Get annual fee waiver or rebate on AMEX Platinum Credit Card & AMEX Platinum Charge with POEMS


Open a free POEMS account and enjoy a waiver or rebate of the annual fee on the AMEX Platinum Credit Card or AMEX Platinum Charge.

If you’ve always wanted an AMEX Platinum card but were put off by the annual fee, here’s an interesting promotion to consider. 

For a limited time, POEMS by Phillip Securities is offering annual fee waivers or rebates on both the AMEX Platinum Credit Card and AMEX Platinum Charge (aka The Platinum Card).

For the AMEX Platinum Credit Card, customers need only open a free POEMS account. For the AMEX Platinum Charge, customers need to open a free POEMS account and make a certain value of trades. 

AMEX Platinum Credit Card

Apply Here

Customers who sign up for a free POEMS account will be eligible to apply for an AMEX Platinum Credit Card and receive a waiver of the first year’s S$321 annual fee. 

  1. Open a free POEMS account via this link
  2. Fill up the the online interest form via this link
  3. You’ll receive a unique application link via email within 3-5 working days. Apply for the AMEX Platinum Credit Card via this link within 7 calendar days to enjoy the fee waiver

There is no minimum funding or trading requirement for your POEMS account. However, customers who meet the minimum initial deposits shown below will be eligible for unlimited commission free US trades for 1 month, as well as POEMS Rewards Points that can be redeemed for gifts like Shopee vouchers. 

Account TypeInitial Deposit
(within 7 days of account opening)
Funding Rewards
Cash Plus AccountS$3,0002,000 POEMS Rewards Points + Unlimited commission free US trades for 1 month
Cash Management Account≥S$3,0002,000 POEMS Rewards Points
For reference, 2,000 POEMS Rewards Points are worth S$40 in Shopee Vouchers

For avoidance of doubt, the annual fee waiver offer only applies to those who do not currently hold an AMEX Platinum Credit Card; existing cardholders will not be eligible. 

The fee waiver offer is available to the first 2,000 approved cardholders or until 30 September 2022, whichever comes first. Now, I know everyone dislikes “first X” style campaigns, but I’ve managed to secure the following concessions: 

  • AMEX will be tracking the number of approved applications, and once the cap is hit, I’ll update the article accordingly
  • If you’ve successfully registered your interest and fall outside the first 2,000 approvals, AMEX & Phillip Securities will still honour the first year fee waiver offer

In other words, so long as you’ve opened a POEMS account and sent in the interest form, you’ll be eligible for the fee waiver offer. 

Applicants will not be eligible for any other sign-up gifts if they opt for the fee waiver. 

AMEX Platinum Charge

Apply Here
Note: If you apply via this channel you will not be eligible for the MGM gift of 20,000 MR points with S$5K spend in the first 3 months

Customers who sign up for a POEMS account will be eligible to apply for an AMEX Platinum Charge and receive a S$1,600 rebate on the first year’s S$1,712 annual fee. 

  1. Open a free POEMS account via this link
  2. Fill up the the online interest form via this link
  3. You’ll receive a unique application link via email within 3-5 working days. Apply via for the AMEX Platinum Charge via this link
  4. Make payment of the first year’s S$1,712 annual fee
  5. American Express will send a redemption email 8-10 weeks after the payment of the first year’s annual fee. Forward this email to [email protected]
  6. Complete trades of a total transaction value of S$1.25 million or 5 transactions in multiples of S$250,000 in nominal value of the traded wholesale bond through a single POEMS Account within 9 months from the date of the AMEX email mentioned in (5) 
  7. You’ll receive a credit of S$1,600 to your POEMS account, which can subsequently be withdrawn to a bank account

I don’t need to tell you that these are some major transaction volumes, so needless to say it’s only for those who really know what they’re doing.

New AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders will be eligible to receive 60,000 MR points upon annual fee payment, as well as 75,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when they spend S$20,000 in the first 6 months of card membership. 

Already have an AMEX Platinum Charge?

If you already hold an AMEX Platinum Charge, you’re still eligible for the above offer. However, you’ll need to complete a total transaction value of SGD 1.5 million or 6 transactions in multiple of SGD 250,000 in nominal value of the traded wholesale bond through a single POEMS Account within the promotion period.

Do note that you’re required to contact [email protected] to participate in this promotion. Use “AMEX Platinum Charge” as the subject, and provide your full name and the first five-digits of your card number in the email. You’ll receive a response within 3-5 working days with further instructions.

AMEX Platinum perks

I’ve written a separate piece on the perks of the AMEX Platinum Charge, so in this article I’ll focus on a common benefit that the AMEX Platinum Charge and AMEX Platinum Credit Card share: Love Dining and Chillax. 


Love Dining

Basilico Restaurant, Regent Singapore | Photo: The Smart Local

The Love Dining programme is one of the biggest draws of the AMEX Platinum cards, allowing members to save up to 50% on food at more than 30 restaurants and hotels across Singapore.

