf.

On the whole, however, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Or to put it another way: I’ve sailed twice on Quantum of the Seas and plan to go again in January 2022. I wouldn’t step foot again on World Dream unless perhaps it were a suite. 

For my full review of the Balcony Stateroom experience on World Dream, including the pre-departure testing, dining and entertainment, refer to the link below. 

World Dream: Balcony Stateroom Review


KrisFlyer’s cruise to nowhere is an interesting mix of SIA@Home, Inside SIA and a regular cruise, all rolled into one. 

I can’t say I’m not tempted, but the fact it’s with Dream Cruises gives me reason to pause (if it were Royal, I’d book without a second thought). I guess I’d be interested to review the Palace Suites experience , but 120,000 miles for a 2-night stint feels very steep indeed. 

There’d have to be some serious SIA theming on this cruise for me to bite, like performances by the SIA choir, flight simulators in the arcade, and book the cook meals.

Oh, and upgrades to the Palace Villa for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members 😉.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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So SQ branding is worth 32000 miles LOL


Just realised it’s 6k miles 3N 2pax vs 38k miles 2N 1pax. Errr…

Last edited 2 years ago by ZYX

But it’s Dream Cruise LOL
And seems most activities like premium meals, PJs are for suite only.


Just snagged a Palace Suite, Thanks to Ur Telegram alert 🙂 Any idea if it’s upgradable to Palace Deluxe?


1 x Palace Deluxe for 4 persons (assuming it’s deluxe) would have the same redemption as 2 x Regular Palace which would be a questionable value proposition. Unless 4 pax means 2 x Regular Palace that happen to be adjoining suites?

Last edited 2 years ago by HoreHare

By this FAQ, I think safer to just book 2 x Palace Deluxe for 2 pax instead of 1 x Palace Deluxe for 4 pax, lest 2 persons end up on roll-away/pullout beds. lol.

Q: I would like to travel in a family of 4 in the Balcony Stateroom. How should I make myredemption?You can either redeem two Balcony Staterooms (for 2 passengers per cabin) OR one BalconyStateroom (for 3 passengers per cabin) and add on one “Plus One Pax booking (without cabin)”.


Indeed, the 3+1 option almost certainly entails all 4 squeezing into a single cabin with pullout beds & all. It’s only ideal if there are younger ones that need constant oversight.


Palace Deluxe has a large living area, but there’s no window in the bedroom.


Pricing is a little weird for a group of 4 that wants to go for Palace Suite.

might as well book 2 x Palace Suite for 2pax, rather than 1 x Palace Suite for 4pax…since the miles required are the same…


I can’t find the part on Kris flyer Elite Silver getting upgrades on the page. Any links? If the upgrade is confirmed, then it maybe slightly more worth it?


Aaron was just kidding… 🙂


There’s seems to be 20% miles back for UOB Krisflyer card members, indicated in the email from SIA. How does that work?


want to ask this too, its 26 Aug liao…


Palace Suites for 2 have been fully redeemed under the main (non-UOB) allocation.


Where to book the UOB one leh? Anyone has a link yo share?


Link is now on the main Krisflyer Experiences page.


Instead of paying Krisflyer miles for this World Dream cruise, might as well redeem “Free Cabin” from Resorts World at Sea (RWAS) lol. (Still need to pay port taxes and gratuities)


Had anyone who redeemed this deal had been contacted on the confirmation for the cruise ?
Im waiting for mine, but till date no info.