Western Australia drops on-arrival COVID-19 test requirement

From 14 April, travellers to Perth and Western Australia will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 ART on arrival.

Western Australia has announced that it will scrap its on-arrival COVID-19 test requirement for international and interstate travellers, effective 14 April 2022. 

This comes a few days ahead of Australia’s scrapping of the pre-departure test requirement for all fully vaccinated individuals from 18 April 2022, meaning that travellers from Singapore to Perth will be completely test-free on the outbound leg. 

Western Australia scraps on-arrival testing

No more on-arrival testing will be required for Perth and Western Australia

Previously, international travellers to Western Australia were required to take a rapid antigen test (known as a RAT in Australia) within 12 hours of arrival. They were required to isolate until a negative result was received, but since test kits were distributed at Perth Airport, it was more of a “test and go” situation, with no more than a 15-minute wait required. 

From 14 April 2022, the RAT requirement will be dropped altogether, although free kits will still be distributed to arrivals at Perth Airport. 

Taking a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on arrival is no longer required for international travellers. However, free RATs will still be available for all travellers arriving into WA through Perth Airport. People are encouraged to take up use of the free RATs and must register any positive result with the Department of Health.

-WA Government

With the latest changes, here’s the updated requirements for travelling to Perth. 

🇦🇺 Travel to Perth
  • Apply for an ETA (assuming you come from a visa waiver country)
  • Be fully vaccinated under Commonwealth Government requirements
  • Complete the Digital Passenger Declaration within 72 hours prior to departure
  • Take a PCR test within 3 days of departure, or an ART within 24 hours of departure [not required from 18 April 2022]
  • Have a registered G2G Pass

On-arrival testing for other states

While Western Australia is removing their pre-departure test requirement, other states are maintaining theirs for now. 

🇦🇺 Summary: Australia Testing Requirements
State/ TerritoryPre-departureOn-arrival
Australian Capital TerritoryPCR (3 days) /
ART (24h)
[Ends 18 April]
ART (24h)
New South WalesART (24h)
Northern TerritoryNone
QueenslandART (24h)
South AustraliaPCR (24h)
VictoriaART (24h)
Western AustraliaNone

The good news is that all states (except South Australia) allow for the cheapest, faster ARTs to be used, which means minimal isolation time. 

Even in the case of South Australia where a PCR test is required, travellers are only required to isolate until the test is taken. Once the (free) test is completed, they may move around as per normal.

If you’re transiting between states with different requirements, you should follow the rules of your final destination. This is provided your transit does not exceed the testing window allowance. 

For example, a traveller landing in Brisbane and transiting to Adelaide three hours later would need to comply with Adelaide’s on-arrival test requirement (i.e. PCR test within 24h).

If you’re landing in a state/territory that does not require on-arrival testing (e.g. NT) but subsequently travelling to a different state, take note that additional testing may be required.

  • NT to ACT: ART within 24 hours, if overseas in the past 7 days
  • NT to NSW: No testing required
  • NT to Queensland: ART within 24h, if overseas in past 14 days
  • NT to SA: No testing required
  • NT to Tasmania: No testing required
  • NT to Victoria: ART within 24h, if overseas in past 14 days
  • NT to Western Australia: No testing required

Australia will scrap pre-departure testing from 18 April

Australia Entry Requirements

Australia currently requires international travellers to present either:

  • A negative PCR test taken within three days of departure, or
  • A negative RAT taken within 24 hours of departure

Children under the age of five, as well as recently-recovered travellers (within 30 days of flying) are exempt from the pre-departure testing requirement to Australia. 

From 18 April 2022, the pre-departure test requirement will be scrapped altogether. When this happens, travellers from Singapore to Australia will only be required to take a maximum of two tests. This could be reduced to one soon, if Singapore drops its pre-departure test requirement as rumoured. 

⚕️ Testing: Singapore-Australia Travel
🇸🇬 Singapore3 days (PCR) or 24h (ART) before departure
[Ends 18 April]
From S$12
🇦🇺 AustraliaWithin 24h of arrival (ART/PCR, some states only)Free
🇦🇺 Australia2 days before departure (ART)From S$9

As a reminder, Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Passholders are now allowed to take a remotely-supervised tele-ART when returning to Singapore. This starts from just S$9, plus your own test kit.

Cheapest overseas tele-ARTs for pre-departure testing to Singapore


Western Australia has scrapped its on-arrival COVID-19 test requirement for international and interstate arrivals, effective 14 April 2022. While this wasn’t that big an inconvenience to begin with, it chalks yet another thing off the to-do list. 

Other states are retaining their on-arrival tests for now, but I’d be very surprised if they don’t follow suit. 

For the full details on testing requirements when travelling to and from Australia, refer to the post below. 

Singapore-Australia travel: Summary of COVID-19 testing requirements

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Australia is going from draconian to outright first world in covid control….. Applaud their confidence and readiness to accept reality and deal with it rather than hiding from it.

Will definitely make a trip there soon to support such openness.


Stockholm syndrome much?


lol, I landed in Perth 2 weeks ago at 5am, no kits in sight, nowhere to scan G2G


can check if land in NSW, do ART then go ACT 2 days later will we still need to do another ART? headed out next month



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