Number of DinersDiscount on Food Bill
Card member15%^
Card member + 1 guest50%
Card member + 2 guests35%^
Card member + 3 guests25%
Card member + 4-9 guests20%
^10% and 33% respectively at Fairmont Singapore, Swissotel The Stamford, Swissotel Merchant Court

The full list of participating restaurants can be found below:

  • Atrium Restaurant
  • Alegria
  • Barossa Bar & Grill VivoCity
  • Cali
  • Escape Restaurant
  • Harry’s
  • La Nonna
  • Lawry’s Prime Rib
  • Masons
  • Napoleon Food & Wine Bar
  • Peach Garden (OCBC Centre)
  • Sen of Japan
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
  • Sky 22
  • Spizza
  • Wooloomooloo Steakhouse
  • Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
  • Vineyard at HortPark
  • Fairmont Singapore: Asian Market Cafe, Mikuni, Prego, Anti:dote
  • Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza: Crossroads, Lobby Lounge, Wan Hao
  • St Regis Singapore: Drawing Room, Yan Ting, Brasserie Les Saveurs
  • Regent Singapore: Basilico
  • Paradox Merchant Court: Crossroads, Blue Potato, Ellenborough Market Cafe
  • Swissotel The Stamford: Bar Rouge, Skai Bar, Skai Grill, Stamford Brasserie, Kopi Tiam
  • W Singapore: Kitchen Table, SKIRT, WooBar

Each diner must order at least one qualifying food item (usually a main course) to enjoy the discount. Blackout dates apply (namely public holidays and eve of public holidays, plus special occasions like Valentine’s Day), and the full T&C can be found here

What I particularly like about Love Dining is that it’s not 1-for-1, it’s 50% off. With 1-for-1, you only get the cheaper item free, and everything else you buy is at the regular price. 

With 50% off, you save on everything (except drinks)- appetizers, mains, desserts. No more feeling compelled to order a more expensive item because your partner did, and at more upscale restaurants, the savings can easily add up to S$100+ per visit. 


AMEX Platinum card members also enjoy 1-for-1 drinks and special offers with Chillax. Here’s the full list of participating outlets for 2022.

Participating Outlets
  • Anti:dote
  • Botanico
  • Chuan by Nutmeg
  • Jarrell’s
  • Monti
  • The Auld Alliance
  • The Riverhouse
  • The World is Flat
  • Wildseed Bar


POEMS by Phillip Securities is offering a rare opportunity to get a waiver or rebate on the annual fee of the AMEX Platinum Credit Card and AMEX Platinum Charge (for the former, it’s as simple as opening a POEMS account). 

This is an easy way to enjoy Platinum perks like Love Dining and Chillax, for bigger savings on your night out.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Encountered an issue for Step 2 when submitting the online application form. Under the field ‘Where did you hear this promotion’, selected Milelion, but upon submission system notes ‘the value for this field already exist in the form’


Hi Aaron

Not sure why, but when I tried to fill up the online interest link form, it refuses to accept it. Error message (under where did you hear about this promotion) is “the value for this field already exist in the form”

Last edited 1 year ago by Tiak

Done. Thanks!


im still getting the error “the value for this field already exist in the form”


Just wondering (aloud).. which categories which will not count to the 5k min spending to qualify for the Fullerton Stay


wasted cant use grab top up to qualify.


Noted, this is for awarding of MR points. Assume its similar for the min spend? Don’t see Cardup / iPaymy there, so these 2 should count?

JT Lim

Is this only available to “New to POEMS” customers? If I have a cash plus account, can I open a cash management account to enjoy this offer?

Also for the $1.25M trade, is it only limited to bonds or are equities allowed? Thanks!


Same question as above, already have a POEMs account, can I apply and get Amex Plat waiver? (They finally stopped offering waiver for my wife’s card after 5 years)

JT lim

Thanks Aaron. What about the $1.25M trades? Only for bonds?


Hey Aaron, I created a POEMS account on 20th Jan (submitted the interest form) but have yet to receive the Amex application link. Is there a limit on number of customers and does it mean I’m not eligible anymore?

Last edited 1 year ago by LSWK
POEMS by PhillipCapital

Checking in to see if you have received the email with the application link? Please do check your spam folder (just in case)
Else, please email us at [email protected] with your email address and we’ll assist from there, thank you!


I received application link on 24th and applied on same day with it saying conditionally approved. Let’s see how it goes


Is it open to the first 200 or 2000 approvals? poems site indicates 2000

Jo A

Have also yet to receive the application link after 5 working days. Should I be calling AMEX?

POEMS by PhillipCapital

Hi Jo A,
We’ve sent emails with the application link to all that indicated their interest! Please do check your spam folder (just in case)

Else, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll assist from there, thank you!


Is this still valid?

Glenn Tsou

Hi Aaron,

Have used the links and poems account open but did not receive email from poems with link

Last edited 1 year ago by Glenn Tsou
T. M.

Got one night at Fullerton instead of 2 nights at Conrad after spending 9k. This is interesting.


Hey Aaron,

Has the 200 number been reached for this promotion? Checking as I’m looking to apply soon.


Did not receive the Conrad staycation, called amex and they said only one promotion could be applied


Hi Aaron,

i created account and submitted interest form on 21st Aug.

till date did not received application link yet. May I know if I shall wait for next working days or myself not eligible. Thanks to advise!



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